Ancient World Trending

Hello!!! everyone, today we live in two world one is our real world and other is a virtual world.

These both worlds seem sometimes exactly same so sometimes it appears completely different.But in the end, if we look carefully than these both worlds are same.Because we build the virtual world by taking inspiration or ideas from the real world.

But what if I say that ancient world is also connected to our virtual world than what you say?

You say I am kidding.


But I am not.

So let’s try to find similarities between today’s virtual world and the ancient world.

These virtual worlds have its own dictionary of words and today we are gonna open that dictionary picks a word and with the help of that word we are gonna build a bridge between the virtual world and ancient world.And that word is “trending”.

But what is trend means?

a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

But I don’t think we wanted that definition.Do we?

A trending topic is a subject that experiences a surge in popularity on one or more platforms for a limited duration of time.

Yes, that’s what we are looking for.

Trending things are everywhere.Trending person or topic gets public attention, media attention, celebrity attention, money in short if you are trending you are on top of the world.

Some people think that trending only exhibits in this virtual world.

No, that’s not true trending also exist in an ancient time when there is king, queen, wars with swords, kingdom, no electricity, no internet, slaves, chariot etc in short hundreds of year ago.

In the virtual world, trending means your on top of the world same whereas in trending in the ancient world means you’re a hot topic of the kingdom.

People do everything in today’s world to be trending.Just like in ancient time.So let’s take a look that how trending is connected in the virtual and ancient world.

Hashtags: Internet so-called expert say that if you want to be trending in the virtual world than you have to put hashtags carefully like they cover your whole topic.And these hashtags should be very easy and catchy.

Just like that hashtags of the topic.Our body also has hashtags which people see.Which are our body language, clothes, appearance.If you want to be trending in the ancient world than you have to be tip-top from top to bottom.

Always focus on niche: if you want to be trending in the virtual world than always try to post on same topics don’t try to cover all things.Try to cover all things on one topic.

Exactly like that if you want to be trending in the ancient world than don’t try to become singer, painter, comedian at one time.Pick the one talent which you are good at it and try to polish it.And always do that.

Post more often: If you want to be trending in the virtual world than you have to post more.Just like that if you want to be trending in the ancient world than you have to perform in every once and while.

Thumbnail: a thumbnail of our post should be different, unique and stylish to make our post visited by more audience and to make it a trending.

Exactly like that our thumbnail of the body is our appearance.So in the ancient world, our appearance should be more stylish, unique and different.A good thumbnail also gives the impression of our topic.Just like that in ancient world if you want to be trending than your appearance should give the impression of your profession.

Don’t experiment: If you posted a roasting video and it gets an amazing response from the audience.Then it is advice that does not try to change your topic.Because if people came to see your roasting video and you posted a cooking video than they don’t like your cooking video.Because they came to see your roasting video and you lose your audience.Just like that in ancient time if you become popular in singing than don’t try to be a comedian.Because people came to see you singing not doing comedy.

Tags: In virtual world tags are summary of the post or things which are included in your post that shows what is your post is about.If your post is about making a pizza than it tags include food, cheese, sauce, dough, mozzarella, flour, in brief all ingredients of pizza, baked and many more tags. But tags should only reflect your post and should be related to your post.Don’t try to put everything in a tags like in this example of making pizza putting tags like fashion, love, wanderlust, humor etc.

Just like that in ancient world friends are our tags.If someone sees a friend of that person than they see that person personality in him.Because people became friends which have the same personality like them.So people in the ancient world make friends according to their personality.Just like tags, make more friends but related to our person personality.If you made a friend with a person which has bad quality than if people sees him with you than people also think you’re also degraded like him.

Advertisement: if you want to be in be trending you have to promote yourself.In the virtual world there are many ways of advertisement like post about your content on different social media, sending a message to people, give money to a popular person to promote your content.

Just like that people in ancient time promote themselves by using drums, by making a rally on an elephant and by appointing messenger who would go to people personal and advertise about them.

Engage with the audience: If you want that you have views on your post and viewers come regularly to see your video then you have to engage with the audience on a personal level.

And if you want to be in trend in the ancient world than you have to wander in the kingdom.So people notice you more often and always try to engage with them so you will always be the hot topic of the kingdom.

If you follow all above instruction than you definitely became trending in any world.If you become trending in the virtual world than you get money, name, fame etc.

And if you are trending in the ancient world than the whole kingdom wanted to meet you even king and queen.You get a call from royal family if you are trending or hot topic of a town.And even if the king is happy with you he can marry his daughter with you.

In both worlds, if you do something bad then also you became trending.In the virtual world if you do something bad then you receive a negative comments.

Whereas if you do something bad in the ancient world than you get hard punishment but you will be trending and that’s what matters, right.

Just like today one day you are trending so next day someone else is trending.Exactly this happened in the ancient world someday one singer is a hot topic of the kingdom so another day some painter.

But in the end, the question arises why I write this post?

My main motive of writing this article is that to build a road, a new perceptive because people nowadays say that these internet has ruined people minds because every one of us wants to be famous and I say there is nothing wrong with it.Everyone should dream because if you dare to dream big than you try to achieve it.

And if we take a look at the ancient world than we see people also try to be famous in ancient world also.Every time everyone wants to be famous.Because it is nature of human to want to become famous among others.The only difference is that now we have a lot of platforms to be successful whereas in olden days people don’t have many options.

But one thing is also true in that race of being famous we have lost our peace and self-respect we are doing everything in order to achieve that tag of trending.

We just have to improve the definition of trending with little changes and that is being popular with peace and self-respect.There is nothing wrong with being famous.We have to be famous in the virtual world while living in peace and with self-respect in the real world.

So in the end,

Be trending, live trending, become trending, in any world.

30 thoughts on “Ancient World Trending

  1. Carmen Lezeth Suarez says:

    Interesting idea. Not sure I agree completely with the analogy that the ancient world correlates to modern time trending, but I love that you made the connection and are making me think! Maybe I need more time on it. But, the content about HOW to get yourself trending and all that information: Priceless. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Bruce Lee The Dragon of jade warrior costume shaw brothers - golden harvest thunderboltfist 1971 72 73 created for Lee jun fan born 1940-1973 says:

    How come you lot get a lot of stars yet I put out original s of Bruce Lee my own for everyone world wide Left right and centre Chow young king The Blind Swordsman Ancient classical warrior photo shoots at shaw brothers plus all my other s hey have you got any tips on how I can make my page more popular on here odd everyone like s Bruce Lee not just flower s and your post even tho its ok not like mine I recreated what nobody would ever do for me Bruce Lee foundation Shannon Lee Linda Lee Robert Lee dan all fans you if you like

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