Powerless Superheroes

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about the powers.Who doesn’t want power?Everyone wants power. Whether it is any kind of power physical, political, mind power etc.And what is power???.

“the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way”.

But that’s not what we are gonna about, we are gonna talk about superpowers.And the person who holds superpower and works for good causes are known as a superhero.I think today’s time is the best time to talk about a superhero.And how can we become like that?Most of the readers have seen any of the superhero movies in their life.But why we like superhero movie due to its breathtaking action, sexy heroines, for a huge set.

I don’t think so any of the reasons mentioned above is the reason why “we like superhero.We like a superhero because it always gives us hope.It always makes us feel special and then, after all, we all to become like a superhero.But if I say superhero is in already yourself.Everyone of us is a superhero.I know you listened to this thing thousands time before but I am gonna prove this to you”.

So just sit down and let’s talk about one by one of the superheroes and how we are like that?.Shall we

  • Superman: Clark kent an Alien, who he is the strongest man.He lifts buildings, saves people from trouble.We also have that power in ourself, first of all, he is alien.So we have to be alien-like him, to become a superhero like a superman and we are almost like alien to animals.So we can save animals in our daily life.

What happens if Superman flys blindly than buildings get destroyed, people get killed.And if we walk on the street without walking carefully than we can also kill hundred of ants, we can also destroy the home of insects.

  • Black widow: Natalia Alianovna Romanova an intelligent female spy who always try to protect S.H.I.E.L.D so what?.A normal girlfriend always spies on her boyfriend wherever he is gone.

A mother always protects her child no matter consequence just like Natasha try to protect S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Ironman: Anthony stark a billionaire, Philanthropist, genius, playboy.

So what? we are not a billionaire but we have money, we always tried to do philanthropy.We are genius and we can also build his suit.

And I know most of the readers have 2 0r 3 girlfriends.So

  • Batwoman: an expert burglar, specialized in martial arts, hand to hand combat always robs from rich and give to poor We all have that qualities within us we became burglar if we don’t have food to eat but we always try or think to help poor people.

  • Spiderman: peter parker a teenage boy who is bitten by a radioactive spider than develop qualities like spider precognitive spider-sense, climbing on the wall.So we can also develop this quality we all have precognitive we just have to activate it.People can climb on the wall through practice.

Peter is also shown struggling with teenage problems just like every normal teenager.

These all superheroes have many qualities but there is one quality which every one of them possesses which is always doing good.And if we want to become like superheroes than we also must possess that quality.

But today we are powerless.We are a superhero without power.Because we cannot understand the meaning of power.We always take our body for granted but if we ask the blind person what superpower he wants he says the power of eyes.If we ask the deaf person what power he wants he is gonna say he wants hearing power and so on.

We always cry for things we don’t have.But there are people who want normal power as superpowers.Okay, let me ask you a question.If your any superhero than who is gonna be your biggest supervillain.Some say, Joker, some say Green Goblin, some say Magneto.

I say my biggest supervillain is ignorance.Ignorance of our power, ignorance of our quality, ignorance of not to help other people.

  • Clark Kent is also ignored about his power than his father’s memory gave him knowledge of his true power.
  • Bruce Wayne powers come to light from dark by Ra’s al Gul help ‘s and then he became Batman.

  • Oliver Queen became green arrow when the ignorance of his rich world end in the brutal jungle.

So if we look carefully than all superheroes once in their life overcome ignorance.Because ignorance kept us hide from our true power.So if you want to become like superhero than you have to overcome ignorance

And if I ask you what is gonna be your biggest superpower if you want to become any superhero.Than Some say flying, some say running fast, some say time traveling.But I want only one superhero power if you have that power than you have the power of every superhero and that power is “self-determination”.Every superhero has that.

  • Whether it is bruce banner who control himself from hulk by self determination.Or

  • Logan or Wolverine who always determined to help other despite always getting hurt by loved one.Or

  • Captain America who always self-determined to walk on the right path.

“Because by self-determination you can overcome every problem in your life.Without self-determination you are nothing”.

So if you want to become superhero then remove clouds of ignorance and let sunshine of self-determination upon you.So

“Now go and suit up”.


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