Be Negative

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about peoples.In my opinion, peoples are of two types one is a “positive person” and other is a “negative person”.Other categories in which you classified humans can be divided into these two types.

Generally, people say if you’re positive person then you can conquer the world.But today let’s try to see the world with different perception.

But I think if you want to be successful in today’s modern world than you have to be negative.Yup, you read that correctly.So first of all, let’s talk about what is positive people? and negative people?

Generally, people say,

The person who always keeps a good attitude towards life is known as positive people.Like if something is not happened according to them in their life then they say if it does not happen then it does not happen for good we might don’t realize it today.But someday we will.These people always find good things even in bad things.

But who is negative person?

A negative person is a person who always keeps thinking negative.He thinks that he never gonna achieve anything in his life.He always thinks that whatever he love is gonna destroy nothing good will happen in his life.These people always find bad things even in good things.

For example, if a kid who keeps a positive attitude toward life cannot solve a math problem one day and he gets really tired of that problem.”But if he keeps a positive attitude that tomorrow is gonna be a different day”.And leave study for that day.And on next day with the help fresh mind, he easily solved that problem.

On the other hand, if that kid is a negative person and he gets really tired of that maths problem and wants to have a break for that day.Then he thinks that he cannot solve that problem today.So how tomorrow can be different?.So he continues to do work hard.And by hard work he solved that problem that day.

Some people say what if that negative kid think that he is never gonna solve that problem? And skip that problem.That might also happen but if he is dedicated to his study than he is not gonna run away from his study.And try to solve that problem because he is a negative thinking kid, not a lazy kid.

But on other hand that positive kid wastes that day by thinking that tomorrow is gonna be a different day.Whereas that negative kid solves that problem that day with hard work.

Positive people always live in hope that next second, next day, next month, next year is gonna be great.Whereas negative person thinks that nothing good is gonna happen.And by these thoughts negative person do hard work and make next second, next day, next month, next year great.

Let’s take another example:-

If we are planning to go on a road trip.A positive person thinks that everything is gonna be alright.If a thought of tire puncture come to his mind than he neglects that thought by thinking that everything is gonna be alright.

But if a negative person has planned to go on a road trip than if that thought of tire puncture comes to his mind than his gonna double check tire and might carry an extra spare.

And if really tire got punctured in the middle of the road with your family than a negative person has that spare tire.

But positive person again thinks that everything is gonna be alright.

But some people say that negative person might cancel that road trip because of that thought of tire punctured.Yup he is gonna cancel that road trip if he is a coward person, not because of a negative person.

A positive person always thinks of today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.But on the other hand.Negative person thinks of past week, current week, and upcoming week.He always prepares for anything.

For eg:-

A positive person saves some money and says if any financial problem is gonna come.Then we have some money and gonna figure out that problem solution when that problem comes.

On the other hand, a negative person always prepares for worst he saves money for 10 different problems.And if more than one problem comes he easily solves that problems with that big savings.Whereas positive person does not have any options left except thinking that everything is gonna be alright.But only positive thinking cannot gonna solve that problem.

According to me if a positive person prepares for bad.So negative person prepare for worst and we can say that by above example this preparation of negative person always became fruitful.

But being a negative person also have disadvantage you never have mental stability.You always have to work hard physically and mentally both.

I am not saying that become a negative person.But in my opinion, negative person is more hardworking in nature.The whole world lay stress on becoming a positive person than who I am? to say that be a negative person.

But according to me,

A positive person walks on the flower bed to achieve their goal.

On the other hand, a negative person has to walk on the road of cactus to achieve a goal and if he walked down on that road he can achieve even bigger goals even than he set for himself.

After reading this article many people have made their mind that I am a negative person and trying to promote my type of peoples and trying to partial towards positive people.But first of all, let me clear this I am not a positive person nor negative I am just a person who is trying to see the world with the different perception.In other words, you can say that I am trying to look at the positive side of negative people.

I am not saying that negative peoples are better than positive people or positive people is better than negative people.According to me positive and negative attitude both are the way of perception the way how we see things?.

I am just trying to explore all sides of a negative person.Because we humans always look at one side of coin.we always say that being the negative person has a disadvantage.And always lay stress on being a positive person.But if we change our perception than we see,

Negative in a positive attitude.


Positive in a negative attitude.

113 thoughts on “Be Negative

  1. livinglifesplendidly26 says:

    Lol, nice perspective. However, I feel as if you are misconstruing practicality/realist for negative a little. A negative person is definitely doom and gloom, while he/she may not be lazy, there’s so much doom and gloom that it leaves them inactive (because what’s the point? If it’s just not going to work out in the long run). Whereas, a positive person will definitely look at everything from a different perspective but it’s not a “Pollyanna” rose-tinted glasses view. I feel positive people identify the goal, identify the steps for the goal, endure the obstacles/setbacks and stay in the mindset of “this will workout” v. “This will fail.” …… but, I totally enjoyed your post. Lol 😊😊☺️🙃

    Liked by 4 people

  2. harshi.ks says:

    I actually was a bit confused or u can say i was tryna understand by digging deep regarding this topic .Ur examples made it clear . N ill try to get them in my life. Thx LOL
    Keep going✌️✌️

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Conni says:

    This is a very interesting perspective and I see where you are coming from, but I would replace the word ‘negative’ with ‘cautious’ or ‘prepared’, perhaps. Great post, though! Thanks for the follow, too. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ankur Mithal says:

    IMHO, positive and negative are meaningless artificial constructs. Mostly put out by people who want to portray themselves as what they understand to be the more desirable between the two extremes, namely positive. There are many similar articles written comparing extroverts and introverts, ostensibly by people claiming to be extroverts as they believe that is what is desirable to be seen as.

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  5. chimdelu2 says:

    Negative people are those who think that they can not do it because they do not believe in themselves and don’t want to try it and also don’t want you to try it or do it😍because they don’t want you to be better than them

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  6. Paolo B. says:

    Interesting thoughts. It’s good to hear different perspective on things. I think that the situations described are very hypothetical. In reality most “negative” people I’ve met are lazy ish because nothing they do will make a difference so why bother. It’s hard to say though since people are so Multi dimensional. One thing I know is I’d rather be on a roadtrip with a “positive” person because it probably be a much more enjoyable car ride despite any unforeseen circumstances. Important to see both sides though so good to read this view, thank you.

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  7. Baffledmum says:

    This is a vey interesting way to look at it. So if your a negative person, you are generally more prepared for when/if something goes wrong because you are already expecting it… Thank you for a new insight.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. ananyaexpress ,Instinctive writing says:

    I feel ur perception towards negative was right but by being positive no ways mean u r an idiot who will leave everything to this ” whatever happens is for good, its ok”. By being positive in attitude, u actually dont give up n strive for better without getting upset over things which didnt go the way they should be… But again as u stated its a different way of percieving so …

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  9. Iriowen says:

    I find this post unique and interesting. I partially agree on the light with which you portray negative people. In reality negative people do not amount to much because they are afraid to take risk. They hate to fail.
    I know some negative people they are always sad and miserable ready to provide a word of discouragement whenever you tell them your aspirations.
    They are generally cautious and paranoid. I always take their negative advice and apply it in a positive way. For instance, when they say nobody will view my blog, I research and set up strategies to generate traffic.
    At the end of the day, we need both negative and positive people.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      Thank you for reading and leaving such a valuable comment 🙏
      The point in which you mentioned, “in reality, negative people do not amount to much because they are afraid to take the risk.They hate to fail”.
      I think in above line your talking about coward people because they are the one who afraid to take the risk.

      But I agree with your’s other points which you mentioned.

      👍 👍 👍

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  10. righteousbruin9 says:

    I am a positive person, who is proactive. My thought is: . “God helps those who help themselves” I am a positive person, who sees no unicorns or pink bunnies, but only the attracting of success, through hard work and planning.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. pawsitivehappy says:

    Hello Rohan,
    Great article! I think it is important that being negative is not a bad thing at all, sometimes we need to be able to let out what people feel are “negative” thoughts to move on. Being positive is not always easy to achieve depending on the situation or the person.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. AmiraArmenta says:

    I prefer to think of optimistic people and pessimistic people. And I am inclined towards the latter because when you do not expect anything good, any positive result is a gift. Someone commented on it there before. Saludos.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Marina Kaiser says:

    Well, I am impressed!
    Deeply thoughts are these you´ve written here.
    I think good or bad, positive and negative – these sights belong to one coin – belong to us – as we are human people with unmortual souls. Our souls want to experience every sight – and we have a plan which includes both (and more).
    So I try to say yes to my negative and to my positive aspects – and to oothers.
    In this Yes I find peace – and this is not positive and not negative – it is like it is 😉
    Thank you for writing your thoughts and for liking my posts in the Lichtgestöber.
    Peace for you!
    Marina 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  14. VanessaAHarris5 says:

    Hey there Rohan! I want to thank you for joining me at Vine Life Faith. Good to have you along for the ride!
    But I must say, reading your posts, I’m baffled as to why. Your perspective is the exact opposite of mine, but I’ve never been afraid to discover what makes someone tick, even if I completely disagree. Maybe you’re the same way😉

    Liked by 2 people

  15. NanaGSmith says:

    I liked your post. I liked your prospective on “negative people.” I liked how you structured article to see positive in negative. Excess of either one wears me down. Both are needed for balance.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Svet Pavlovsky says:

    Your post actually encourage a hard working attitude for negative person. I think that most of the human prompts positive attitude, cause by being negative you can develop bad thoughts or worthless feeling thourds yourself. Thanks for the insight on your negativety.

    Liked by 2 people

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