Mad = ???

Hello!!! Everyone, “it is said that everyone in this whole world is different and unique.No one is like other.Everyone has unique, different, and special thinking and personality”.

But in general “that thinking is considered to be normal which is maximum people have”.But if every one of us is different and unique than how come our thinking should be same?

In this world, “everyone wants to have different thinking but they also want there thinking should match people’s view otherwise your gonna be called mad in society”.

So what is mad?

mentally ill; insane.

But if we look carefully then we also get one more definition of mad.

very enthusiastic about someone or something is also known as mad.

But how can this is possible that one word has two different meanings?

Exactly that’s what I am trying to say that even “mad” word has two different meaning than why not we people have different opinions or approach towards life.

But some readers might be thinking that different thinking is not classified under the definition of being mad.But according to me if you have a different perception or thinking than people call you mad.If your thinking does not match with society people’s thinking than you will be declared as mad.

For eg in holidays if a student whose exams have happened and he get passed away with good grades.But he has not learned or understood one topic clearly so he is still studying that topic.So we say he is mad why? it is because his exams have passed away and he is still studying for an old topic.But what if in his holidays he study’s for his next class so we say he is very intelligent and hardworking boy.

But actually, the meaning of study is learning things not earning grades.But today we look at grades, not how much student has learned.And if a student believes in learning not in grades so we call him mad.Why? it is because he has different thinking than normal people.


The thing which we cannot understand we called it as mad.

Okay now let’s take another example:
If a person who is in the corporate job who is earning good money but he has a dream of becoming an actor but he is also not very good looking.Even so, he leaves his job and gives a shot to an acting career than people say he is out of his mind why because he left his job for a career which has less success rate as compared to other professions.

But if you look carefully than acting does not have anything related to looking and what if he earned enough money from his job and then he leaves it.


if your dreamer than people calls you mad.

Again if you are that type person who is always ready to help others without even taking care of your own loss than society calls you mad.For eg, if you see a poor man injured on the road and you take him to the hospital and you happily paid his bills because he does not have any money.But if you tell this incident to peoples than they say you are mad by spending money of your hard work on saving a stranger life.


Help others and becomes mad in this world.

By this, we can say that In this, so-called normal people’s society money is more important than someone’s life.

Let’s take one more example:
Consider a good looking girl fell in love with not so good looking boy and wants to marry him than people say why are you marrying that ugly person? You can get much more handsome boy than him.Are you out of your mind?

But I say being good looking does not have any connection to fall in love.And if it has a connection than how come blind people fall in love? because they have never seen their special one in their whole life.


If you’re in true love than you are mad.

But some people are thinking I am just making this article long with nonsense points.

So now let’s talk about the real mad person.Who has big nails, dirty clothing, bang his head every second, always abuses, try to hurt himself and others.

So according to you, he is proper mad.Right? And if we ask that mad person who is mad than he says we are who is mad? but in my opinion, no one is not mad.

Alright, answer me one thing why we do anything in our life whether it is eating, running, working, sleeping, in short, every activity of our life.It is because we like doing it.We cannot do anything without our desire.Sometimes we know what is our desire and so sometimes we don’t.

That mad person also does all these so-called mad activities because he desires to that and by doing that he feels happy.And we are just saying that person is mad because he is not successful what if he has same qualities like banging his head, abusing others, wearing dirty clothes but he has a lot of money and he is successful than we say he might feel happy living like this.


A mad person is only mad when he is poor.

But some say science has proved that the person “who is mad has mental instability”.But what science are you talking about?.Science changes its definition every day.In olden times can you imagine we were able to fly in the sky but now we are doing it with the help of airplanes.So after some time “if science itself proves that a mad person is more intelligent than normal peoples”.so don’t get surprised.

Some people agree with me on this.They say you have to be mad to do something unique in this world but again, sorry I do not agree with you I am not saying that being mad is good I am just saying “that it is a way of our thinking to see things”.

Nowadays it is in a fashion that everyone calls himself mad and consider it a compliment but at the end, the meaning of mad person is having a mental illness.

I am just saying that no one in this world is mad.Everyone is unique in there own way sometimes we understand so sometimes we don’t.

But in today’s modern world if we call someone normal person than he takes it as offensive that how can you call someone normal?.They say everyone is unique and different.

And if we call someone different than they again say what quality of mad or different does I possess.I do each and every activity which every normal person do.

So at the end what we want?

We just wanted to do things which we like but we cannot do that thing.”Which is because of what people say in society, family pressure, our responsibilities and due to many more factors”.

And if some person does things according to what they want.Then we say they are mad because we cannot do things which we want.So how can they do it? Actually, we are jealous of them.And that jealous closes the door of our thinking and understanding and we declare them as mad.

But if you think being mad is subject of proud and happy.Then just go take a look at the mental hospital.Your gonna find out yourself what is being a mad person means.

The main problem Is that today we are so busy in our routine life that we cannot see changes and if we see something different no matter which is good or bad than we label it as “mad”.

According to me, no one is mad everyone has there own thinking.So stopping judging other people and try to live your life.

And if you believe in that saying which says “every genius in the world is sometimes called mad by normal people”.Than become mad but on one condition that you have to leave your impact on society.There are some people who in this process of achieving tag of mad which according to them is unique.They destroy their normal life.And if they cannot achieve anything after that.They became frustrated and mentally ill.

So in the end,

We all are genius.
We all are stupid.
We all are intelligent.
We all are mad.
We all are good.
We all are bad.
We all are human.
We all are mad.

77 thoughts on “Mad = ???

  1. christinaajb says:

    Sometimes, I am mad. I got 2 psychology books, Emotional Intelligence (2012) and How to Communicate (2009.) They’re certainly not my very first psychology books but one of the firsts of its kind. It’s teaching me to get along and listen, so far, to a degree, as well as calming/stroking my nerves.

    I guess we like to be saucy and some flirtatious in certain ways, on day to day life.

    I guess people who quit something to do something like acting must be pretty mad.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment 🙏
      I really appreciate your opinion.
      In your statement in which you said
      “I guess people who quit something to do something like acting must be pretty mad”
      But I do not agree with you on this statement I think we all have one life and in this life, we really should have to give a shot to our dream but before doing that we have to plan it properly.But if a person give a shot without planning properly than we can call that person “pretty mad”.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. 2802S says:

    It’s very interesting thought in last paragraph about guys, who try to seem crazy with one wish to make the impression inside the society. Especially, this applies to young people, like me for example many years ago. Well, thanks for writings! This is interesting, with the trying to sort out.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Squashy Moss says:

    I am definitely that thing that is not understood. I have emotions that are fierce and try to kill me sometimes. Also I am that person that studies for no other reason than I like it. If I find an injured creature I will look after it or pay for it to be looked after. All life matters. I don’t mind being a little bit different. People still love me but think I am a bit mad. Thank you for this article it is very special.

    Liked by 5 people

  4. searchingforhumor5 says:

    Thank you for checking out my little blog and “liking”my posts and following! I really appreciate it!

    I loved this post! What if the “mad” people are the ones who have the most true understanding of this world and the difficulties (unfairness?) of society, and so they are frustrated, show their anger with head banging because they are the only ones who get it? The “normal” people blindly accept and just go along with society so we can be accepted and survive (job, home, family, etc.) . Hmm? I don’t know! Your post just made me think about that!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Dino says:

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