A Song Cannot Bound In Lyrics

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about a drug.A drug which is legal and everyone has addicted to it and that drug is a song.

A song is that art form which gives us humans so joy that we cannot express in words.After a long harsh day in this brutal urban jungle, I just wanted to wear my headphone and listen to songs and after listening to the 3-4 song all my fatigue, sadness, anger just washes out.I don’t think even a massage can give me that.

Many people also have that habit.There are many types of music genre.Some people listen to Hip-hop music, whereas some people listen to Rock music, so some people listen to Country music and many more.All different genre of music is great.The choice of music is depend upon the taste of listeners.Most of the people listen to the songs of there language.

But I like the songs of the language I don’t know.My favorite language is my mother tongue.Despite that I like songs of language that I don’t undertsand.I don’t know why I am like this? whether I suffered a head injury when I am a kid? I really don’t know and when I share my playlist with my family, friends, cousins.They all think that I am mad? I am really mad.Am I?.

Yes maybe, I am a mad but my choice of music doesn’t make me.And over these course of years, I find the answer to this quest.

  • I think I really enjoy these songs is because “in these songs I don’t understand lyrics so I don’t have to concentrate or I don’t even try to understand lyrics.So I just sit down and enjoy the song”.Whereas on the other hand if I listen to the song of my language than I concentrate on lyrics and always try to become critic that these lyrics are bad or that lyrics are not correct.
  • Actually, I don’t like a song I love music of that song.If you love music than you don’t have to understand lyrics of the song you’re just are gonna feel lost in that music.

  • When I don’t understand the lyrics of the song than I watch the video very carefully and try to understand the lyrics of the song by that video.And by doing that I always feel song fresh and new every time.

  • The only thing in song in which you get bored is the lyrics of the song.If you listen to the song too much then you learned the lyrics of the song and after some time you fed up with that song. But if you don’t know lyrics than you always find that song new.
  • When I don’t understand lyrics of the song than I always find that song of sound sweet.Whether it is of Pop, R&B, Pop-rock, Funk or any other music genre which is of any language.
  • When I listen to the song which I don’t understand than it also increases my imagination power because when I don’t understand lyrics than I try to imagine what does it mean by watching a video that what is going on? so it also broadens up my mind.

I know some people among you are thinking that I am just writing all these points to make this article.But if you don’t believe me than just sit down wear your headphone take any language song of the world that you don’t know and listen to it.In the first time you don’t like it but if you listen 3to4 time then you will get addicted to it.And then you have a whole upgraded playlist.

And nowadays it is easy for everyone to stream music of any country through so many music platforms like Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music, Google play music and many more.

But today I think people are also started listing the song in another language that’s why despite being a Spanish song Despacito has most watched Youtube video.Actually, 2017 is the year in which people increase there playlist from there regional language song to whole world language song.

Music is that viral disease who catches everyone who came in contact with it no matter what country you belong, no matter what religion, culture, the language you follow.Music always bounds everyone.if there is music playing you don’t even know which language song is it and people are dancing to it than after 5 seconds you also wanted to dance and after 10 seconds your leg started shaking and after 15 second your whole body started dancing.

So we say can that songs are like drugs no matter what drug you take you always get high just like that no matter which language song you listen you always feel relaxed, calm, and happy.

Lyrics are the words that maybe none-understandable but music is the art which we can feel.

64 thoughts on “A Song Cannot Bound In Lyrics

  1. follypen says:

    I definitely love Despacito! Even if I don’t understand the lyrics…… I love songs that I understand a can learn the lyrics because I love to sing along with the artist (at times, I even formulate my own lyrics) especially when rewatching an Indian movie and it gets to the music part

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  2. lindasschaub says:

    Great quote by wise man Plato. Love music and sometimes will hear something from decades ago and will remember not only the tune, but all the words. Can’t remember what I went downstairs for sometimes, and have to make a return trip upstairs, then “ahh … that’s what I wanted!” Music is infectious and wonderful, even if it leaves you with an ear worm sometimes.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Shruti Ohri says:

    Aaaah yes that makes so much of sense!
    I totally agree!
    I think that totally depends on your mood!
    I have heard some songs which are of a language that I don’t know, but not much.
    I’ll definitely try it more!
    Great post! xD

    Liked by 2 people

  4. harshi.ks says:

    Oh afterall i found someone who can relate with me to this topic. My freinds too say me same.I like to listen to latino 😍spanish, and Kpop god damn i listened one Portugal too sua cara. Can u share ur too .itoo b great😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Dracul Van Helsing says:

    I’m the same way.

    My two favourite female singers are Japan’s Moritaka Chisato and Aya Matsuura.

    I particularly love the song they both sing Watarasebashi.

    I actually feel the song and its poignant emotions because I’m not trying to follow the lyrics.

    Liked by 2 people

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