1/2 Comparison

Hello!! everyone today we are gonna talks about the comparison.This word is a ‘nightmare’ for many people.Some people think that comparison brings out best in you.And some say it destroys you.It has both positive and negative impact.but I say if you compare truly than in end you’re the one who seems happy, confused?? So continue reading, your gonna find your answer.

What is comparison???.

a consideration or estimate of the similarities or dissimilarities between two things or people.

We human being always believe in comparison.We do a comparison in every aspect of our life.We compare ourself to everyone.Everyone means everyone.We compare ourself to male, female, non-living being, living being, alien, everyone.Some common example of comparison are:-

We compare are ourself to movie star.We say we both are of same age, we look equally, we work same hours per day.But why he makes more money than me.Why he has a more hot wife than me why he has a castle and I have a hut.

Cool, You consider this as a comparison.But that is not what comparison means.The comparison should be done in all aspect. But ‘we all only compare negative of our life to positive of other people life’.

Okay, let’s come to that example again.We say if we are both of same age then why he makes more money.But I say Age is not factored to make money.Even some kids make more money than us.Then we say we both work same hours per day than why he earns more money.He earns more money because he put a lot of money first in the movie and then he earns money.Movie making is risky business but he takes the risk.But we put less money in our business or do less work and compare our paycheck.

We compare only good things.Why don’t we compare to rest of things like he has gone to jail or he is a characterless person.On the other hand, I lived an honorable life in society.But if we again compare things we say if he goes to jail than he gets bail in hours and if we go to jail than we have to live months in jail because of this corrupt system.

I am just saying that we compare ourself to some things.But comparison means doing a comparison of everything from head to nail of foot thumb.

You cannot compare one half of coin you have to compare both if you really want a comparison.But we compare ourself not to human beings we compare ourself to animals also.
We say a leopard can run fast but I cannot run that fast.But have you ever considers god creates him to run fast so that he can catch his prey but we don’t have to.Because we have mind a that leopard doesn’t have.And with the help of that mind, we can make our own food but a leopard can’t.

We compare ourself not just to living being we compare ourself to the machine also and think how much these robots can lift the weight but I cannot lift half of that weight.But I think why you have to lift the weight you created that robot to lift weight so you do not have to.But you have a mind, you created him but robot cannot create you.

We compare ourself to not only other we compare ourself to ourself.For example, if we did not go to college due to financial problems and have to do work instead of studying but our financial problems are still there.So what we say if I had gone to college my financial situation is different today but how is that possible if you have better financial situation than you have gone to college in the first place we cannot compare ourself to the whole thing.We always compare ourself to some part of that situation.

Most common example of comparison is about grades of children among parents we think another child is better than our child.But what if another child has a sharp mind he learns things in seconds and for the same thing our child has to sit hours.But we cannot appreciate his dedication we criticize his grades.

What if that other child sits an hour to study what can he do but he cannot sit hours to study.He sat minutes and earn a good grade and we appreciate him but I think we have to also criticize him for his less dedication to work .if you want to compare fully.

We even compare ourself to ourself in thoughts we thoughts if that happens then I became that .Than how happy I am??.

But we cannot compare ourself to poor people and think I have this thing in life that these people don’t have but we always want good.That’s why we are a human being.”I think comparison occurs when we want everything when we became selfish than we compare our life to others”.
But I don’t believe in comparison.Because If we look at synonyms of comparison than we have.
Allegory, parallel, balance
But meaning of

  • Allegory: a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.
  • Parallel: side by side and having the same distance continuously between them.
  • Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

And what is the meaning of comparison.

  • a consideration or estimate of the similarities and dissimilarities between two things or people.

So after all these things what we get that synonyms of comparison does not have same meaning we cannot even compare the meaning of synonyms of comparison because each has a different meaning at the different time.So how can we compare our life, leave life we cannot even compare seconds because seconds that are gone cannot return in future.
Some say if you do comparison than you can get depressed and sad but I say if you do a proper comparison then you always come out happy.

Because Everyone and everything is unique don’t compare.Everyone has some unique qualities and everyone has some weakness.No one is perfect and if you want to do the comparison then compare in a whole way.
“Because half comparison is more dangerous than the comparison”.


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