The Dead Life Is Adventurous

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about life and death, no that seems boring and we humans never do anything boring so why not a make cocktail of life and death which is dead life.

So what is dead life???.

“Dead life is that when you are alive outside but you are dead inside”.

There was a time when life is antonyms of the dead but in today’s modern world dead is synonyms of life.I am saying that because we live our life like that. For example, we wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, college, office, work etc come home, eat dinner, we do it our homework, office work, sleep again and repeat that schedule again day like a machine, fix the schedule and we do it.

Many people agree with me.


But sorry I do not agree with you.

I think we all live an adventurous life like any other mission impossible or James Bond movie.

Definitely, we cannot fall from a building or catch a plane with the bike.But who wants it??? if you see the world in my byscope.

Come to my world,

Fare is 10 bucks for an hour.

Sorry, bad joke.

Okay no more kidding.

Seriously, come.

For example, If will smith son Jaden Smith star in a movie called ‘racist love’ in which he loves a pretty blonde, he first tries to impress that blonde.Once blonde is impressed. Then they decide to introduce each other to there families but family rejects there love.So they try everything they can do but families did not agree with them so they both marry without the happiness of the family.But in climax after 10 years.There is a scene where both’s family are playing on the beach with two kids of 4 and 7 years old and sunset in the background and the movie end.

How beautiful love story is it. Is’nt it???.We pay hundreds of bucks to see that movie and if we ask the audience what they saw in that film they say, pure love when black hero loves a white girl.They saw bravery when they fight for there love to there family and when family rejects them they feel sad.And in the end, they feel happy when they saw that all were together having a great time. Ohhh, lovely what a ride this movie is we say this movie has every emotion.

The audience, in the end, claps for there performance, some fill with the tear of joy, some whistles we can see lots of emotion in that movie hall.But I think what the …… is going on????.

Because these audiences have also done the same thing fell in love, fight for it, feel sad when got rejected.Feel happy when everything is good.But in the end or after some time they feel their life is dead.

Why??? because we are not seeing it the way it should be seen.But on the other hand in movies director shows everything larger than life, music in the background, fighting in blood etc.But “I don’t think so he shows that thing to us, no we saw that things” because we wanted to see that but we are so hopeless that when these exact same things happen in our life we cannot see it but we can see in the movie.

Everything in the movie is mind-blowing even when heroine farts its funny but in real life, if someone farts we say what a disgrace this person to society.That’s what I am trying to say if we live more our life like we enjoy a movie than we also feel our life more alive.I think going to the office is also adventurous.

because we don’t know what might happen next.You can meet your lady on the road to the office

Or you can meet with an accident.

When we read someone autobiography we say what a life he lived.In that autobiography we see his difficulties, happiness, sadness whole life of that person and if someone says if you want to live a life of that person you can say ‘yes, yes, yes’ even though knowing difficulties of his life you want to live his life.Because “its human nature we always consider food is more good on another person plate”.

A person cannot see his difficulties, sadness, happiness and consider his life more dead.And I think there is one more reason people consider their life is dead because they always want good to happens to them they do not want difficulties and if difficulties come they cannot fight with difficulty. They try to live with it and become sad and say that line my life is ……

“But on the other hand why we like the movie because in movie character comes across every emotion and difficulties and fight with them and win”.

Assume you’re in concert and singer tells his life story that he leaves his 9 to 5 job to pursue a career in his dream of becoming a singer.Then everyone is clapping, whitling, and encouraging that singer.

we say what brave man he is.But in our life, if someone does the same thing we say what a fool he is or why another person we cannot even leave these corporate jobs to pursues our dream and say my life sucks, my life is dead.

In the end, I am gonna say life is beautiful so live to its fullest live its every emotion do what you want to do.I know your not gonna learn like that.

You know what??? we learn everything better if we say In a style or in dialogue like in the movie.So for few seconds imagine I am a superstar in my expensive suit in my Austin Martin with my super hot girlfriend hmm that feel good.

so where are we??? yup and you’re going home and I came to you and say kiddo:-

Happiness +sadness+difficultyies+winning+losing+love+hate=life

I am sure if you have great imagination than your gonna remember that equation.

51 thoughts on “The Dead Life Is Adventurous

  1. Carolee Croft says:

    Good point. This reminds me of the movie with Nicholas Cage called Adaptation, where the main character gets told off by the screenwriter/ teacher of his screenplay class for saying “nothing happens in real life.”

    Liked by 3 people

  2. The NCHANTING whispers says:

    This is truth we love what is in others plate ….I love my life and don’t want to live someone else’s awesome life …I have number of interesting experiences so I will wish to write a novel to on me ….Great message …This needs to be learned …

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Helen C says:

    Thanks for following my blog, so I got to visit yours. I enjoy reading your article a lot. From time to time, I wonder why we consider “happy” is a better emotion than “sad”. Why can’t we treat all of our emotions equally? As you may see that I do have a reason liking your blog. 😉
    Have a great day.

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  4. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir
    Je passe avec un cocktail d’amitié
    Pour que l’on puisse trinquer ensemble
    Avec un velouté de bonne santé
    Que l’on puisse le partager
    Ainsi qu’une poêlée de gentillesse
    Avec beaucoup de tendresse
    Pourquoi pas pour accompagnement
    Un plateau de douceur en chocolat
    Pour adoucir ta soirée ou ta journée

    Belle journée ou fin de journée
    Bisous Bernard

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    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      First of all, thank you for coming here 🙏
      But I am gonna give you a little more trouble and that is can you please translate your comment into English. 🙏
      I really wanted to read your comment but I can’t so if you do the obligation to translate it than I am gonna be very grateful to you 🙏


  5. Beate says:

    Hi Rohan
    Thank you for following.
    My english is realy horrible and it`s hard for me to read, because I don´t know so many words.
    But your webside ist really interesting. So I´ll try 🙂
    See you

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