Swearing Is Bad.Is It ???

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about a topic we like very much.we always use that topic every day.We all come from different background, different culture, different states, different nation.

We all follow a different religion, different languages. But in all languages, there is one language that exhibits in all languages that is foul language or swearing.

First of all what the f@#k is swearing???.

Okay, sorry.

Foul language or swearing generally means the use of offensive language.

We all are taught from our childhood that we always speak a good decent word and yet we all speak offensive words.

In today’s modern world “everyone uses foul language whether it is a comedian who uses it to entrain his audience or politician to win election or singers to attract people and feel connected with them or athlete who speaks the foul language to express their emotions on the field”.

So if everyone speaks it.So it is good thing.

Right definitely, it is.

Even research shows that if two men are put in a frozen lake and one is allowed to speak an abusive word and another one is not. Then the person who speaks abusive language might stay longer in the lake.

So let’s start,

F@#k, a##h@l!.

Yup, it increases our strength so what???.Speaking offensive word everywhere that’s not cool.We cannot do that. And even if we do we can get into legal trouble.Because swearing is a crime.

So, we come to point that swearing is good but we cannot do it every time.But actually, when we use bad words.We use bad words when things are getting out of control.We rarely speak foul words when we are happy.We use foul language most of the time when we are losing.


Foul language= mental instability (mad)

Some people right now thinking that this a**h%^e is the most intelligent person on earth and all other are mad.I am not saying that mad people speak foul words.Foul words are spoken when we are unhappy and not in our mind presence.

I also speak foul words when I see negative comments on my article that’s because I am unhappy and after speaking foul words I feel much more relaxed not because I improved my article but because I let that anger out and move on.
But if I do not speak foul words.Let that anger inside me, all that negative comments inside me.Then I am gonna try to improve my article with the help of that fire of anger and negative comment which is burning inside me.

In other words, people do swearing when things are not in control but what if we take things in our control instead of swearing.

Right now there is a debate going on and it is on the heat that people speaking the foul language is degrading our society.But “I think foul language is no reason for degrading our society it is the mentality of people”.Why think of the foul word as foul word, think as a form of emotion, then we try to move on from.Just like we move on from our break up slowly and steadily.

Swearing is just like a dragon who releases fire from his mouth.

But in swearing, we speak fire of foul words which is burning inside us.If we realize it than we might become cool at that time.But we cannot achieve anything.

Speaking foul language is easy and effective for you.But if we you want to achieve something let that fire burning into you always.

In the end.

It is your choice .

Speak something.
Be something.

49 thoughts on “Swearing Is Bad.Is It ???

  1. Deepika says:

    I was hooked by the first post of yours that I read! Indeed swearing helps us express ourselves! I usually modify the word and say it, because I am not used to swearing but for me it means the same thing as the original and the emotion behind it is the same.

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  2. DogLeaderMysteries says:

    Interesting subject and unique images.
    Thanks for your follow of our blog, Dog Leader Mysteries on WordPress.com. But that blog is dead. We moved to a self-hosted WordPress.org site and you need to sign up by email to follow, be eligible for our contests, freebies, book launch prizes, etc.
    Thanks, Deborah

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  3. authorstephanieparkermckean says:

    I like your comment “speak something or do something.” Swearing is one thing I never do at any time or for any reason. Jesus said that by our words we are justified and by our words we are condemned because out of our hearts, we speak our words. To me as a writer, it’s most important to speak positive, encouraging words at all times and as much as possible. If my words are going to define me, I want them to be good. Also, I’ve noted that researchers come to conclusions that they personal favor: saying that it’s good to speak profanity releases them from the effort of intelligent word choice and use. So I agree with you to speak something or do something…and I will attempt to do something good. Thanks for your insight.

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  4. willo says:

    I have this discussion with my teenaged son. He says swearing is β€œjust” words. I say swearing, especially frequent swearing, shows a lack of imagination. Swearing usually occurs without creativity behind it.
    I will use an occasional bad word, but I tend to apologize to anyone nearby after I’ve done so. I know I lost control, and I wish I’d found a better way to express myself. My son says, β€œdon’t apologize! It’s fine!”
    But, of course, teenagers will always push boundaries. πŸ™‚

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    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      First of all, thank you for taking time from your precious life for reading my post and leaving such thoughtful comment. πŸ™

      Madam, I am total agree with you.Swearing occurs when we cannot think of anything which happens due to our so much anger.

      But mam doesn’t worry about your boy.I am sure he is gonna understand in a couple of years.Because today in this age where he is.He cannot imagine from all perspective of life.He just looks at one perspective and considers it cool but after some time when he gains some maturity from talented and intelligent mother like you.I am sure he will definitely gonna understand.


  5. twinklingwords says:

    Woah you actually gave me a food for thought here!
    Nice and detailed way of explaining the mindset behind swearing. Exactly it’s a form of release, that’s it. Expresses distress. Doesn’t help but calms your mind, lol but yes. Instead of that we must focus on bettering the situation. Also agree about the societal debate in it.

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  6. bookheathen says:

    Such an interesting article. I think the problem with this subject (ie “swearing”) is a problem with the language itself. What, after all, do we mean by “bad” language, “foul” language etc?Those words are subjective. “Offensive” is too in a way but I think we can agree that it is good manners to consider what a particular word or phrase might convey to the person to whom it is addressed.
    We discussed this as a literary topic briefly at my last writers’ group meeting. The general opinion was that expletives (swearing if you like) do/does no harm at all, and should not be offensive to readers because they are a reflection of the way society is. “No one is forcing you to read it.” What was interesting was that male and female alike (the group is predominately female) agreed there were words they would NEVER use.
    Thank you very much for following my blog!.

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  7. Deadra Dellinger says:

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn something like this before. So good to seek out someone with some authentic thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is something that is needed on the web, somebody with a little bit originality. useful job for bringing something new to the web!


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