Time Stuck

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about time.But we are not gonna talk only about time, we are gonna talk about time stuck.After listening to this word many people are thinking about that I am gonna talk about some science fiction thing just like Hollywood movies.

No, I am just gonna talk about our brain’s thought process but on which you can definitely make a high budget Hollywood film.

Our brain is a most powerful gift that we human can receive. Due to this brain, we are today very evolved and successful.we can give today’s modern world success credit to this brain.But one of major advantage or disadvantage of this brain is it cannot stop for a second so we always have thought in our brain.Whether this may be happy thoughts or thoughts of worried or sadness.

Many people reading this article “are either worried about their future or they are thinking about their past life like what golden time was that or what dark time was that”.We always think about this thing.These thoughts always revolve around our brain.Actually today we are in “time stuck”.

What is time stuck???.

“Time stuck means we always either live in future or in past but not in present time”.

We do not care about what is going on???.We care about what is gonna happen.Or we care about what has been happened.

For example, a businessman always cares about future that how he is gonna expand his business.And if after some time if his business falls he is gonna think about how big his empire was.But he never lived in present time whether he fell scary about his future or feel sad about his past.He never really enjoyed his wealth.”He always lives life in worry or sadness.Worry about future and sadness about past”.

“The people who live like this never enjoy their life.Time stuck is like a disease but the disease can be cured by medicine or medicine can also help in feeling less pain.But in time stuck you have thoughts in your brain and these thoughts cannot just run away like pain run away when we take medicine.This always stays with you 24×7″.

There are two type of people in time stuck:-

First one is those people “who always feel scary about thinking about there future”.But people never worry about there present time.They always worry about problems that might come in future they worry about what will happen?? if this happens.They are always worried about problems which are not existing.And these people called them as ‘prudent‘.

And they have reasons for became like this.They say if we do not care about future than we will be doomed.For eg, they say if we don’t worry about water problem than our future generations are gonna fight for drops of water.

I am 100% agree with these prudent.But only worrying is not solution.No, we have to stop worrying and start saving water.But people again say if you are not gonna worry about the problem than how you solve it.

But I say worrying is not solution working on the problem is the solution.

“No worrying, only working”.

And I say why not became only 30% prudent.In these way, we also worry about future and also enjoy present time.But some people again say why to worry about future why not just live present time???.”Because if we do not care about future’s problem than after some time that future problem is goona became a present problem”.

Now let’s come to second class:-

The people who think about their past. They spend most of their time in weather appreciating their past time or criticising it but never live in present time.They never understand joy or sadness in present time.And when this time passes than they are gonna think about this time.

For eg, if we did not go to college due to the financial situation and have to do work instead of studying but our financial problems are still there.So what we say if I had gone to college my financial situation is different today.But how is that possible if you have better financial situation than you have gone to college in the first place.They always think about there past time like that and always feel sad.

“We humans never understand the value of the present time we feel sad about thinking our past life because it is our nature to think about things which are not in our hands”.

Today we are so stuck in this time stuck that if someone gave us a time machine and say do what you want to do then we either go in past time to improve our mistakes.Or go to our future to see what life we are gonna live in future but we never enjoy or work hard in present time.

We even say that I am gonna work hard from tomorrow.Not today. Not this second.Tomorrow, or we think what if we did hard work yesterday how much of my work is completed today.

So how can we break this ‘time stuck’.I say we don’t have to break time stuck. Because sometimes we take more medicine than our perception than we definitely have its side effect, but it doesn’t mean that medicines are made to kill us but medicine is made to cure us.But it is because of our mistake we have to suffer its side effects.Just like that we have use time stuck so much that we are stuck in it.

So we just have to put this time struck into our ‘time watch’ so when we need we just have to look at our watch and feel how our future is gonna be or what mistakes is not worth repeating from past time.

“I say time stuck is most beautiful gift god given to us.Because in it we have experience of our past and hopes for future”.


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