Human Body Inc.

Hello!!! Everyone, today there is a trend going on which is “everyone is starting their own company”.People are leaving their dream job to start a company of their own.

“The key to start a company and to make it successful is a strategy, hard work, and patience”.But after having all these things some people don’t get success.Because competition is very high, no matter what type of company you start.You really need some unique factor to make a company successful.

But according to me, we all have our own company before even we take birth.And this company stays with us until our death.

No, I am not talking about babies of rich people who born with a golden spoon.And whose parents start a company with their baby name even before their birth.To show the richness of there family to the world.

I am talking about normal people like us.We all have a company and this company itself work like some big multinational company and that company is our “human body”.So let’s see how a company or our human body work.

Before starting a company first, we planned that how we are gonna start a company.And what type of company we are gonna start.We plan everything from fundraising to the place where we are gonna start a company.And what type of strategies we need to make the company successful.

And if we take a closer look than we are gonna also find that all the planning we do before starting a company.Exactly same planning parents do before planning a child.Like, how much money is needed for the hospital bills, food, clothing when that baby comes to the world.And also like, we search for the land where we are gonna start the company.Parents also search that which room in the house is gonna be that baby’s room.So that baby is also gonna make fast progress like any other multinational company.

The most important thing to start the company and to run it properly is money.You can raise the money in the fundraiser event or you can even take a loan.

Exactly like that our body also needs food like the company needs money to run properly.So for “our human body company food is money“.

Now consider our company is started.And every company has some positions or titles.So if our human body is also company than our human body also has these company titles.So now Let’s take a look at some of the important company titles.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):-

“A CEO is a highest-ranking person in a company.CEO in the company is responsible for taking important decision for the company”.

Our body also has CEO which is our brain.The all-important decision of our body is taken by our brain.In short, we can say that “we do everything according to our brain”.

Chief Operating Officer (COO):-

“COO of the company is charged with taking care of day to day activities.COO directly reports to CEO of the company”.

“Whereas COO of our human body is nerves”.Nerves are cells called neurons, which make up our nervous system.Nerves are specialized cells – they carry messages from one part of the body to another, as tiny electrical signals.These messages are also known as nerve impulses. Do you want to run? Your nerves will tell your leg muscles to move.

COO take care of day to day activities of the company.And nerves take care of day to day activity of our body.Just like the COO of the company directly reports to CEO.Exactly like that nerves directly give all reports of our human body to brain to make that move in function.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):-

“The CFO of the company is responsible for all financial deals of the company”.

As we discussed earlier that food is money for our human body company.So the financial matter of our body which is food is taken care by the “pancreas”.So the CFO of our human body company is a pancreas.Which helps in the digestion of food.Pancreas converts the food we eat into the fuel for our body cells.Pancreas also takes care of how much food we need to run our body properly.

Exactly like that, CFO of the company take care of how much money company needs to run properly.Or where should a company invest to get the maximum profit.

Chief Analytics Officer (CAO):-

“The main job of a chief analytics officer is to analyze all the data of the company that how the company is making progress”.

“Whereas CAO in our body is our eyes”.Whose main function is to look and collect data that how our human body company is performing.

Chief Communication Officer (CCO):-

“The chief communication officer is the head of communications, public relations, and public affairs in the company”.

And our body has a mouth which is responsible for communication on behalf of our whole body.So, “the mouth is our chief communication officer”.

Just like chief communication officer deal with the public.But the statement they pass is predetermined by the company or CEO.

Exactly like that our mouth is the one who communicates with others.But the words which are coming out of our mouth is made in our brain.

These are the some of the important company titles.But these are not the ones who run the company alone.The main thing “which runs the company is workforce which normal people do”.And these people are known as staff or employees of the company.

Similarly, if our company that is our human body want to do something or if we want to go somewhere.Then this work is done by our hand and feet.“So we can say that our hand and feet are the staff of our human body”.

Every company has a board of directors.And these board of directors has the ultimate power to take actions for the company.”They can even have the power to fire these corporate title holder persons”.Board of directors work for the supreme welfare of the company.

The board of director of our human body company is our heart.”The heart is that organ of our body which circulates the blood throughout the whole body”.Without heart, we cannot image to live exactly like that without a board of directors we cannot imagine a company to run properly.

Generally, all decision of the company is taken by CEO.Exactly like that maximum decision of our body is taken by our CEO which is our brain.”But if our heart does not find that decision appropriate.Then our heart can null and void that decision means stop ourself to do that.And the board of directors of the company also has the same power of making the decision of the CEO invalid”.

If the coordination between the CEO and board of directors of the company is not good, then that company suffer badly.

And if the heart and brain of our body do not work together.Then we are not gonna be able to make a right discussion for our body.

If any company goes public then, that company get registered in the stock market.

And when our company which is our human body takes birth.We also have to register our company which is us to the government agencies.

Maximum companies have shareholders.A shareholder of the company is that person or institution who owns a share of that company.”The percentage of share that person or institute has, that percentage of that company they own”.

Just like that our human body also has some shareholders which are our family.Because our family also has some rights over us.They don’t own us.”But they are with us in happy and sad moments of our life.They also feel happy, when we are happy and they also feel sad, when we are sad”.

“Exactly like that if a company makes a profit then, shareholder also make a profit and if company go in loss then, shareholder also has to suffer loss”.

Every company has to face several difficulties in order to survive.And one of the main difficulty which every company has to face in every once and while is that company staff go on strike.If a company make a rule and employees are not happy with it or if they want raise.Then they show there protest by an organizing a rally or they go on a strike.And sometimes they also do violence in order to make their demands fulfilled.

And if we do something which is not liked by our body.Than organs of our body also go on strike and which causes usdiseases”.

If organs of our body go on strike then, our body gets affected.And if employees of any company go on strike then, that company is affected.

To become successful both company and the human body has to survive all these difficulties.And if they survive it than both organs of human body and staff of company becomes happy and satisfied.

Now let’s imagine if any company is going in a loss.Then that company does not have money to pay his employees.Due which employees of that company slowly-slowly started quitting.

The same thing happens to our body if, we do not provide food to our body.And if we do so, then slowly-slowly we started to lose our energy.

And now if any company is closed.Then its board of members, corporate title holder persons, staff members, employees, in short everyone who works at that company seeks a new job at another company.

And if our company which Is our human body dies.Then we can also transplant our organs into another human body or into another company.

In the end,

I am just gonna say that our human body is also as valuable as any other multi-billion dollar company and even more valuable.So don’t take our human body for granted.

So make strategy, always work hard and keep patience.And after doing all these things, who knows maybe any company of yours is gonna be on the top of Forbes list.


Become Gravity

Hello!!! Everyone, today we are gonna talk about science.Science is very tricky subject some people love it.So some hate it.The people who love science then it is good for you.

But people who don’t love science let’s try to make you fall in love with science.So for those people who don’t love science let’s convert science into philosophy in this article.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy.Let’s give this an article a read, not for understanding philosophy but for the sake of science.

So if we are talking about science.So the people who love science say “science is in each and everything”.True, but we cannot talk about each and everything in this post.So let’s talk about one of the most important scientific thing which is “gravity”.

What is gravity?

the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.

So if we are gonna go through its scientific thing.Then people who don’t like science are gonna stopping reading and otherwise, also we all have read about gravity in our student life.We all have studied its advantages and disadvantages.

But one thing which is not taught in our study is that if you want to be successful in life than you have to become gravity.

Yup, gravity, so let’s talk about keynotes about gravity.And how can becoming like gravity help us in becoming successful.

  • Constant force :-

Gravity is the “constant force” which keeps the thing in place.So if you became gravity than you are the one who keeps things in constant place in your life.Which things in your life are your “emotions”.Which is anger, joy, sadness, happiness.You cannot just release this emotions at any time.You have to take control of your emotions in your hands if you want to succeed in life.

And I am not saying that you don’t have to release this emotions for your whole life.In my opinion, “you just have to let them out at right time not any time”.

For eg, if you are getting ready for your big presentation today at the office.And you came to know that your son got failed in exams and if you get angry towards him at that time.

Then you lose your focus and it might also badly affect your presentation.And let’s assume that you get angry towards your son and scolded him badly.But after some time you are definitely gonna feel guilty after all he is your son.And your presentation also gets affected by that guilt present in your mind.

On the other hand, if you get your anger under control and try to remain calm at that time.And thinks that first go to the office, give a presentation nicely, and in the evening let’s talk to son about his studies.

If you keep that thinking in the mind and go to the office.Than your definitely gonna give a nice presentation.

And If your son sees that you go to the office without scolding him.Then he might also feel guilty that he led you down by getting failed in exams.And if that thought came in his mind than he will definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

And what if that guilty did not convince him to study hard?.Then you have a backup plan which is scolding him in the evening.And by the hangover of a cocktail of his guilt and your scolding, he is definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

  • Formation of group :-

Gravity is the main reason for stars to come together and form a galaxy.

So by becoming like gravity, you were able to form an organization of people and with the help of that organization.You can achieve things in your life which is beyond your imagination because “real power is in an organization”.

  • Gravitational potential energy :-

Gravity has “potential energy” due to which every object has “gravitational potential energy” because of where it is situated.In easy words, every object has energy because it is located in gravity.So with help of this energy when the roller coaster is started they directly came to the ground without any further requirement of energy.

So if we can provide that gravitational potential energy to our loved ones.And that gravitational potential energy for our loved ones is our “good qualities”. If we can provide them our good qualities because they are in our gravitational field.So they also became successful in life and by seeing this we have the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.”Because we always worry about our family more than ourself”.

  • Atmosphere :-

Gravity helps the earth in retains its atmosphere.Just like that if you if you have some qualities in you.Then you can become like gravity and with the help of that, you can choose people who you want to have in your life or in your atmosphere.

  • Muscle growth :-

Gravity helps our body in calcium production and muscle growth.So if we became like gravity than we were also able to develop good qualities in ourself.Just like that a force of gravity help in our body growth.So if we have a force in ourself to become successful than this force helps us in building good qualities and character.

Just like the light has darkness, sunshine has clouds, positive has negative, being gravity also has disadvantages.

  • Gravity force keeps us on earth by these we cannot be able to fly.Just like that if you have the gravity of bad habits than it stops you from flying in the sky of happiness and success.

  • Just like the earth has gravitation force moon and sun also have gravitation force.Which has an effect on earth due to which it causes tides in the ocean on a full moon.Because they have much stronger gravitational force than earth.Just like that if we do not have the strong gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might have tides of what to do? or what not do in our life? And if those tides occur in life than we were never gonna get successful in life.

And if we have the weaker gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might get attracted to bad things in our lives and started walking on the wrong path.

  • If we fall than we get hurt this happens because of gravity.So if you have the gravity of bad things in you.Then it stops you from becoming successful and causes you to fall and get hurts.

  • Gravity of earth attracts asteroids which causes harms to earth.So if you have strong gravity in yourself and become successful.Then you might attract a lot of people who wanted to harm you and your family.

  • Just like you have the gravity of qualities.Other people also have that gravity and if they have strong gravity than you.Then they might attract things from you which you love.

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages.It is up to us want we take from that thing.But in the end, we can say that gravity has more advantages than disadvantages.

So after all this, we have another definition of gravity which is:-

The ( force ) which is our good qualities that attracts a ( body ) which is success towards, the ( center of the earth ) which is us, or towards ( any other physical body having mass ) which is anything like happiness, joy etc.

After reading this article I think the people who hate science started thinking that science is not so bad after all.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy also came to know a little bit about philosophy.


Become Gravity.


Become loser.

Powerless Superheroes

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about the powers.Who doesn’t want power?Everyone wants power. Whether it is any kind of power physical, political, mind power etc.And what is power???.

“the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way”.

But that’s not what we are gonna about, we are gonna talk about superpowers.And the person who holds superpower and works for good causes are known as a superhero.I think today’s time is the best time to talk about a superhero.And how can we become like that?Most of the readers have seen any of the superhero movies in their life.But why we like superhero movie due to its breathtaking action, sexy heroines, for a huge set.

I don’t think so any of the reasons mentioned above is the reason why “we like superhero.We like a superhero because it always gives us hope.It always makes us feel special and then, after all, we all to become like a superhero.But if I say superhero is in already yourself.Everyone of us is a superhero.I know you listened to this thing thousands time before but I am gonna prove this to you”.

So just sit down and let’s talk about one by one of the superheroes and how we are like that?.Shall we

  • Superman: Clark kent an Alien, who he is the strongest man.He lifts buildings, saves people from trouble.We also have that power in ourself, first of all, he is alien.So we have to be alien-like him, to become a superhero like a superman and we are almost like alien to animals.So we can save animals in our daily life.

What happens if Superman flys blindly than buildings get destroyed, people get killed.And if we walk on the street without walking carefully than we can also kill hundred of ants, we can also destroy the home of insects.

  • Black widow: Natalia Alianovna Romanova an intelligent female spy who always try to protect S.H.I.E.L.D so what?.A normal girlfriend always spies on her boyfriend wherever he is gone.

A mother always protects her child no matter consequence just like Natasha try to protect S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Ironman: Anthony stark a billionaire, Philanthropist, genius, playboy.

So what? we are not a billionaire but we have money, we always tried to do philanthropy.We are genius and we can also build his suit.

And I know most of the readers have 2 0r 3 girlfriends.So

  • Batwoman: an expert burglar, specialized in martial arts, hand to hand combat always robs from rich and give to poor We all have that qualities within us we became burglar if we don’t have food to eat but we always try or think to help poor people.

  • Spiderman: peter parker a teenage boy who is bitten by a radioactive spider than develop qualities like spider precognitive spider-sense, climbing on the wall.So we can also develop this quality we all have precognitive we just have to activate it.People can climb on the wall through practice.

Peter is also shown struggling with teenage problems just like every normal teenager.

These all superheroes have many qualities but there is one quality which every one of them possesses which is always doing good.And if we want to become like superheroes than we also must possess that quality.

But today we are powerless.We are a superhero without power.Because we cannot understand the meaning of power.We always take our body for granted but if we ask the blind person what superpower he wants he says the power of eyes.If we ask the deaf person what power he wants he is gonna say he wants hearing power and so on.

We always cry for things we don’t have.But there are people who want normal power as superpowers.Okay, let me ask you a question.If your any superhero than who is gonna be your biggest supervillain.Some say, Joker, some say Green Goblin, some say Magneto.

I say my biggest supervillain is ignorance.Ignorance of our power, ignorance of our quality, ignorance of not to help other people.

  • Clark Kent is also ignored about his power than his father’s memory gave him knowledge of his true power.
  • Bruce Wayne powers come to light from dark by Ra’s al Gul help ‘s and then he became Batman.

  • Oliver Queen became green arrow when the ignorance of his rich world end in the brutal jungle.

So if we look carefully than all superheroes once in their life overcome ignorance.Because ignorance kept us hide from our true power.So if you want to become like superhero than you have to overcome ignorance

And if I ask you what is gonna be your biggest superpower if you want to become any superhero.Than Some say flying, some say running fast, some say time traveling.But I want only one superhero power if you have that power than you have the power of every superhero and that power is “self-determination”.Every superhero has that.

  • Whether it is bruce banner who control himself from hulk by self determination.Or

  • Logan or Wolverine who always determined to help other despite always getting hurt by loved one.Or

  • Captain America who always self-determined to walk on the right path.

“Because by self-determination you can overcome every problem in your life.Without self-determination you are nothing”.

So if you want to become superhero then remove clouds of ignorance and let sunshine of self-determination upon you.So

“Now go and suit up”.

1/2 Comparison

Hello!! everyone today we are gonna talks about the comparison.This word is a ‘nightmare’ for many people.Some people think that comparison brings out best in you.And some say it destroys you.It has both positive and negative impact.but I say if you compare truly than in end you’re the one who seems happy, confused?? So continue reading, your gonna find your answer.

What is comparison???.

a consideration or estimate of the similarities or dissimilarities between two things or people.

We human being always believe in comparison.We do a comparison in every aspect of our life.We compare ourself to everyone.Everyone means everyone.We compare ourself to male, female, non-living being, living being, alien, everyone.Some common example of comparison are:-

We compare are ourself to movie star.We say we both are of same age, we look equally, we work same hours per day.But why he makes more money than me.Why he has a more hot wife than me why he has a castle and I have a hut.

Cool, You consider this as a comparison.But that is not what comparison means.The comparison should be done in all aspect. But ‘we all only compare negative of our life to positive of other people life’.

Okay, let’s come to that example again.We say if we are both of same age then why he makes more money.But I say Age is not factored to make money.Even some kids make more money than us.Then we say we both work same hours per day than why he earns more money.He earns more money because he put a lot of money first in the movie and then he earns money.Movie making is risky business but he takes the risk.But we put less money in our business or do less work and compare our paycheck.

We compare only good things.Why don’t we compare to rest of things like he has gone to jail or he is a characterless person.On the other hand, I lived an honorable life in society.But if we again compare things we say if he goes to jail than he gets bail in hours and if we go to jail than we have to live months in jail because of this corrupt system.

I am just saying that we compare ourself to some things.But comparison means doing a comparison of everything from head to nail of foot thumb.

You cannot compare one half of coin you have to compare both if you really want a comparison.But we compare ourself not to human beings we compare ourself to animals also.
We say a leopard can run fast but I cannot run that fast.But have you ever considers god creates him to run fast so that he can catch his prey but we don’t have to.Because we have mind a that leopard doesn’t have.And with the help of that mind, we can make our own food but a leopard can’t.

We compare ourself not just to living being we compare ourself to the machine also and think how much these robots can lift the weight but I cannot lift half of that weight.But I think why you have to lift the weight you created that robot to lift weight so you do not have to.But you have a mind, you created him but robot cannot create you.

We compare ourself to not only other we compare ourself to ourself.For example, if we did not go to college due to financial problems and have to do work instead of studying but our financial problems are still there.So what we say if I had gone to college my financial situation is different today but how is that possible if you have better financial situation than you have gone to college in the first place we cannot compare ourself to the whole thing.We always compare ourself to some part of that situation.

Most common example of comparison is about grades of children among parents we think another child is better than our child.But what if another child has a sharp mind he learns things in seconds and for the same thing our child has to sit hours.But we cannot appreciate his dedication we criticize his grades.

What if that other child sits an hour to study what can he do but he cannot sit hours to study.He sat minutes and earn a good grade and we appreciate him but I think we have to also criticize him for his less dedication to work .if you want to compare fully.

We even compare ourself to ourself in thoughts we thoughts if that happens then I became that .Than how happy I am??.

But we cannot compare ourself to poor people and think I have this thing in life that these people don’t have but we always want good.That’s why we are a human being.”I think comparison occurs when we want everything when we became selfish than we compare our life to others”.
But I don’t believe in comparison.Because If we look at synonyms of comparison than we have.
Allegory, parallel, balance
But meaning of

  • Allegory: a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.
  • Parallel: side by side and having the same distance continuously between them.
  • Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

And what is the meaning of comparison.

  • a consideration or estimate of the similarities and dissimilarities between two things or people.

So after all these things what we get that synonyms of comparison does not have same meaning we cannot even compare the meaning of synonyms of comparison because each has a different meaning at the different time.So how can we compare our life, leave life we cannot even compare seconds because seconds that are gone cannot return in future.
Some say if you do comparison than you can get depressed and sad but I say if you do a proper comparison then you always come out happy.

Because Everyone and everything is unique don’t compare.Everyone has some unique qualities and everyone has some weakness.No one is perfect and if you want to do the comparison then compare in a whole way.
“Because half comparison is more dangerous than the comparison”.