Selfless Is Selfish

Hello!!! everyone, In this article, I am gonna try to ‘shaken‘ your thoughts.So if you want to be ‘shaken‘ than read this article.

Otherwise please go if you do not want a new perception of life and if you want.Come, the path is ready.So let’s go together,

“We always try to become ‘good’ whether it is inside of us or outside”.We can become good on the outside by applying makeup on our face, we can improve our body by doing gym, or eating healthy food.

But that’s not enough.We also wanted to improve inside of us like our brain.We can improve the capacity of our brain by doing mental exercises.

But only increasing our mental capabilities is not improving ourself on inside.To really improve ourself we have to feel good inside and how can we feel that?.

By doing good for others.Yup, that’s right by doing a selfless act.

But actually what is selfless act???

concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own is called selfless act.

Everyone tries to do this selfless act.Even the biggest evil person in his whole life at least one time he tries to do something selfless.Leave humans, even animals are selfless.They always love their owners without any exception of the prize.

But what if I say,

“No deed in this world is selfless”.

Yup, I know your thinking I am a very lonely writer who does not have someone to be loved or somebody to give love.And who does not care for anybody.So how I know the meaning of selfless?

But I say relax guys.First, give me a chance to explain myself that why I am saying that no deed is selfless.

I am saying like that because we are made like that.We are only made to improve ourself, not others.If we help someone there is definitely gonna be our own benefit is behind it.Whether we know it or not.

Our brain is both constructive and destructive but we are only using it’s the least capacity.Sometimes we do things without even knowing why we are doing these things.

For example:-

If we gave some bucks to charity.Then this is called selfless act.Right?

But I think we gave our money to charity because there are two reasons:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

In the first scenario, we feel good that we have given money for good cause.Then how it became a selfless act, in this case, you’re giving money to feel good about yourself.

In the second scenario if you are giving money to charity.Then you think if I do something good than something good will happen to me that’s what we have been taught.So we are doing this in hope to help ourself.

But some people not agree with my theory.As usual, these people say “they do charity not to feel good nor to expect good” than why you do I say?

As I mentioned earlier our brain is both constructive and destructive.We do all things according to our brain.We humans cannot do anything without a purpose.”Sometimes you think you know purpose sometimes you don’t”.

The people who say they do charity just to do charity either they are lying or they truly don’t know why they are doing.But in the corner of their brain, they know why there are doing.They just keep dust on that secret.

Alright, let’s take another example:-

People say parents made selfless sacrifices for their children.But first of all, if they are their own children then how sacrifices they make are selfless?.It is our quality to do good for our loved ones but that is not a selfless act.I say it is a selfish act.Because selfish act means:-

lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

And in this case, parents did sacrifice for their own kids.So that they became a good person and successful in life.And if they became a good person and successful in life.In the end, parents are the one who is celebrating more than kids.So how cannot be its one’s own personal profit.

But what if we help a stranger.Then again we do these for two things:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

People say the true statue of the selfish act is animals.But I say no, they are not.They do anything whether it is to love you or they play with yourself.Because either they want something from you or they love you.

If they want anything from you whether it is food, love, shelter.Then how it is selfless? And if they love you then it is there own personal profit because everyone always care about their loved ones.

But I think selfish acts are better than selfless.Because in the selfless act you do not care much.But in the selfish act, you go to the extreme to do something.

For example:-

The soldiers of our nation fight for ourselves.They sacrifice their comfort, their family love for ourselves, even they sacrifice their own life for us.So they are selfish for other peoples.

But what if they became selfless and think why I care about other peoples life?.Then what will happen?

So I can say that I want to become selfish like that soldier.Or I want to become selfish like that fireman who is selfish about saving people by taking danger on his own life.Or I want to become selfish like that animal who can do whatever it takes to save his master if he is in danger.

“I say being selfish is more important than being selfless”.

Because if our family become selfless for us.Then they don’t go ‘extreme’ for us.But if they are selfish then, they put their maximum effort to make ourself ‘successful’.

I say being selfless is like that ‘water particles’ on our car’s windshield in the rainy season just like that water particles cannot allow ourself to look at the world.Exactly like that being selfless cannot allow ourself to look at the true meaning of the word the ‘selfish’.

If you think your selfless than it’s for your own good.But if you want to make a world better place than you have to become selfish for the world.

If you want to make your loved ones successful, then become selfish for your loved ones.If you want to make environment pollution free, then become selfish for the environment.If you want to save animals then, become selfish for animals.

“I say being selfish is the beautiful gift.If We use it in a positive way, then we can make a great future for our childrens and for ourself”.

But we have to take care of one thing which is if you become selfish.Than became selfish like that you don’t hurt anyone.

In the end, I am gonna say one thing which is “become selfish for the loved ones and become selfless for the people who you hate”.

If you do that then you push your limits for the people who you love or for the people your selfish.And if you became selfless for the people you hate than you don’t care about them and if you don’t care about them than you don’t want to hurt them.Because if we do not care about something then we nor want good or bad for that thing.So,

Became selfish in a selfless way”

Become Gravity

Hello!!! Everyone, today we are gonna talk about science.Science is very tricky subject some people love it.So some hate it.The people who love science then it is good for you.

But people who don’t love science let’s try to make you fall in love with science.So for those people who don’t love science let’s convert science into philosophy in this article.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy.Let’s give this an article a read, not for understanding philosophy but for the sake of science.

So if we are talking about science.So the people who love science say “science is in each and everything”.True, but we cannot talk about each and everything in this post.So let’s talk about one of the most important scientific thing which is “gravity”.

What is gravity?

the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.

So if we are gonna go through its scientific thing.Then people who don’t like science are gonna stopping reading and otherwise, also we all have read about gravity in our student life.We all have studied its advantages and disadvantages.

But one thing which is not taught in our study is that if you want to be successful in life than you have to become gravity.

Yup, gravity, so let’s talk about keynotes about gravity.And how can becoming like gravity help us in becoming successful.

  • Constant force :-

Gravity is the “constant force” which keeps the thing in place.So if you became gravity than you are the one who keeps things in constant place in your life.Which things in your life are your “emotions”.Which is anger, joy, sadness, happiness.You cannot just release this emotions at any time.You have to take control of your emotions in your hands if you want to succeed in life.

And I am not saying that you don’t have to release this emotions for your whole life.In my opinion, “you just have to let them out at right time not any time”.

For eg, if you are getting ready for your big presentation today at the office.And you came to know that your son got failed in exams and if you get angry towards him at that time.

Then you lose your focus and it might also badly affect your presentation.And let’s assume that you get angry towards your son and scolded him badly.But after some time you are definitely gonna feel guilty after all he is your son.And your presentation also gets affected by that guilt present in your mind.

On the other hand, if you get your anger under control and try to remain calm at that time.And thinks that first go to the office, give a presentation nicely, and in the evening let’s talk to son about his studies.

If you keep that thinking in the mind and go to the office.Than your definitely gonna give a nice presentation.

And If your son sees that you go to the office without scolding him.Then he might also feel guilty that he led you down by getting failed in exams.And if that thought came in his mind than he will definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

And what if that guilty did not convince him to study hard?.Then you have a backup plan which is scolding him in the evening.And by the hangover of a cocktail of his guilt and your scolding, he is definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

  • Formation of group :-

Gravity is the main reason for stars to come together and form a galaxy.

So by becoming like gravity, you were able to form an organization of people and with the help of that organization.You can achieve things in your life which is beyond your imagination because “real power is in an organization”.

  • Gravitational potential energy :-

Gravity has “potential energy” due to which every object has “gravitational potential energy” because of where it is situated.In easy words, every object has energy because it is located in gravity.So with help of this energy when the roller coaster is started they directly came to the ground without any further requirement of energy.

So if we can provide that gravitational potential energy to our loved ones.And that gravitational potential energy for our loved ones is our “good qualities”. If we can provide them our good qualities because they are in our gravitational field.So they also became successful in life and by seeing this we have the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.”Because we always worry about our family more than ourself”.

  • Atmosphere :-

Gravity helps the earth in retains its atmosphere.Just like that if you if you have some qualities in you.Then you can become like gravity and with the help of that, you can choose people who you want to have in your life or in your atmosphere.

  • Muscle growth :-

Gravity helps our body in calcium production and muscle growth.So if we became like gravity than we were also able to develop good qualities in ourself.Just like that a force of gravity help in our body growth.So if we have a force in ourself to become successful than this force helps us in building good qualities and character.

Just like the light has darkness, sunshine has clouds, positive has negative, being gravity also has disadvantages.

  • Gravity force keeps us on earth by these we cannot be able to fly.Just like that if you have the gravity of bad habits than it stops you from flying in the sky of happiness and success.

  • Just like the earth has gravitation force moon and sun also have gravitation force.Which has an effect on earth due to which it causes tides in the ocean on a full moon.Because they have much stronger gravitational force than earth.Just like that if we do not have the strong gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might have tides of what to do? or what not do in our life? And if those tides occur in life than we were never gonna get successful in life.

And if we have the weaker gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might get attracted to bad things in our lives and started walking on the wrong path.

  • If we fall than we get hurt this happens because of gravity.So if you have the gravity of bad things in you.Then it stops you from becoming successful and causes you to fall and get hurts.

  • Gravity of earth attracts asteroids which causes harms to earth.So if you have strong gravity in yourself and become successful.Then you might attract a lot of people who wanted to harm you and your family.

  • Just like you have the gravity of qualities.Other people also have that gravity and if they have strong gravity than you.Then they might attract things from you which you love.

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages.It is up to us want we take from that thing.But in the end, we can say that gravity has more advantages than disadvantages.

So after all this, we have another definition of gravity which is:-

The ( force ) which is our good qualities that attracts a ( body ) which is success towards, the ( center of the earth ) which is us, or towards ( any other physical body having mass ) which is anything like happiness, joy etc.

After reading this article I think the people who hate science started thinking that science is not so bad after all.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy also came to know a little bit about philosophy.


Become Gravity.


Become loser.

Splitting Movies

Hello!!! Everyone 🙏, today we are gonna talk about the thing which every single one of you likes whether you are male or female, teenager or adult, black or white, no matter which language you speak, no matter which religion you follow you always wanted to that things all day 😉.

No, no, no,

I am not talking about getting high 😓.

I am talking about watching a movie 👌.

Yup, every one of us like watching a movie.And if I personally tell you my experience than I say I love watching movies.After a hectic stressful day, I just go home, change my clothes just wear underwear and watch the movie sitting on my couch with fast food in my hands.

By the way, don’t image that image of me in underwear I am a little shy person 😳.

So if we talk about the movies there are many genres of the movie which are romantic, comedy, adult comedy, fantasy, historical period movie, action, romantic comedy, science fiction.In short, everything you do in your life, it has a genre in movies.

So that day is not very far away when we have a movie genre named toilet.But what type of film is gonna made under that genre?

Shit, shit, shit, 💩

Why I have scenes of that genre of movie in my mind 😫.Now I have to restart my brain.But first I have to delete that images from my brain.




Restarting brain in 3,2,1……..

So where are we 😓?


But I know some of the readers wanted to see a film like that and I can tell you by the naughty smile on your face 😼.

So if I talk about myself I watch every genre of movie and love them except that toilet genre.

Why has that word has been stuck in my mind after deleting it?😫

Why? God, why?

And after watching and wasting thousands of hours of my life in every genre of the movie no matter of cast, creed, religion.

Ohhh sorry 🙇, in this line we are not talking about peoples but we are talking about movies.But what do I do? we talk about peoples so much and whenever I write “no matter” my mind itself attaches it to cast, creed, religion, automatically.

So yup, after watching every genre of movie.I made some points.Which according to me is the main flaws or sins of the movies.

After reading above line it gives a little Impression that I am some kind of scientist and after doing scientific research in my lab for years.I discovered something new and unique 😎.

But if you are also a movie fan than you can think of me as a scientist because every movie fan has the ability to believe lies.

Please don’t get offended 🙏.

And if you get offended.

What drawdown can you cause me? 😼

*Viewers reduced thought came in mind*

Ohhh I am extremely sorry for my that offended comment 🙇.

Please don’t hit unfollow button, please 🙏.

So let’s end this drama and come to real business.

So I am saying I am like a scientist.

Hmmm, that’s feel-good being a scientist 😎.

Okay sorry, I am not gonna do any more drama in future.Believe me 😏.

But why I am talking only about idler of movies because I know in my whole life I cannot gonna make a movie.So why not let’s cleave the clothes of good movies.And it is also easy to point out someone mistake than appreciating them.Just like you peoples who always point out my mistakes in the comment section 😒.

Again please don’t get offended 🙏.

And if you get offended.

What draw….

No, I am not gonna say any further🙊.


I am not a movie critic.I am just expressing my views.So please don’t go out of your way to or hate on anyone.

What the hell I am talking about 😓?

No one is here hate someone if I tell them to do so.And if you really listen to my words than go beat the hell out of that filmmakers 😠who make this kind of shit 💩 that I am gonna talk about .

So, now let’s talk about these diseases.

I mean drawbacks of these movies.

I know what you are thinking .You are thinking I am just making it an exaggeration but I think today that’s the topic we are talking about.According to me, the movie is itself an exaggeration 😉.So today everything Is okay if I say I have a time machine then you have to believe me because today we talking about the movies and in movies anything happens 😎.And it is said that movies are inspired by real life.So we can say that I really have a time machine.


“After proving my point that I really have a time machine.I can say that I don’t know that whether I am a scientist or not as we talked about earlier but what I definitely know is that I am a lawyer” 😎.

So these diseases are:-

But first, tell me who tell you about your diseases?


And right now I am telling you about diseases.

So now I became a doctor 😎.

So these diseases are :-

  • The depth of characters as deep as a coin.

The depth of characters in the maximum movie is very deep.”As deep as a coin but you people are thinking coin does not have any depth”.

Exactly, that’s what I am talking about.Maximum movies now days do not have depth in characters 😬.
For eg no, I am not gonna mention any movie name otherwise I have to fight a sue case in court.But I can fight a case because I am a lawyer 😎.Right? As we talked earlier.But I don’t want a fight.What you’re thinking? I am coward to fight a case or I know if I fight a case I lose 😨.No, I am not coward nor I afraid of losing I am just not in the mood to go to jail. So let’s end this point here 😜.

  • Gold looking actor.

In every movie, if we see the actors who act always have a stone like a physique, they look sexy, they have chiseled jawline, in short, they look like they have been polished by gold.Sometimes there glitter is so strong that I fear that I cannot get blind if I watch them with my naked eyes 😵.

Again use of exaggeration but today is okay because we are talking about…..

Correct 😉.

Some readers after reading this point of my.They will be thinking that I am also an actor who is ugly and has been rejected in thousands of audition.That’s why I am criticising good-looking actors. No, I am criticising them because I am jealous of them 😈.

So at first, I am a scientist, then a lawyer,then doctor and now an actor.That means I am a very multi-talented man.

  • Kiss in the gutter:

No matter which type genre of movie your watching.True love always happens between hero and heroine 💓 but why heroine always loves the hero😬.In real life no one loves me .No, I am not saying I am a hero.But I can say I am also a hero because we talked earlier that I am also an actor 😎.

But the most irritating scene is that kissing scene which happens anywhere at anytime.

What am I saying? that’s scene for which I watch even boring films 😼.

*Thinking in the mind.*

*Why am I sharing this thought with you?.I have to act like a critic.Not like a movie lover.*

Okay, so where are we? Yup, I am talking about kissing scene.They added unwanted kissing scenes anywhere💏.For example, if there is nuclear explosion is gonna be happening in 5 seconds ohh 5 seconds is a lot of time.In that so much time
Hero-heroine even goes on a honeymoon 👫.

So let’s reduce the time of the nuclear explosion.Now let’s assume that the nuclear explosion is gonna happens in .1 seconds.In that .1 second, they are gonna kiss each other 💏.And if this happens in real life kiss is far away thing I cannot even a properly spit 😫 if I know the nuclear explosion in gonna happening.

  • Always partiality with villain:

When every movie begin the villain of that movie is rich powerful and has lots of girlfriends 😎.But as movie progress that super dude villain converted into beggar at speed of light, I say faster than the speed of light.

(Scientific joke)

  • Change of state of one character.

Scientific definition:-

A change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition is known as a change of state .

I know you fall asleep 😴.

But please wake up.

Exactly like that in every movie, there is one character who always change its side.”Sometimes from hero to villain so sometime villain to hero”.

And if we look carefully than matter always changes when we change it’s condition like when ice is put in a room temperature than it converts into the water and when water is heated it convert into gas.

Again wake up 😴.

Just like that this character always changes its side when that side started losing 😱.

And just like I mentioned earlier I have watched so many movies that I developed an instinct that I know from the beginning who is that mutiny 😎.

So after putting so many scientific knowledge in front of you.You people have to believe me, that I am a scientist 😎.

  • The result of movies are twins.

Just like two twins look same with slight changes every movie has the same result in which villain has to sustain partiality of the filmmaker😡.Sometimes I feel so pity for the villain that I think of becoming a hero and lose one time just for the sake of villain community so they can also feel good sometimes 😈.

If any filmmaker is reading this article please select me in the movie, please🙏.I am even ready to loose to villain.

*Thinking in the mind.*

*Calm down, Rohan calm down.*

*Behave like a critic.*

  • North pole to south pole reality.

If there is gonna be a unit for measuring reality in the movie.”Than if reality is in north pole than in movie they show reality in the south pole”😤.Some filmmakers even don’t know the word reality.The only thing they know in the name of reality is Kim Kardashian 😼.

They always show at the end of the movie that hero and heroine are living happily together with lots of money and lots of kids not, exactly equal to money amount but anyways with lots of kids.Because in the movie everything they show has as much as reality as today’s reality show.

These are the things which I dislike about every movie.I just wanted that these things should be edited out from the movies.Because we have seen so much of these things in the movie.

Don’t worry I didn’t add any humour in the above line.This time I am serious because I really wanted that these points should not come in movies more often.

Yup, I am saying like that I am president of a country 😠.And after reading these article filmmakers gonna try to make a movie according to my wishes.

But first, let’s see the progress of me in this article 😎.

First I become a scientist than lawyer than doctor than actor and now president.I really made progress 😎.Right?

I am not saying that all films which are made have these points.I am just saying that maximum movies have these points.But I am not gonna say that I do not feel entrained by watching these movies.I love 💓 this type of movies no matter of genre.

I have to say the above line otherwise I am gonna get lots abuses in the comment section 😉.

So now, sit on the couch and watch the movie as I watch them 😈.

Mad = ???

Hello!!! Everyone, “it is said that everyone in this whole world is different and unique.No one is like other.Everyone has unique, different, and special thinking and personality”.

But in general “that thinking is considered to be normal which is maximum people have”.But if every one of us is different and unique than how come our thinking should be same?

In this world, “everyone wants to have different thinking but they also want there thinking should match people’s view otherwise your gonna be called mad in society”.

So what is mad?

mentally ill; insane.

But if we look carefully then we also get one more definition of mad.

very enthusiastic about someone or something is also known as mad.

But how can this is possible that one word has two different meanings?

Exactly that’s what I am trying to say that even “mad” word has two different meaning than why not we people have different opinions or approach towards life.

But some readers might be thinking that different thinking is not classified under the definition of being mad.But according to me if you have a different perception or thinking than people call you mad.If your thinking does not match with society people’s thinking than you will be declared as mad.

For eg in holidays if a student whose exams have happened and he get passed away with good grades.But he has not learned or understood one topic clearly so he is still studying that topic.So we say he is mad why? it is because his exams have passed away and he is still studying for an old topic.But what if in his holidays he study’s for his next class so we say he is very intelligent and hardworking boy.

But actually, the meaning of study is learning things not earning grades.But today we look at grades, not how much student has learned.And if a student believes in learning not in grades so we call him mad.Why? it is because he has different thinking than normal people.


The thing which we cannot understand we called it as mad.

Okay now let’s take another example:
If a person who is in the corporate job who is earning good money but he has a dream of becoming an actor but he is also not very good looking.Even so, he leaves his job and gives a shot to an acting career than people say he is out of his mind why because he left his job for a career which has less success rate as compared to other professions.

But if you look carefully than acting does not have anything related to looking and what if he earned enough money from his job and then he leaves it.


if your dreamer than people calls you mad.

Again if you are that type person who is always ready to help others without even taking care of your own loss than society calls you mad.For eg, if you see a poor man injured on the road and you take him to the hospital and you happily paid his bills because he does not have any money.But if you tell this incident to peoples than they say you are mad by spending money of your hard work on saving a stranger life.


Help others and becomes mad in this world.

By this, we can say that In this, so-called normal people’s society money is more important than someone’s life.

Let’s take one more example:
Consider a good looking girl fell in love with not so good looking boy and wants to marry him than people say why are you marrying that ugly person? You can get much more handsome boy than him.Are you out of your mind?

But I say being good looking does not have any connection to fall in love.And if it has a connection than how come blind people fall in love? because they have never seen their special one in their whole life.


If you’re in true love than you are mad.

But some people are thinking I am just making this article long with nonsense points.

So now let’s talk about the real mad person.Who has big nails, dirty clothing, bang his head every second, always abuses, try to hurt himself and others.

So according to you, he is proper mad.Right? And if we ask that mad person who is mad than he says we are who is mad? but in my opinion, no one is not mad.

Alright, answer me one thing why we do anything in our life whether it is eating, running, working, sleeping, in short, every activity of our life.It is because we like doing it.We cannot do anything without our desire.Sometimes we know what is our desire and so sometimes we don’t.

That mad person also does all these so-called mad activities because he desires to that and by doing that he feels happy.And we are just saying that person is mad because he is not successful what if he has same qualities like banging his head, abusing others, wearing dirty clothes but he has a lot of money and he is successful than we say he might feel happy living like this.


A mad person is only mad when he is poor.

But some say science has proved that the person “who is mad has mental instability”.But what science are you talking about?.Science changes its definition every day.In olden times can you imagine we were able to fly in the sky but now we are doing it with the help of airplanes.So after some time “if science itself proves that a mad person is more intelligent than normal peoples”.so don’t get surprised.

Some people agree with me on this.They say you have to be mad to do something unique in this world but again, sorry I do not agree with you I am not saying that being mad is good I am just saying “that it is a way of our thinking to see things”.

Nowadays it is in a fashion that everyone calls himself mad and consider it a compliment but at the end, the meaning of mad person is having a mental illness.

I am just saying that no one in this world is mad.Everyone is unique in there own way sometimes we understand so sometimes we don’t.

But in today’s modern world if we call someone normal person than he takes it as offensive that how can you call someone normal?.They say everyone is unique and different.

And if we call someone different than they again say what quality of mad or different does I possess.I do each and every activity which every normal person do.

So at the end what we want?

We just wanted to do things which we like but we cannot do that thing.”Which is because of what people say in society, family pressure, our responsibilities and due to many more factors”.

And if some person does things according to what they want.Then we say they are mad because we cannot do things which we want.So how can they do it? Actually, we are jealous of them.And that jealous closes the door of our thinking and understanding and we declare them as mad.

But if you think being mad is subject of proud and happy.Then just go take a look at the mental hospital.Your gonna find out yourself what is being a mad person means.

The main problem Is that today we are so busy in our routine life that we cannot see changes and if we see something different no matter which is good or bad than we label it as “mad”.

According to me, no one is mad everyone has there own thinking.So stopping judging other people and try to live your life.

And if you believe in that saying which says “every genius in the world is sometimes called mad by normal people”.Than become mad but on one condition that you have to leave your impact on society.There are some people who in this process of achieving tag of mad which according to them is unique.They destroy their normal life.And if they cannot achieve anything after that.They became frustrated and mentally ill.

So in the end,

We all are genius.
We all are stupid.
We all are intelligent.
We all are mad.
We all are good.
We all are bad.
We all are human.
We all are mad.

Ordinary Masterpiece

Hello!!! Everyone, In this modern world of fast running lives.We all hate our life.We all say our life does not have anything good or special.Our life is dead, we curse our life no matter how good it is.We never get satisfied with our life.We always wanted more.

Then why we always think like that and continues to live our life like that? It is because, in the corner of our heart, we all know that one day we are gonna achieve something big in our life.The whole world is gonna know our name.But what is that thing we all wanted to do? It is different for everyone.But if in one word I have to say that thing, than I am gonna say that thing is making a “masterpiece” in our life.

So what is a masterpiece?

a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

Generally, a masterpiece is a word which is used for an artist’s outstanding art or work.And no matter what type of artist he is whether he is a painter, singer, filmmaker, actor, writer, statue maker etc.But how can normal people like us who do corporate jobs, business, a housewife, or a student how can we make our masterpiece?

No matter what definition say.According to me, a masterpiece is that when we do something which is the finest of our work in our whole life.And before doing that work we cannot even think of doing it and after doing that we can only think how the hell did I complete this work?

Nowadays everything is show off.If a filmmaker makes a mind-blowing movie.Then everyone says that this is his masterpiece.If painter paint extraordinary painting than that painting become his masterpiece, if the actor does brilliant acting in a movie than that movie is known as a masterpiece of that actor, if a writer had written a fantastic novel than it becomes his masterpiece.This all people get name, fame, money for there masterpiece.In short, they all become legends for there masterpiece.

But we never look at an ordinary masterpiece.Yes, correct ordinary masterpiece.But masterpiece is extraordinary work than you people are thinking why I am saying an ordinary masterpiece.So please continue reading to find out what is an ordinary masterpiece?

We all live our lives very hard we all fight with different problems everyday sometimes we defeat them so sometimes they defeat us but we are always in a war zone.We always try to do our best in our life.But how can we make that masterpiece that I am talking about?.So let’s try to make an ordinary masterpiece.

If you wanted to make a masterpiece than you have to aim for something unachievable.

For eg, if your student than what is your masterpiece is gonna be? your masterpiece is gonna be learning all books, alternative books, everything about your course but can you do that.No, you can achieve good marks but you cannot learn every book of your course.But in process of making that masterpiece which is learning all books.Then you definitely get the first rank in your school.Which is, in the end, becomes your masterpiece.

But you people say our masterpiece is that learning all books than how come the first rank in the school, in the end, becomes our masterpiece.It is because the first rank in the school for a student is also not less than a masterpiece.


In the process of making a masterpiece that process itself becomes a masterpiece.

Now consider if your housewife than what is gonna be your masterpiece? I say your masterpiece is gonna be good taking caring of your family.But if your son get addicted to drugs and he takes drugs on a daily basis and you do everything to get rid him of his addiction.And after some time, with the help of medicine and your hard work he only takes drugs sometime like once in a month.

so people say that you are not a good housewife because you didn’t even get rid of drugs from your son.But I say you created your masterpiece because you have converted your son’s daily addiction into sometime and might be in future your gonna completely make him clean.


If we think of achieving unusual and unique masterpiece but if we cannot achieve it.But what we have achieved it is also great as we compared it to rather achieving small and usual masterpiece.

Now consider If you’re in corporate jobs for years than your masterpiece is gonna be getting always promotion and your getting it.But you’re not satisfied with your job.Then you leave the job and stared a startup which has less earning than your job.Then people say you’re an idiot or loser for staring that stupid startup.But according to me, that startup is your masterpiece.Because you are feeling satisfied with it and that’s what matters.


A masterpiece cannot meant for people it is meant for us that how happy or satisfies we are with our masterpiece.

Masterpiece always does not have to be in the physical form.For eg, if the person who always have war in his head.If he ever achieved peace than that peace is gonna be that person masterpiece.


A masterpiece can be in any form it does not have to be seen by eyes.Masterpiece is the thing which we have to feel.

Sometime masterpiece is ordinary for other peoples but the person which masterpiece is that he always feel special for that.For eg, a person who is paralyzed his masterpiece is gonna be moving his fingers which normal people do every second without even realizing that how lucky they are.


Masterpiece may be ordinary to other peoples but the person which masterpiece is that he always special and proud about that.

You people are thinking why I am giving so much stress on making a masterpiece.That is because everything has two sides but masterpiece has only one side which is a good side. Because if you capture your masterpiece then it is good for you not only for that time but for your whole life.Because if something difficult comes in your path anytime in your life than you think if I achieved that masterpiece than how can I am not gonna solve this problem.


Masterpiece = strength

But what if we did not achieve that masterpiece.Then we try our best to make that masterpiece.


Masterpiece = inspiration

Some people might think I just changed word “aim” to a “masterpiece” and write this post.But that is not true.We set aim which we can achieve.But masterpiece is that thing we cannot even imagine of achieving or even making it our aim.But with our hard work and passion, we can achieve it or become close to achieving it.

So we talked a lot of things about masterpiece but what if I say your itself a masterpiece.I said that line it is because we all are unique in ourself, no one is like any of us.We just have to dig that masterpiece which is buried inside us.And put it in the frame and show it to the world.

So after all these, in the end, we get,

“Ordinary masterpiece is for everyone no matter who you are whether you are poor or rich, male or female, kid or adult.The process of making an ordinary masterpiece is also so great that itself process becomes a masterpiece.This ordinary masterpiece always becomes good if you think of great.This masterpiece is not to show off to others it is for our self-satisfaction and happiness.It is not always necessary to see this ordinary masterpiece sometime we only feel about it.This is not for others it is for yourself.This ordinary masterpiece gives us strength and inspiration in our life to do hard work in order to make a masterpiece of a lifetime”.

So now get up and make your own masterpiece.

Ancient World Trending

Hello!!! everyone, today we live in two world one is our real world and other is a virtual world.

These both worlds seem sometimes exactly same so sometimes it appears completely different.But in the end, if we look carefully than these both worlds are same.Because we build the virtual world by taking inspiration or ideas from the real world.

But what if I say that ancient world is also connected to our virtual world than what you say?

You say I am kidding.


But I am not.

So let’s try to find similarities between today’s virtual world and the ancient world.

These virtual worlds have its own dictionary of words and today we are gonna open that dictionary picks a word and with the help of that word we are gonna build a bridge between the virtual world and ancient world.And that word is “trending”.

But what is trend means?

a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

But I don’t think we wanted that definition.Do we?

A trending topic is a subject that experiences a surge in popularity on one or more platforms for a limited duration of time.

Yes, that’s what we are looking for.

Trending things are everywhere.Trending person or topic gets public attention, media attention, celebrity attention, money in short if you are trending you are on top of the world.

Some people think that trending only exhibits in this virtual world.

No, that’s not true trending also exist in an ancient time when there is king, queen, wars with swords, kingdom, no electricity, no internet, slaves, chariot etc in short hundreds of year ago.

In the virtual world, trending means your on top of the world same whereas in trending in the ancient world means you’re a hot topic of the kingdom.

People do everything in today’s world to be trending.Just like in ancient time.So let’s take a look that how trending is connected in the virtual and ancient world.

Hashtags: Internet so-called expert say that if you want to be trending in the virtual world than you have to put hashtags carefully like they cover your whole topic.And these hashtags should be very easy and catchy.

Just like that hashtags of the topic.Our body also has hashtags which people see.Which are our body language, clothes, appearance.If you want to be trending in the ancient world than you have to be tip-top from top to bottom.

Always focus on niche: if you want to be trending in the virtual world than always try to post on same topics don’t try to cover all things.Try to cover all things on one topic.

Exactly like that if you want to be trending in the ancient world than don’t try to become singer, painter, comedian at one time.Pick the one talent which you are good at it and try to polish it.And always do that.

Post more often: If you want to be trending in the virtual world than you have to post more.Just like that if you want to be trending in the ancient world than you have to perform in every once and while.

Thumbnail: a thumbnail of our post should be different, unique and stylish to make our post visited by more audience and to make it a trending.

Exactly like that our thumbnail of the body is our appearance.So in the ancient world, our appearance should be more stylish, unique and different.A good thumbnail also gives the impression of our topic.Just like that in ancient world if you want to be trending than your appearance should give the impression of your profession.

Don’t experiment: If you posted a roasting video and it gets an amazing response from the audience.Then it is advice that does not try to change your topic.Because if people came to see your roasting video and you posted a cooking video than they don’t like your cooking video.Because they came to see your roasting video and you lose your audience.Just like that in ancient time if you become popular in singing than don’t try to be a comedian.Because people came to see you singing not doing comedy.

Tags: In virtual world tags are summary of the post or things which are included in your post that shows what is your post is about.If your post is about making a pizza than it tags include food, cheese, sauce, dough, mozzarella, flour, in brief all ingredients of pizza, baked and many more tags. But tags should only reflect your post and should be related to your post.Don’t try to put everything in a tags like in this example of making pizza putting tags like fashion, love, wanderlust, humor etc.

Just like that in ancient world friends are our tags.If someone sees a friend of that person than they see that person personality in him.Because people became friends which have the same personality like them.So people in the ancient world make friends according to their personality.Just like tags, make more friends but related to our person personality.If you made a friend with a person which has bad quality than if people sees him with you than people also think you’re also degraded like him.

Advertisement: if you want to be in be trending you have to promote yourself.In the virtual world there are many ways of advertisement like post about your content on different social media, sending a message to people, give money to a popular person to promote your content.

Just like that people in ancient time promote themselves by using drums, by making a rally on an elephant and by appointing messenger who would go to people personal and advertise about them.

Engage with the audience: If you want that you have views on your post and viewers come regularly to see your video then you have to engage with the audience on a personal level.

And if you want to be in trend in the ancient world than you have to wander in the kingdom.So people notice you more often and always try to engage with them so you will always be the hot topic of the kingdom.

If you follow all above instruction than you definitely became trending in any world.If you become trending in the virtual world than you get money, name, fame etc.

And if you are trending in the ancient world than the whole kingdom wanted to meet you even king and queen.You get a call from royal family if you are trending or hot topic of a town.And even if the king is happy with you he can marry his daughter with you.

In both worlds, if you do something bad then also you became trending.In the virtual world if you do something bad then you receive a negative comments.

Whereas if you do something bad in the ancient world than you get hard punishment but you will be trending and that’s what matters, right.

Just like today one day you are trending so next day someone else is trending.Exactly this happened in the ancient world someday one singer is a hot topic of the kingdom so another day some painter.

But in the end, the question arises why I write this post?

My main motive of writing this article is that to build a road, a new perceptive because people nowadays say that these internet has ruined people minds because every one of us wants to be famous and I say there is nothing wrong with it.Everyone should dream because if you dare to dream big than you try to achieve it.

And if we take a look at the ancient world than we see people also try to be famous in ancient world also.Every time everyone wants to be famous.Because it is nature of human to want to become famous among others.The only difference is that now we have a lot of platforms to be successful whereas in olden days people don’t have many options.

But one thing is also true in that race of being famous we have lost our peace and self-respect we are doing everything in order to achieve that tag of trending.

We just have to improve the definition of trending with little changes and that is being popular with peace and self-respect.There is nothing wrong with being famous.We have to be famous in the virtual world while living in peace and with self-respect in the real world.

So in the end,

Be trending, live trending, become trending, in any world.

Peace Is Dangerous

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about peace but with a different perception.We living being is always struggling to find peace we do anything to achieve peace.We try to find peace in everything.First, we think that peace is in good grades during our school life, so we study very hard to achieve that peace but we cannot find it there so we move on.

Then we think peace is in money during our professional life so we run after that peace but we cannot even achieve it there.

Then we think peace is in life partner so we search for them.And when we became older we try to find peace in charity, prayers or worshipping God.

In this whole process we really never achieved peace so we think after death we are gonna achieve peace.So what is that peace we searching for it everywhere? From our birth to death.

a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.

So can we ever achieve that state when there is no war?I don’t think so, because if we ever achieve that.Then we stop searching for peace everywhere and try to live with it.

There is always war is going on in our head.And it is also that war in which we think peace is in money, study, loved one or in god.

I say peace is in everything if we really wanted.But today we are not talking about how to attain that peace I am talking about peace is dangerous.

Yup, you’re thinking what I am trying to say?.

I am just trying to say that peace is dangerous because in order to achieve that peace we struggle our whole life, sometimes we do that, so sometimes we do that in hope to achieve peace.

We cannot stop running in our life in order to achieve that.But you people say we never run after peace we run after grades, money, loved ones, luxury, wealth etc.

Yup, exactly why you run after this things?.Because you feel peace when you achieve these things.You don’t even know about it.But, in the end, we all are struggling to find peace whether you believe it or not.

For example, you always try to make more bucks than your earning today.But why are you trying to make more money? it is because you feel that I am gonna in peace state when I have a lot of money.But you never achieve it even when you have a lot of money.So you move on and try to find peace somewhere else.

You people are thinking that it is an exact same like finding the happiness I just changed the word from happiness to peace.No, we can find happiness because happiness is for short span and we also achieve that but after some, it fades away whereas if you achieve that peace than it stays with you.

And let’s again assume that you have achieved that peace and if you don’t know anything about that peace first, then it might ruin your mind.

You are thinking what nonsense I am speaking? but first just let me hear out.

Your brain always struggle with the war of what is wrong? and what is right?.And suddenly that war which is going in your head stops.what you feel when suddenly a thing stops which you are so connected with it from your birth ends.And your brain feels free and light.Then it might again send you to the wrong direction even when you have that achieved that peace now you can’t deal with it.

And let again assume that we have achieved that peace, we get used to it.Then again one thought come in our mind and it completely destroys our peace and that thought is what if one day our peace is destroyed?

People say if you achieve that state of mind where the war ends.Then how can war again start over only on one thought?But the war has ended but our brain did never stop functioning.We always have thoughts in our brain.When your in that peace then you love that peace more than anything else in your life and we might also have fear of losing that peace.Due to this fear, our peace of mind ended.

I think peace is that weapon which helps us from this harsh world.If we use that weapon correctly than we can acquire the whole world. But if we don’t know how to use that weapon than we can even kill ourself.

Peace is like medicine just like medicine only effect on when we take proper doge.If we take more than doge then it has a side-effect on our body.But it doesn’t mean medicine is meant to harm us.It is made to cure us but because of our stupidity, we have to suffer from its side effects.Just like that peace is dangerous when you don’t use it properly but if you use it in the right way then you never wanted to leave that peace.

Construction & destruction is in peace take what you to want.