Hello!!everyone, today we are gonna talk about a piece of clothing which is there in every house. Its always there but we don’t even realise what great importance this pieces of cloth hold, we don’t even look at it and if we do we don’t even appreciate its importance. Today I am talking about ‘curtains’.

So what is a curtain??. If we go by definition than we get:-“Curtain is piece of clothing that obstacles light wind” etc

But why am I talking about curtains. It is because, in my opinion, I consider curtains as a guard which protect us from sunlight, wind, dust particle, insects etc. But although a good curtain always allows breeze, a good amount of light and so on in the room. So we can say that a curtain is that guard who protects us from harmful things and allows beneficial things to us.

Now lets come to the second point. I believe each one of you always worries about your loved ones such as your daughter, mother, son, husband, father, mother etc you always think how should you protect them from this harsh world. I would say why not become like curtains.

“So please Raise your eyes from your phone look at your curtain and try to become like him”.

Any confusion? Okay I got what you are thinking, how can we protect our loved ones by becoming curtain? Protection of your loved ones is always difficult but I think in the modern world it is more difficult than ever was. Because in medieval time you can protect them by the sword from evil society. In 1900 you can protect them with guns. So what, we have good guns in 2018. Who need guns?? we have grenades.

Today its not like some war is going on like in medieval times or in world war-time.,  currently different kind of war is going on and which is “Degradation of society”.

But how can you protect your loved ones from this war. I say again by



You’re intelligent than me. Then why are you here ???

Okay Sorry please stay.

So by becoming curtains.

According to me, curtains have some quality and if we acquire that quality than we can also become guard like curtains.


Curtains are cloth that is dark enough that it cannot allow light to the room. So you have to become like that curtain, so that this harmful society cannot touch your family but the curtain is good only when curtain allows least light in and largest light out. Just like that you have to allow good quality for your loved ones and cannot allow bad quality in them.

“Deeply connected”

There is always hook on curtain on which curtains are placed these have to be deeply connected otherwise when the huge storm come curtain will fall down. Just like that, you have to be deeply connected to your roots when the storm of this brutal society come you have to stand tall to protect them.


When the wind blows fast, curtain tries everything to protect the room from wind but if the wind is strong they move on from their place and let air pass through them. Rather than insisting on their place and destroy yourself because they know they have to protect on other days also. And if they die for one day then how can they protect room for rest of the days.

Just like that, if one person in our family is not ready to live morally than we have to try our everything but after some point, you have to let that person go because you cannot waste all your life on that person. You also have the responsibility to protect other members.


Curtain always move and work with his folds if one fold is loose and one is tight than it is not gonna work properly. Just like that Our whole family has to work together Because loved ones are meant to be “Together and forever”

“Live best and prepare for worst”

In each house spare curtains are available in case one is spoiled. Exactly we always have to prepare our loved ones to become next curtain for the family.

Actually I a gonna tell you a secret, I am writing this article not just to explain the quality of curtains. No, definitely not. I wrote this article to get us realized that we can learn from everything if we want to and we don’t have to feel ashamed about that because it is our nature to learn.

“So become like a curtain”



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