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Hello!!! Everyone, today we are in the world which is making advanced significant changes every day.

And if we talk about technologies in the videos than we have IMAX, 3d, 4dx, 4d, 4k resolution and lot more advanced technologies.In short we can say that every day a new technology is coming out.

But what if I say audio is better than today’s modern world advanced video technologies.Leave, advanced video technologies I say the audio format is better than the video format.

So first let’s talk about audio.What is an audio?

sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.

Let’s imagine if you are listening to a song in only audio format.Then what you feel? I am gonna say what I experienced if I am listening to any song in only audio format.

While listening to that song I imagine 10 different scenarios of that song in my mind.That how the video of that song can be.

On the other hand, if I am listening to the song and watching its video.Then I am only seeing and thinking about that images which are coming in the video of that song.The period in which I am watching that song’s video my imagination power has completely stopped.This is because “my brain is also busy in watching that video with me”.

Some people say that I am saying exact same thing people say about reading the book.But if you read the book then you have to imagine a scenario or if you have good imagination than a scenario come to your mind.But only one type of scenario came to your mind while reading a book.And if you want more scenarios or images then you have to stop reading that book and have to think about it.

On the other hand, if you listen to audio than a reel of images or scenario started in your mind.You don’t have to think about scenario while listening to audio.Scenario automatically came to your mind while listening to audio.

Whereas if you watch any video then you cannot even think of one scenario or even blurred scenario.

It is because when you listen to audio your brain imagination power remains free.And also your brain automatically creates a scenario based on what have you heard through ears.It is easy for the brain cells to create an image through listening to words.

On the other hand, if you are watching a video.Then first of all your mind engages in understanding that’s what is going on in the video.In this way, your brain imagination power becomes slow due to which your brain cells find it difficult to imagine while watching videos.

This is all for if you want to increase your imagination.But if you want entertainment than, do what you like most.

But I say I like audio more even when I want entertainment.And I know you guys are thinking that I am just saying that just to justify my article.

But if you don’t believe me than gonna try to do it by yourself.What you have to do to feel like that?.You just have to wear your headphone and try to listen to any music, speech, or radio show anything you want.When you are listening to anything.You just have to try to concentrate on each and every word.If you do it then you are gonna find a slideshow of images started in your brain.And if you have that slideshow of images in your brain then “you are gonna feel every word you listen comes to alive”.

In this way, you are gonna feel more relaxed and calm because when we feel something it has maximum impact on us as compared to things which we only see.

We talked about entertainment.Now let’s came to some serious business.

If your among the person who does not remember things after reading so many times.Whether you are a student who does not remember his books or office worker who does not remember his presentation or housewife who always forgotten to buy something when go to shopping.

Then, listening to audio is really for you.

For eg:-

If you are student who finds difficulty in learning books.Then if you record your books and listen to it.Then it might be easy for you to memorize it.

You people are thinking if we learned so easily by just listening to the recorded audio of books.Then why cannot we watch videos related to our study?It might be even more easy for us to learn our books if we watch videos related to our books.

Okay, so you think by watching videos you are gonna remember things easily.But I don’t think that this is gonna happen.Why I am saying like this?.You are gonna understand this by the following example:-

We all watch movies and sometimes we watch a particular movie 3 to 4 times or even more times.But no matter how many times you watch a movie you are never gonna remember each and every word which is said in that movie.You are definitely gonna remember scenes but not every dialogue of the movie.

On the other hand, if you listen to audio talk show you are gonna remember maximum words, not an exact copy.But you remember a maximum talk of that talk show.

This is because when we watch videos our brain concentrate on the scene and try to understand what is in the background of the scene, it’s color, it’s format, it’s decoration and many things and in this way, our brain loses its focus.And by this we cannot capable of learning things while watching videos.

Whereas if you listen to audio than your brain has only one work which is memorizing the words which are playing in the audio.So your mind did not get distracted by any other background which plays in the video.Due to this, you learn things easily while listening to audio as compared to watching a video.

Let’s not also forget the part if you’re doing the whole study then you have to listen to audio 3 to 4, hour daily.But if you listen to mild audio than you don’t get any physical problem.And you feel even fresh or little tired after studies.

But if you watch video for that long then your eyesight might become weak.And also there is a chance that you have to face the problem of a headache for several times for watching video continuously for that long time on daily basis.

But people say if you can learn from audio so much.Then how come you do not learn from your teacher in school, she also teaches us while speaking and we listen to it like an audio.

This is because your teacher teaches you in a class full of distraction.Whether it is your friends or your crush.And to learn anything you have to concentrate on things which you cannot do it in your class full of distraction.

I think the great example to prove my point that audio is better than the video is blind person.if we look carefully then “we find that blind person has more memorizing power than normal people.And if we talk about creativity then we cannot even think of the creative things they do”.

Blind person memorize anything which they hear in there life.They always remember maximum things which they heard until their death.For eg, if a person speaks one time to the blind person.And then never speaks to him for years and when he meets him again after many years.That blind person is gonna recognize him just by his voice.Which he heard many years ago.

On the other hand, we normal people who can see, cannot remember person’s face just by a single meeting, leave single meeting.If we have met him several time before.But We cannot remember him if he suddenly met us after some year has passed.

This all happens due to a blind person try to remember that person by words or voice of him.Which is easy for our brain to remember.Whereas we try to remember that person by his face.Which is difficult for our brain to remember that person’s whole face.So “we can say that the things which we hear have more impact on us than the things we see”.That means audio is little better than video.

I know some readers might be thinking that I have done an unfair comparison.Because a blind person has more developed hearing sense than us.

Yes, definitely he has the more developed hearing sense.Not because he has this gift from God.But because he worked on it.And over the course of a period of time, he practices it and makes it even more perfect.

But today we normal people do not try to make our senses more perfect.We just get satisfied with what we have.We do not work harder to get more.If we try then we can also make our sense like that blind person.

Some people might be thinking that I just hate advanced technology and changes.That’s why I am supporting audio and pointing out the disadvantages of the video.

But it is not like that.I did not hate advanced technology.I just wanted to put “advantage of audio” in the spotlight.Which we have forgotten in the glamour of video.

In the end,

I am just gonna say that each and everything in life has importance.Never ignore anything or anyone’s importance.And it is also applied to both audio and video.

I think I have proved my point that audio is better than video.But just like I say in the above line everything and everyone has importance in life.



Voices of the brain into the audio.
Views of the eyes into the video.

And combine them, to get the astonishing result in life.

30 thoughts on “Audio > Video

  1. slbutlerblog says:

    And interesting collection of thoughts, and generally something I agree with. To add the example of an audio-book when compared to movie (or even just a plain old book). I will often find myself working through works of philosophy with the book in front of me following along with the audio-book. The experience allows me to engage with what is being said and written in a way that allows me to explore concepts ideas and beliefs in a way that invites reflection and encourages understanding. Video format simply can not invite that kind of interaction as you say, because it is very restrictive on the imagination. Video negates the need to imagine unless it is done well – and it rarely is.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. grevisangel73 says:

    Hi, very interesting post. I found this to be quite true after thinking about it, you pointed out many valid aspects that I never even considered, thanks. I think this can be another way to learn and retain information.
    Thanks for your follow, I am now following you, and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sheree says:

    When I was studying, I found it easiest to write things down. Then, in the exam, I could close my eyes and see (and read) what I’d written. I think you have to find what works for you. By the way – great post!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Squashy Moss says:

    I like to study languages using audio. It only teaches how to speak it. I also want to learn to read it and maybe one day write it. So I read and study the alphabet like a child does and learn short words using books. I find listening to an audio helps me pick up whole sentences quicker. Although this had little to do with imagination I feel it is also more fun and relaxing to listen to the language. Seeing the teacher can be very distracting if they look a little strange or indeed if they are very handsome 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Pazlo says:

    I find much modern video to be more manipulation than entertainment. Perhaps it’s entertainment in the same sense dangling a string is entertaining to a cat, or following a dangling carrot is entertaining to a burro.
    As you watch movies, TV shows and commercials, notice how the shot change (editing) takes place about every 1.5 seconds. This is real time, I’m not exaggerating. Back in the old days, when movies had real stories to tell, and tried to be compelling art as well as entertainment, you’ll see some long shots. Fifteen, twenty, thirty seconds long, sometimes even more. Long enough for you to see and take in a whole scene and all it compliments.
    The 1.5-second flashes of video are more like visual hypnotism. It takes a full second for your brain to see and record the image, then immediately the image is changed, forcing your brain to be unable to break away from the visual content.
    Try it next time your watching TV, or even a movie. Count to yourself, and time the shot changes. I think you may be shockingly surprised!
    Seek peace, (and written or recorded words!)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. vijaysciencetalks says:

    i agree with your post. hearing AUDIO first is better than watching VIDEO. cause when we hear an audio with free mind,we create our own imagination with audio rather than forcing our mind to watch pre defined audio with video. for instance, when i used to listen few songs and never watched their videos , i had a better imagination of images related to that song in my mind. but when i watched the videos of those songs after a month or more i found that those videos of those songs were not better than my imagination. in fact , i made a prejudice in mind to listen audio first for new songs released and dont see their videos for at least a month.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. livedailymo says:

    I like the topics that you write about and totally get your point about audio. Actually i’m a big fan of some podcasts myself an tend to learn a lot from them. Do you listen to podcasts?


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