Creativity Requires Boredom

Hello!!!, everyone today we live in a modern world and the credit of this modern world success is given to creativity because without creativity we cannot do anything.

We all live in a world full of creativity.Every day something creative happens

but what is creativity???

‘The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness’.

Everyone wants to do everything with creativity.Filmmakers try to make a creative movie, singer try creativity to sing a song, politician use their creativity to win the election, a painter try his creativity to a paint a painting, a student use creativity to gain good marks, even we use our creativity in the washroom but I am not gonna explain that any further.

There is saying “There is nothing in this world which cannot be solved.You just have to find a creative solution”.

But how can we become creative?Some say by reading books, some say by listening to music, some say by doing meditation, so some take drugs to become creative.

But what If I say the best way to become creative is by boredom.I know you people are thinking I am mad yes I am a little, but that’s not what we are talking about.

I say that creativity cannot happen overnight.It takes time .it is a process and if you isolate yourself from all time-wasting things like television, talking, listening music, in one word from entertainment and then expose yourself to be bored than you can become creative fastly as compare to others.

But some people say “boredom means empty mind and there’s saying that empty mind is devil’s house”.Yup, a lot of people say that.And these people are wiser than me.So they might be right.

But in my opinion, I think boredom as a place to be creative because if you feel entertained all the time.Then your brain became relax but if you’re feeling bored than you give stress on your brain and think of the problems of life and try to solve them.Because entertainment forgot us from our problem it keeps us entertains with false promises.To prove this I have a theory.

The invention which is invented in ancient time has more impact on our society today.Then the invention which is invented in modern time.I am not saying that modern world invention is useless.I am just saying that ancient world inventions have more impact.

For eg:-

  • wheels were invented in ancient time and it is important to us today as that of olden times.

  • The fire was invented in ancient time and has equal importance to us as to the people of the ancient world.Without the invention of fire, we could not imagine our life.

But what if the computer was not invented can we live our lives without the computer.Of course, we can we just have to compromise our luxury.But we can live without it.but for your information, the first computer mechanism was “Antikythera mechanism“.

  • Herbal medicine is invented in ancient time which later converted into modern medicine.

I am not saying that modern invention is useless.I am just saying that they are upgraded version of ancient world invention.If we look at ancient world books or archaeological record than we found windmills, road, drainage system, boats, food storage system, plane designs everything.And by everything I really mean everything.

But if we listen to a scientist they say our brain capacity is increased from olden time than why we are unable to invent something unique.Just some people of us are today are able to invent something unique.

Because today we put our time into entertainment so much. And we don’t put stress on our brain we want our brain to be free.But if we take some time out and sat alone let boredom inside us than we think creative to end that boredom we think about our problem and try to solve them.
And if we take a closer look at the people who invented something unique in today’s modern world then we find that they have a very boring life.They are isolated from this world’s entertainment.They only focused on what they want to solve???.

Just like the people of the ancient world do.They don’t have many things to entertain.So they think about their problems and solve them.And we all know how many solutions of the problems they have acquired.And most of the ancient world people have something creativity.

In boredom state ‘our mind become active because we don’t have anything else do so we try to think and active our brain cells’.And by doing so we active a thought process about our life problems and think how to solve that? and this process is called creativity in my opinion.

And if do this regularly than we might become creative.But some people say boredom might destroy your thinking process.But In my definition of boredom, I am just saying to that for only a few minutes.

Then some people say why feel bore only for few minutes?.Feel bore whole day and become creative fastly.But If you feel bored whole day then definitely it is gonna destroy you.Because it is like medicine.Medicine is taken in course.But if you say why not take whole medicine course in one day to recover fast than your gonna destroy yourself just like boredom gonna destroys you if you bore whole day.

We all have creativity inside us.We just have to find it “every one of us is creative and we are meant to be creative”.

“So be in boredom to be creative”.

30 thoughts on “Creativity Requires Boredom

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  2. whimsyroo says:

    I realize this is an older post, but I stumbled upon it out of BOREDOM tonight. I believe you are so right, and it especially applies to our kids! Kids want to be entertained constantly nowadays, whether by screens or adults or other kids. But they are also so inherently creative in a way adults can only aspire to! They should just be allowed to be bored and find that ability in themselves. Thanks for a great post.


  3. lumayas says:

    Hello. While i agree to what you say , i think people do get creative when they are bored but they refuse to do something about it because it takes time and effort. then what is the point of getting bored , getting creative but not doing anything about it because you are bored? Did that make sense?


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