Fantasy World

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about something that everyone can relate to it.Whether it is rich or poor, intelligent or dumb, male or female.I said everyone.So let’s begin this.

People always live in two different world one is real world and other is there own fantasy world.

What is one’s fantasy world?

Fantasy world means living in our own thoughts.Generally, in these thoughts, people consider them as supreme or successful.

People say living in fantasy world destroy one‘s life.

Is it true?

I don’t think so “I say living in a fantasy world is better than living in real world”.

Some people have stopped reading this article after thinking that I live in fantasy world.

But how these people know what I am gonna write next? they assumed that I am living in my fantasies so I can say that you so-called real world living people also live in a fantasyland in your fantasy world I live in a fantasy world.

I say everyone lives in fantasyland.And living in fantasyland is better than living in real world.

Because for example, if you fantasies about living a luxurious life than you feel good just thinking about it.Then you work hard to achieve it but if you do not feel that luxurious than you cannot achieve it.


Fantasies = work hard

Some people might not agree with this theory.”They say if we live in fantasies we never gonna work hard”.

I say,

How do you know?

Because you also think and live in your own fantasy.

You always have to feel about success to achieve success.

If your fat person and you want motivation to do exercise than fantasy world is for you.If your fantasies about being fit and doing all thing that you cannot do because of your belly than you exercise.


Fantasy = motivation.

If the kid did not think or fantasies about getting a good grade.And how he feels? when he really gets good grades and getting appreciation from people.Then he is gonna work hard to achieve that goal.


Fantasy = good grade

Assume that you started a new business.You have everything good business plan, good product, trusted people, everything.

But business is not going good and you decide to close it.And one day you came home your in your pajamas. You think what if I just crack one good deal than I have few more time to increase my business these fantasies give you hope and next time you work harder, you think harder and if a little luck is with you then you definitely became successful.

But what if you live in real world and think it is not running for months then how it run next day and you close the business and your destiny.

So we can say that,

Fantasy = hope

Living in a fantasy world also give you instant relief and long-term benefit.Fantasy world is also like medicine which heals us and gives energy to us if we take proper doge but if we take in excessive amount than it became a drug and we get it addicted it.

I think,

The real world is bitter.


The fantasy world is sweet.

These two are sides of the coin.A coin is incomplete if it does have only one side.If your gonna toss this coin.
Sometimes you get real world.
Sometimes you get fantasy world.
But if you try to cheat and toss the coin to get a side of choice every time than you face consequences.

But living in fantasy world is not enough.Fantasy world and real world are two dots and you have to meet these dots and take fantasies from fantasy world to real world to become successful.

In end,

Work hard

Fantasies dark


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