Selfless Is Selfish

Hello!!! everyone, In this article, I am gonna try to ‘shaken‘ your thoughts.So if you want to be ‘shaken‘ than read this article.

Otherwise please go if you do not want a new perception of life and if you want.Come, the path is ready.So let’s go together,

“We always try to become ‘good’ whether it is inside of us or outside”.We can become good on the outside by applying makeup on our face, we can improve our body by doing gym, or eating healthy food.

But that’s not enough.We also wanted to improve inside of us like our brain.We can improve the capacity of our brain by doing mental exercises.

But only increasing our mental capabilities is not improving ourself on inside.To really improve ourself we have to feel good inside and how can we feel that?.

By doing good for others.Yup, that’s right by doing a selfless act.

But actually what is selfless act???

concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own is called selfless act.

Everyone tries to do this selfless act.Even the biggest evil person in his whole life at least one time he tries to do something selfless.Leave humans, even animals are selfless.They always love their owners without any exception of the prize.

But what if I say,

“No deed in this world is selfless”.

Yup, I know your thinking I am a very lonely writer who does not have someone to be loved or somebody to give love.And who does not care for anybody.So how I know the meaning of selfless?

But I say relax guys.First, give me a chance to explain myself that why I am saying that no deed is selfless.

I am saying like that because we are made like that.We are only made to improve ourself, not others.If we help someone there is definitely gonna be our own benefit is behind it.Whether we know it or not.

Our brain is both constructive and destructive but we are only using it’s the least capacity.Sometimes we do things without even knowing why we are doing these things.

For example:-

If we gave some bucks to charity.Then this is called selfless act.Right?

But I think we gave our money to charity because there are two reasons:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

In the first scenario, we feel good that we have given money for good cause.Then how it became a selfless act, in this case, you’re giving money to feel good about yourself.

In the second scenario if you are giving money to charity.Then you think if I do something good than something good will happen to me that’s what we have been taught.So we are doing this in hope to help ourself.

But some people not agree with my theory.As usual, these people say “they do charity not to feel good nor to expect good” than why you do I say?

As I mentioned earlier our brain is both constructive and destructive.We do all things according to our brain.We humans cannot do anything without a purpose.”Sometimes you think you know purpose sometimes you don’t”.

The people who say they do charity just to do charity either they are lying or they truly don’t know why they are doing.But in the corner of their brain, they know why there are doing.They just keep dust on that secret.

Alright, let’s take another example:-

People say parents made selfless sacrifices for their children.But first of all, if they are their own children then how sacrifices they make are selfless?.It is our quality to do good for our loved ones but that is not a selfless act.I say it is a selfish act.Because selfish act means:-

lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

And in this case, parents did sacrifice for their own kids.So that they became a good person and successful in life.And if they became a good person and successful in life.In the end, parents are the one who is celebrating more than kids.So how cannot be its one’s own personal profit.

But what if we help a stranger.Then again we do these for two things:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

People say the true statue of the selfish act is animals.But I say no, they are not.They do anything whether it is to love you or they play with yourself.Because either they want something from you or they love you.

If they want anything from you whether it is food, love, shelter.Then how it is selfless? And if they love you then it is there own personal profit because everyone always care about their loved ones.

But I think selfish acts are better than selfless.Because in the selfless act you do not care much.But in the selfish act, you go to the extreme to do something.

For example:-

The soldiers of our nation fight for ourselves.They sacrifice their comfort, their family love for ourselves, even they sacrifice their own life for us.So they are selfish for other peoples.

But what if they became selfless and think why I care about other peoples life?.Then what will happen?

So I can say that I want to become selfish like that soldier.Or I want to become selfish like that fireman who is selfish about saving people by taking danger on his own life.Or I want to become selfish like that animal who can do whatever it takes to save his master if he is in danger.

“I say being selfish is more important than being selfless”.

Because if our family become selfless for us.Then they don’t go ‘extreme’ for us.But if they are selfish then, they put their maximum effort to make ourself ‘successful’.

I say being selfless is like that ‘water particles’ on our car’s windshield in the rainy season just like that water particles cannot allow ourself to look at the world.Exactly like that being selfless cannot allow ourself to look at the true meaning of the word the ‘selfish’.

If you think your selfless than it’s for your own good.But if you want to make a world better place than you have to become selfish for the world.

If you want to make your loved ones successful, then become selfish for your loved ones.If you want to make environment pollution free, then become selfish for the environment.If you want to save animals then, become selfish for animals.

“I say being selfish is the beautiful gift.If We use it in a positive way, then we can make a great future for our childrens and for ourself”.

But we have to take care of one thing which is if you become selfish.Than became selfish like that you don’t hurt anyone.

In the end, I am gonna say one thing which is “become selfish for the loved ones and become selfless for the people who you hate”.

If you do that then you push your limits for the people who you love or for the people your selfish.And if you became selfless for the people you hate than you don’t care about them and if you don’t care about them than you don’t want to hurt them.Because if we do not care about something then we nor want good or bad for that thing.So,

Became selfish in a selfless way”

117 thoughts on “Selfless Is Selfish

  1. Squashy Moss says:

    It is a really complex subject and on the most part I think you are correct. I tried to think of possible selfless acts I might have done and could not find any using your theory. Then I found one occasion when I was on the bus and it braked very sharply and a little old lady went flying and nearly fell. I tried to stop her and dropped my shopping bags everywhere. It was not wanting any reward or to feel good. There was not time to think that fast. Maybe it was not selfless rather instinctive. She was very grateful and said thank you. Thank you

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  2. Namrata says:

    I completely agree…It has happened with me many times, people say you are so selfless. I tell them I did it because I felt good doing it. It’s for me more than others. We always want to be happy. Even sometimes by making sacrifices all we do is feel good. That’s what we have always been taught . But it’s selfish somewhere. Great post! 👍

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    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      Definitely, animals do that and I really feel blessed that I live in such a nice kind of world.But we also cannot deny the fact that animals who do that have personal motivate.
      Like I saw a documentary in which they are showing that a lioness is taking care of calve because she has lost his own cub.So she takes care of that calve because she thinks that calve fill the place of his own cub which she has lost.
      I say there is nothing wrong with it but it also has personal motivate.But what if his own cub is alive.Then she definitely kills that calve and eats it.Because in this case, she does not need that calve.So it is not selfless it is a selfish act.But there is nothing wrong with it as I also mentioned in the article.

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  3. 3C Style says:

    I love it when other bloggers put seeds into my head so I can think about it, question the concept and let it flourish into beautiful thoughts and act of kindness. Thank you for sharing and mostly shaking our perception of things.

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  4. 8ampickles says:

    Very inspiring!
    I guess human beings are social animal and we constantly reflecting on how others see us. We define ourselves by how others understand us, and so doing something good for others is a way to build a good image of ourselves (“to feel good” like you said).

    The beauty of human beings lies in the fact that we become happy by making others happy. There might not be truly “selfless” act and the fundamental motive of our actions might be “to feel good about myself”, but the process of making myself happy consists of making others happy. So it’s reciprocity. In this way, as you mentioned in the post, doing something for others (“selfless act”) for the sake of myself (“selfish act”) is crucial in our society.

    I always enjoying reading your blog, thank you so much! 🙂

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  5. livedailymo says:

    This one did make me think!
    We can make of the selfish and selfless concepts in how we use it.
    What if you do an act of good and don’t even remember it? that surely must be selfless in terms of intention, but selfish in terms of deep rooted thinking?
    For me I do believe in Karma, but helping someone comes naturally to some. They do it without deeply thinking. They seem to be happier too!

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  6. lanelwilson says:

    I perform selfless acts all the time. I do the right thing. It is not based on any reward. As far as, parenting that is unconditional. I guess, we try our best to raise our children well, so they become independent, which everyone wins.

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  7. smitcanthelp says:

    Hey, what you have posted is really amazing! It’s simple, straight to the point and interesting of course but I just felt that I should let you know that what you’re saying is actually what psychological theories of Altruism called The Empathy-Altruism Theory and Kin Selection Theory (it explains about selfless acts of animals as well) say (just in case, if you didn’t realize that). Also, I feel that if you mention these tested theories, it will not only enhance your legitimacy but also, you will be helping people know about important psychological stuffs.

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  8. emlynboyd says:

    As someone living with some disabilities, this is something I see all the time. There are people who want to help because they’re just that kind of person, but there are plenty of people who want to help because it makes them feel good. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be. With the people who want to help simply because they’re helpful people, it’s good for me to remember that helping makes them feel good. Otherwise I feel like a burden. With people who are more overtly “helping” for their own sense of feeling good, it’s easier for me to set boundaries and say no when I need to. Just because someone is offering to help doesn’t mean they have my interests at heart. Well said!

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    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      Your words are true to life.👍
      And please don’t ever call yourself a “burden”.I think you are a real-life superhero.And if we talk about “burden” then real burden are those people who have everything but they did not fulfill their duty.
      And I am not just saying superhero to you, just to make you feel good because you are disabled.I am saying that for the one line you used which is “you say no to even those people who offer you to help”.Doing this really needs guts.
      Salute to you.
      Your comment really moved me in the very positive way.
      I’m Much obliged to you for your comment 🙏

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  9. Mel says:

    Good post & I completely agree! “Selfish” has a bad connotation nowadays because the image of a selfish person is one of a narcissistic person. I think we can’t be anything else than selfish, it’s part of our nature. The question is how to use it to do good in the world and you answered that question really well!

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    Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  11. Shayra says:

    Great article 👌. I agree with you being selfish for your loved ones is better than being selfless .It’s a complex topic for discussion and one can have different view if we think in- depth.

    Liked by 3 people

  12. avikram15 says:

    This is so true. We all do anything for a purpose either to earn something in return or for name and fame. Even parents do good for their children so that they can get back in their old age. But then also not everyone do charity and so I respect those who help others in any form for any reason.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      We do acts because of a sense of duty is to make ourself feel good.It is because the sense of duty means it is our responsibility.And if it is our responsibility then, we feel happy or satisfied after completing our responsibility.

      And also “duty” word comes from debt that means, if we have a duty to perform then, it is a debt on us.And if it is debt on us then, we have to pay that debt.

      By the by,
      Thank you so much for reading my post 🙏

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  13. Stefan says:

    Hey, Rohan. Thank you for following my blog. Really enjoyed this post. Had a touch of humour to it. The pics and the dialogues all made up a unique way of writing. Good job! Though i must say, when somebody jumps on to a railway track and risks his own life in danger for somebody else, even though he knows he might most probably die is in my opinion, a selfless act. Because sometimes, it’s just instinct. Sometimes it’s because you know you won’t be able to forgive yourself if you don’t do it, but that in itself is selfless.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      I’m really much obliged to you for taking out time from your precious life to read my post and for leaving such a thoughtful comment 🙏

      I really appreciate your opinion.
      But, if you are saying that “you cannot forgive yourself if, you don’t save that person on a railway track”.Then, this is also a selfish act because you are doing it “to feel good about yourself” or at least “not to feel bad about yourself”.

      There is nothing wrong with this.”It is a great and awesome thing”.But in the end, it is also a selfish act.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Rohan Gandhi says:

      Thank you so much for reading my post and for leaving such an honest comment 🙏
      I really appreciate your opinion 👍

      But according to me, we do everything with the expectation of reward and that reward can be in any form.

      In the end, it is all the way of perception.


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