Hello!!!, In today’s modern world word ‘password’ is most important to us.Whether it is of social media account, bank account, of our phone or any other account.

We didn’t share these passwords, to our friends, loved ones, family etc.because we care about these passwords so much that we cannot even trust our family members with it.And you create these passwords so complicated that no one can figure out.

But what if I say you know all these passwords but you don’t ‘password’ of your body.

Yup, that’s right.Our body also has password.

Let’s assume we have a ‘username’ which is our ‘human body’ just like any other username of any account all username appear same with slightly different.But to unlock secrets of that username we must know the password.And just like that, every username has a different password.So the ‘password’ of our human body is also different for everyone.

But what is that ‘treasure‘ behind that password?I can assure you that this treasure is more expensive than whole world’s money, diamonds, gold, platinum, etc.

So lets first talk about our prize because we human first want to know about our prize than we work to gain that prize.So what is that prize or that hidden treasure in our body?It is that treasure which is gonna change your life or gonna make your life successful.

That treasure is “being emotionless“.But what is “emotionless”?.To understand this first we have to know the meaning of emotions.

a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others is called emotion.We always do things according to our emotions.In other word emotion control us.

For example:-

We feel sad, when we are upset from something or someone or we feel happy in good time.When someone does something wrong then we feel angry at them.

So what’s wrong with?.It is natural you people think.Yup, it is completely natural.

But Being in ’emotionless’ state is not feeling good, not feeling bad, not feeling scared, not feeling pride, not feeling angry or not feeling low or high.

But some people now are thinking not feeling bad is okay but why we do not feel good?.I say both good and bad feeling is equal ‘dangerously ‘ .Yup that’s right dangerously because if you have a feeling of ‘good” inside you about something then one day you are gonna feel bad when that thing is gone.

So you are thinking living like that is just like nonliving being.Just like non living being cannot feel anything we also don’t have to feel anything.No, I am not saying that ‘you have to feel nothing’ I am saying you have to be in ’emotionless state’ which is always staying in the same state no matter how happy you are or how sad you are.You cannot get angry at someone despite their mistake.And you cannot feel sometimes low or sometimes high if you meet that emotionless state.

“In the emotionless state, emotions can’t control you but you can control your emotions”.

The emotionless state is like drugs the only difference is that in drugs you feel high for some time but if you achieve emotionless stage than you achieve your ‘original truth’.

So what we have, we have username,our inside treasure but again, we don’t have a password.So what is password??.

Okay first tell me how complicated you have set your password for a bank account, social media account. You have put numbers, capital letter, small latter, symbol everything so that no one can ‘crack’ it.

So now we have to crack that password which God has created.Yup that’s gonna tough but that password is different for everyone.

  • For someone, it is easy to crack.
  • For someone, it is hard to crack.

But what is that password?That password is your “soul”.Yes, that’s right you just have to find a little of yourself.So how an account work it requires a correct username and password and if we have that we can open that account.

Our soul always travels from one place to other from inside our body.So if we put our ‘body and soul together’ than we can find that unique treasure of ‘being emotionless’.

For some people, it is easy to put your soul and body together.For some it is difficult.But how can we put our soul and body together?We can do this by “self-determination, by meditation or by doing good deeds” as I mentioned earlier it is different for everyone.

So now we have










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