Real World Meme

Hello!!! everyone, today we live in two-world one is our real world and other is a virtual world. In this article, we are gonna try to make a bridge between these worlds.

‘Memes’ after reading to this word many readers have a smile on their face but today we are not talking about memes of that virtual world.We are gonna talk about ‘memes present in our real world’.

But First of all, for few reader who does not know the meaning of meme who ‘live in a cage’ I am gonna try to explain you the meaning of meme.

By definition:- ‘A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme’.

I know what you all are thinking, even the people who know the word meme are also ‘scratching their head now’.After reading to this the philosophical definition.And thinking what this definition is trying to say??.

So I am gonna more clarify this thing.In today’s virtual world which is social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.Meme just means joke simple.So,


But have you ever consider these virtual life memes are also find in real life.No, okay no problem I am gonna try to give you a new perception.

In our childhood when ice cream vendor came they use a bell to advertise themselves.

And if time period bell rings in our school which has same sound than ‘we say ice cream vendor is here and we laughs’.

That’s right.That bell is today’s world meme.Actually, “the meme is just simple word who come to our eyes so often that we feel it as unique”.

But if we talk about memes of the real world.In olden time people use “proverbs” to increase there ‘vocabulary’ or to make an article more ‘effective’ to readers.

But today people use memes to make their statement more powerful.In olden time people have a book of “idioms” now they have “pen drive” of memes.

These virtual world memes come in form of like images, videos, gifs, audio, etc.Just like the old time when jokes come in form of books, newspaper, poster etc.

You know what?? I am gonna give you one more old-time meme example.Remember there was always an uncle who chew Tobacco and spit and when we see doing these hundreds of time it became a meme.

But we cannot realize and when we ever about to spit anything we make an exact same expression of that uncle.but please don’t make that face right now.You’re not looking good.Believe me.

In olden time people make a book of jokes and earn money by selling them.Exactly same, today social media page owner make money by making a meme.In virtual world:-


In childhood, every one of us wants a joke book, so we collect money from our pocket money and go to the bookstore to buy joke book and in this way, bookstore owner earns money and also became our favorite uncle even when we don’t know him personally.

Exactly like that today we earn money, then we spend it on our internet data pack and then we go to social media sites pages where we read memes in this way administrator of that page earn money by advertisement. And we don’t even know who the administrator of that page is but we admire him very much.

But just like the virtual world the person on which these memes are made we never consider what he felt??.How humiliated he felt.

And just like that in the real world we also make fun of the person in front of him or behind his back without even thinking about him that if he came to know what he thinks??.

Laughing on the meme is not a bad thing but we have to make sure of a thing that no one sheds tears when we are laughing in any world.

Your thinking why I am using all those examples of the real-world meme of our childhood??.

Because today we cannot see real-world meme.because today we are too busy in flaunt.

Memes are always in real world whether it is funny voice of birds, to cuteness of animals, to lightning in sky to huge mountains to unstoppable wind, traffic, modern, urban jungle etc

Whenever we open social media sites and sit down to read memes we had a great time, we enjoy, we laugh but we don’t have lot of time to read a meme

So if you want to have that great time always with you then try to find memes in real world because we cannot live all the time in virtual world but we live in real world and if we try to find that memes in real life than we always have a good time with us.

In virtual world “all pieces of memes are Together framed” but in the real world, we have to tie all pieces together to see meme.

“I say the world is full of memes if you have viral eyes”.


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