Human Body Inc.

Hello!!! Everyone, today there is a trend going on which is “everyone is starting their own company”.People are leaving their dream job to start a company of their own.

“The key to start a company and to make it successful is a strategy, hard work, and patience”.But after having all these things some people don’t get success.Because competition is very high, no matter what type of company you start.You really need some unique factor to make a company successful.

But according to me, we all have our own company before even we take birth.And this company stays with us until our death.

No, I am not talking about babies of rich people who born with a golden spoon.And whose parents start a company with their baby name even before their birth.To show the richness of there family to the world.

I am talking about normal people like us.We all have a company and this company itself work like some big multinational company and that company is our “human body”.So let’s see how a company or our human body work.

Before starting a company first, we planned that how we are gonna start a company.And what type of company we are gonna start.We plan everything from fundraising to the place where we are gonna start a company.And what type of strategies we need to make the company successful.

And if we take a closer look than we are gonna also find that all the planning we do before starting a company.Exactly same planning parents do before planning a child.Like, how much money is needed for the hospital bills, food, clothing when that baby comes to the world.And also like, we search for the land where we are gonna start the company.Parents also search that which room in the house is gonna be that baby’s room.So that baby is also gonna make fast progress like any other multinational company.

The most important thing to start the company and to run it properly is money.You can raise the money in the fundraiser event or you can even take a loan.

Exactly like that our body also needs food like the company needs money to run properly.So for “our human body company food is money“.

Now consider our company is started.And every company has some positions or titles.So if our human body is also company than our human body also has these company titles.So now Let’s take a look at some of the important company titles.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):-

“A CEO is a highest-ranking person in a company.CEO in the company is responsible for taking important decision for the company”.

Our body also has CEO which is our brain.The all-important decision of our body is taken by our brain.In short, we can say that “we do everything according to our brain”.

Chief Operating Officer (COO):-

“COO of the company is charged with taking care of day to day activities.COO directly reports to CEO of the company”.

“Whereas COO of our human body is nerves”.Nerves are cells called neurons, which make up our nervous system.Nerves are specialized cells – they carry messages from one part of the body to another, as tiny electrical signals.These messages are also known as nerve impulses. Do you want to run? Your nerves will tell your leg muscles to move.

COO take care of day to day activities of the company.And nerves take care of day to day activity of our body.Just like the COO of the company directly reports to CEO.Exactly like that nerves directly give all reports of our human body to brain to make that move in function.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):-

“The CFO of the company is responsible for all financial deals of the company”.

As we discussed earlier that food is money for our human body company.So the financial matter of our body which is food is taken care by the “pancreas”.So the CFO of our human body company is a pancreas.Which helps in the digestion of food.Pancreas converts the food we eat into the fuel for our body cells.Pancreas also takes care of how much food we need to run our body properly.

Exactly like that, CFO of the company take care of how much money company needs to run properly.Or where should a company invest to get the maximum profit.

Chief Analytics Officer (CAO):-

“The main job of a chief analytics officer is to analyze all the data of the company that how the company is making progress”.

“Whereas CAO in our body is our eyes”.Whose main function is to look and collect data that how our human body company is performing.

Chief Communication Officer (CCO):-

“The chief communication officer is the head of communications, public relations, and public affairs in the company”.

And our body has a mouth which is responsible for communication on behalf of our whole body.So, “the mouth is our chief communication officer”.

Just like chief communication officer deal with the public.But the statement they pass is predetermined by the company or CEO.

Exactly like that our mouth is the one who communicates with others.But the words which are coming out of our mouth is made in our brain.

These are the some of the important company titles.But these are not the ones who run the company alone.The main thing “which runs the company is workforce which normal people do”.And these people are known as staff or employees of the company.

Similarly, if our company that is our human body want to do something or if we want to go somewhere.Then this work is done by our hand and feet.“So we can say that our hand and feet are the staff of our human body”.

Every company has a board of directors.And these board of directors has the ultimate power to take actions for the company.”They can even have the power to fire these corporate title holder persons”.Board of directors work for the supreme welfare of the company.

The board of director of our human body company is our heart.”The heart is that organ of our body which circulates the blood throughout the whole body”.Without heart, we cannot image to live exactly like that without a board of directors we cannot imagine a company to run properly.

Generally, all decision of the company is taken by CEO.Exactly like that maximum decision of our body is taken by our CEO which is our brain.”But if our heart does not find that decision appropriate.Then our heart can null and void that decision means stop ourself to do that.And the board of directors of the company also has the same power of making the decision of the CEO invalid”.

If the coordination between the CEO and board of directors of the company is not good, then that company suffer badly.

And if the heart and brain of our body do not work together.Then we are not gonna be able to make a right discussion for our body.

If any company goes public then, that company get registered in the stock market.

And when our company which is our human body takes birth.We also have to register our company which is us to the government agencies.

Maximum companies have shareholders.A shareholder of the company is that person or institution who owns a share of that company.”The percentage of share that person or institute has, that percentage of that company they own”.

Just like that our human body also has some shareholders which are our family.Because our family also has some rights over us.They don’t own us.”But they are with us in happy and sad moments of our life.They also feel happy, when we are happy and they also feel sad, when we are sad”.

“Exactly like that if a company makes a profit then, shareholder also make a profit and if company go in loss then, shareholder also has to suffer loss”.

Every company has to face several difficulties in order to survive.And one of the main difficulty which every company has to face in every once and while is that company staff go on strike.If a company make a rule and employees are not happy with it or if they want raise.Then they show there protest by an organizing a rally or they go on a strike.And sometimes they also do violence in order to make their demands fulfilled.

And if we do something which is not liked by our body.Than organs of our body also go on strike and which causes usdiseases”.

If organs of our body go on strike then, our body gets affected.And if employees of any company go on strike then, that company is affected.

To become successful both company and the human body has to survive all these difficulties.And if they survive it than both organs of human body and staff of company becomes happy and satisfied.

Now let’s imagine if any company is going in a loss.Then that company does not have money to pay his employees.Due which employees of that company slowly-slowly started quitting.

The same thing happens to our body if, we do not provide food to our body.And if we do so, then slowly-slowly we started to lose our energy.

And now if any company is closed.Then its board of members, corporate title holder persons, staff members, employees, in short everyone who works at that company seeks a new job at another company.

And if our company which Is our human body dies.Then we can also transplant our organs into another human body or into another company.

In the end,

I am just gonna say that our human body is also as valuable as any other multi-billion dollar company and even more valuable.So don’t take our human body for granted.

So make strategy, always work hard and keep patience.And after doing all these things, who knows maybe any company of yours is gonna be on the top of Forbes list.


Selfless Is Selfish

Hello!!! everyone, In this article, I am gonna try to ‘shaken‘ your thoughts.So if you want to be ‘shaken‘ than read this article.

Otherwise please go if you do not want a new perception of life and if you want.Come, the path is ready.So let’s go together,

“We always try to become ‘good’ whether it is inside of us or outside”.We can become good on the outside by applying makeup on our face, we can improve our body by doing gym, or eating healthy food.

But that’s not enough.We also wanted to improve inside of us like our brain.We can improve the capacity of our brain by doing mental exercises.

But only increasing our mental capabilities is not improving ourself on inside.To really improve ourself we have to feel good inside and how can we feel that?.

By doing good for others.Yup, that’s right by doing a selfless act.

But actually what is selfless act???

concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own is called selfless act.

Everyone tries to do this selfless act.Even the biggest evil person in his whole life at least one time he tries to do something selfless.Leave humans, even animals are selfless.They always love their owners without any exception of the prize.

But what if I say,

“No deed in this world is selfless”.

Yup, I know your thinking I am a very lonely writer who does not have someone to be loved or somebody to give love.And who does not care for anybody.So how I know the meaning of selfless?

But I say relax guys.First, give me a chance to explain myself that why I am saying that no deed is selfless.

I am saying like that because we are made like that.We are only made to improve ourself, not others.If we help someone there is definitely gonna be our own benefit is behind it.Whether we know it or not.

Our brain is both constructive and destructive but we are only using it’s the least capacity.Sometimes we do things without even knowing why we are doing these things.

For example:-

If we gave some bucks to charity.Then this is called selfless act.Right?

But I think we gave our money to charity because there are two reasons:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

In the first scenario, we feel good that we have given money for good cause.Then how it became a selfless act, in this case, you’re giving money to feel good about yourself.

In the second scenario if you are giving money to charity.Then you think if I do something good than something good will happen to me that’s what we have been taught.So we are doing this in hope to help ourself.

But some people not agree with my theory.As usual, these people say “they do charity not to feel good nor to expect good” than why you do I say?

As I mentioned earlier our brain is both constructive and destructive.We do all things according to our brain.We humans cannot do anything without a purpose.”Sometimes you think you know purpose sometimes you don’t”.

The people who say they do charity just to do charity either they are lying or they truly don’t know why they are doing.But in the corner of their brain, they know why there are doing.They just keep dust on that secret.

Alright, let’s take another example:-

People say parents made selfless sacrifices for their children.But first of all, if they are their own children then how sacrifices they make are selfless?.It is our quality to do good for our loved ones but that is not a selfless act.I say it is a selfish act.Because selfish act means:-

lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

And in this case, parents did sacrifice for their own kids.So that they became a good person and successful in life.And if they became a good person and successful in life.In the end, parents are the one who is celebrating more than kids.So how cannot be its one’s own personal profit.

But what if we help a stranger.Then again we do these for two things:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

People say the true statue of the selfish act is animals.But I say no, they are not.They do anything whether it is to love you or they play with yourself.Because either they want something from you or they love you.

If they want anything from you whether it is food, love, shelter.Then how it is selfless? And if they love you then it is there own personal profit because everyone always care about their loved ones.

But I think selfish acts are better than selfless.Because in the selfless act you do not care much.But in the selfish act, you go to the extreme to do something.

For example:-

The soldiers of our nation fight for ourselves.They sacrifice their comfort, their family love for ourselves, even they sacrifice their own life for us.So they are selfish for other peoples.

But what if they became selfless and think why I care about other peoples life?.Then what will happen?

So I can say that I want to become selfish like that soldier.Or I want to become selfish like that fireman who is selfish about saving people by taking danger on his own life.Or I want to become selfish like that animal who can do whatever it takes to save his master if he is in danger.

“I say being selfish is more important than being selfless”.

Because if our family become selfless for us.Then they don’t go ‘extreme’ for us.But if they are selfish then, they put their maximum effort to make ourself ‘successful’.

I say being selfless is like that ‘water particles’ on our car’s windshield in the rainy season just like that water particles cannot allow ourself to look at the world.Exactly like that being selfless cannot allow ourself to look at the true meaning of the word the ‘selfish’.

If you think your selfless than it’s for your own good.But if you want to make a world better place than you have to become selfish for the world.

If you want to make your loved ones successful, then become selfish for your loved ones.If you want to make environment pollution free, then become selfish for the environment.If you want to save animals then, become selfish for animals.

“I say being selfish is the beautiful gift.If We use it in a positive way, then we can make a great future for our childrens and for ourself”.

But we have to take care of one thing which is if you become selfish.Than became selfish like that you don’t hurt anyone.

In the end, I am gonna say one thing which is “become selfish for the loved ones and become selfless for the people who you hate”.

If you do that then you push your limits for the people who you love or for the people your selfish.And if you became selfless for the people you hate than you don’t care about them and if you don’t care about them than you don’t want to hurt them.Because if we do not care about something then we nor want good or bad for that thing.So,

Became selfish in a selfless way”

Mad = ???

Hello!!! Everyone, “it is said that everyone in this whole world is different and unique.No one is like other.Everyone has unique, different, and special thinking and personality”.

But in general “that thinking is considered to be normal which is maximum people have”.But if every one of us is different and unique than how come our thinking should be same?

In this world, “everyone wants to have different thinking but they also want there thinking should match people’s view otherwise your gonna be called mad in society”.

So what is mad?

mentally ill; insane.

But if we look carefully then we also get one more definition of mad.

very enthusiastic about someone or something is also known as mad.

But how can this is possible that one word has two different meanings?

Exactly that’s what I am trying to say that even “mad” word has two different meaning than why not we people have different opinions or approach towards life.

But some readers might be thinking that different thinking is not classified under the definition of being mad.But according to me if you have a different perception or thinking than people call you mad.If your thinking does not match with society people’s thinking than you will be declared as mad.

For eg in holidays if a student whose exams have happened and he get passed away with good grades.But he has not learned or understood one topic clearly so he is still studying that topic.So we say he is mad why? it is because his exams have passed away and he is still studying for an old topic.But what if in his holidays he study’s for his next class so we say he is very intelligent and hardworking boy.

But actually, the meaning of study is learning things not earning grades.But today we look at grades, not how much student has learned.And if a student believes in learning not in grades so we call him mad.Why? it is because he has different thinking than normal people.


The thing which we cannot understand we called it as mad.

Okay now let’s take another example:
If a person who is in the corporate job who is earning good money but he has a dream of becoming an actor but he is also not very good looking.Even so, he leaves his job and gives a shot to an acting career than people say he is out of his mind why because he left his job for a career which has less success rate as compared to other professions.

But if you look carefully than acting does not have anything related to looking and what if he earned enough money from his job and then he leaves it.


if your dreamer than people calls you mad.

Again if you are that type person who is always ready to help others without even taking care of your own loss than society calls you mad.For eg, if you see a poor man injured on the road and you take him to the hospital and you happily paid his bills because he does not have any money.But if you tell this incident to peoples than they say you are mad by spending money of your hard work on saving a stranger life.


Help others and becomes mad in this world.

By this, we can say that In this, so-called normal people’s society money is more important than someone’s life.

Let’s take one more example:
Consider a good looking girl fell in love with not so good looking boy and wants to marry him than people say why are you marrying that ugly person? You can get much more handsome boy than him.Are you out of your mind?

But I say being good looking does not have any connection to fall in love.And if it has a connection than how come blind people fall in love? because they have never seen their special one in their whole life.


If you’re in true love than you are mad.

But some people are thinking I am just making this article long with nonsense points.

So now let’s talk about the real mad person.Who has big nails, dirty clothing, bang his head every second, always abuses, try to hurt himself and others.

So according to you, he is proper mad.Right? And if we ask that mad person who is mad than he says we are who is mad? but in my opinion, no one is not mad.

Alright, answer me one thing why we do anything in our life whether it is eating, running, working, sleeping, in short, every activity of our life.It is because we like doing it.We cannot do anything without our desire.Sometimes we know what is our desire and so sometimes we don’t.

That mad person also does all these so-called mad activities because he desires to that and by doing that he feels happy.And we are just saying that person is mad because he is not successful what if he has same qualities like banging his head, abusing others, wearing dirty clothes but he has a lot of money and he is successful than we say he might feel happy living like this.


A mad person is only mad when he is poor.

But some say science has proved that the person “who is mad has mental instability”.But what science are you talking about?.Science changes its definition every day.In olden times can you imagine we were able to fly in the sky but now we are doing it with the help of airplanes.So after some time “if science itself proves that a mad person is more intelligent than normal peoples”.so don’t get surprised.

Some people agree with me on this.They say you have to be mad to do something unique in this world but again, sorry I do not agree with you I am not saying that being mad is good I am just saying “that it is a way of our thinking to see things”.

Nowadays it is in a fashion that everyone calls himself mad and consider it a compliment but at the end, the meaning of mad person is having a mental illness.

I am just saying that no one in this world is mad.Everyone is unique in there own way sometimes we understand so sometimes we don’t.

But in today’s modern world if we call someone normal person than he takes it as offensive that how can you call someone normal?.They say everyone is unique and different.

And if we call someone different than they again say what quality of mad or different does I possess.I do each and every activity which every normal person do.

So at the end what we want?

We just wanted to do things which we like but we cannot do that thing.”Which is because of what people say in society, family pressure, our responsibilities and due to many more factors”.

And if some person does things according to what they want.Then we say they are mad because we cannot do things which we want.So how can they do it? Actually, we are jealous of them.And that jealous closes the door of our thinking and understanding and we declare them as mad.

But if you think being mad is subject of proud and happy.Then just go take a look at the mental hospital.Your gonna find out yourself what is being a mad person means.

The main problem Is that today we are so busy in our routine life that we cannot see changes and if we see something different no matter which is good or bad than we label it as “mad”.

According to me, no one is mad everyone has there own thinking.So stopping judging other people and try to live your life.

And if you believe in that saying which says “every genius in the world is sometimes called mad by normal people”.Than become mad but on one condition that you have to leave your impact on society.There are some people who in this process of achieving tag of mad which according to them is unique.They destroy their normal life.And if they cannot achieve anything after that.They became frustrated and mentally ill.

So in the end,

We all are genius.
We all are stupid.
We all are intelligent.
We all are mad.
We all are good.
We all are bad.
We all are human.
We all are mad.

Ancient World Trending

Hello!!! everyone, today we live in two world one is our real world and other is a virtual world.

These both worlds seem sometimes exactly same so sometimes it appears completely different.But in the end, if we look carefully than these both worlds are same.Because we build the virtual world by taking inspiration or ideas from the real world.

But what if I say that ancient world is also connected to our virtual world than what you say?

You say I am kidding.


But I am not.

So let’s try to find similarities between today’s virtual world and the ancient world.

These virtual worlds have its own dictionary of words and today we are gonna open that dictionary picks a word and with the help of that word we are gonna build a bridge between the virtual world and ancient world.And that word is “trending”.

But what is trend means?

a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

But I don’t think we wanted that definition.Do we?

A trending topic is a subject that experiences a surge in popularity on one or more platforms for a limited duration of time.

Yes, that’s what we are looking for.

Trending things are everywhere.Trending person or topic gets public attention, media attention, celebrity attention, money in short if you are trending you are on top of the world.

Some people think that trending only exhibits in this virtual world.

No, that’s not true trending also exist in an ancient time when there is king, queen, wars with swords, kingdom, no electricity, no internet, slaves, chariot etc in short hundreds of year ago.

In the virtual world, trending means your on top of the world same whereas in trending in the ancient world means you’re a hot topic of the kingdom.

People do everything in today’s world to be trending.Just like in ancient time.So let’s take a look that how trending is connected in the virtual and ancient world.

Hashtags: Internet so-called expert say that if you want to be trending in the virtual world than you have to put hashtags carefully like they cover your whole topic.And these hashtags should be very easy and catchy.

Just like that hashtags of the topic.Our body also has hashtags which people see.Which are our body language, clothes, appearance.If you want to be trending in the ancient world than you have to be tip-top from top to bottom.

Always focus on niche: if you want to be trending in the virtual world than always try to post on same topics don’t try to cover all things.Try to cover all things on one topic.

Exactly like that if you want to be trending in the ancient world than don’t try to become singer, painter, comedian at one time.Pick the one talent which you are good at it and try to polish it.And always do that.

Post more often: If you want to be trending in the virtual world than you have to post more.Just like that if you want to be trending in the ancient world than you have to perform in every once and while.

Thumbnail: a thumbnail of our post should be different, unique and stylish to make our post visited by more audience and to make it a trending.

Exactly like that our thumbnail of the body is our appearance.So in the ancient world, our appearance should be more stylish, unique and different.A good thumbnail also gives the impression of our topic.Just like that in ancient world if you want to be trending than your appearance should give the impression of your profession.

Don’t experiment: If you posted a roasting video and it gets an amazing response from the audience.Then it is advice that does not try to change your topic.Because if people came to see your roasting video and you posted a cooking video than they don’t like your cooking video.Because they came to see your roasting video and you lose your audience.Just like that in ancient time if you become popular in singing than don’t try to be a comedian.Because people came to see you singing not doing comedy.

Tags: In virtual world tags are summary of the post or things which are included in your post that shows what is your post is about.If your post is about making a pizza than it tags include food, cheese, sauce, dough, mozzarella, flour, in brief all ingredients of pizza, baked and many more tags. But tags should only reflect your post and should be related to your post.Don’t try to put everything in a tags like in this example of making pizza putting tags like fashion, love, wanderlust, humor etc.

Just like that in ancient world friends are our tags.If someone sees a friend of that person than they see that person personality in him.Because people became friends which have the same personality like them.So people in the ancient world make friends according to their personality.Just like tags, make more friends but related to our person personality.If you made a friend with a person which has bad quality than if people sees him with you than people also think you’re also degraded like him.

Advertisement: if you want to be in be trending you have to promote yourself.In the virtual world there are many ways of advertisement like post about your content on different social media, sending a message to people, give money to a popular person to promote your content.

Just like that people in ancient time promote themselves by using drums, by making a rally on an elephant and by appointing messenger who would go to people personal and advertise about them.

Engage with the audience: If you want that you have views on your post and viewers come regularly to see your video then you have to engage with the audience on a personal level.

And if you want to be in trend in the ancient world than you have to wander in the kingdom.So people notice you more often and always try to engage with them so you will always be the hot topic of the kingdom.

If you follow all above instruction than you definitely became trending in any world.If you become trending in the virtual world than you get money, name, fame etc.

And if you are trending in the ancient world than the whole kingdom wanted to meet you even king and queen.You get a call from royal family if you are trending or hot topic of a town.And even if the king is happy with you he can marry his daughter with you.

In both worlds, if you do something bad then also you became trending.In the virtual world if you do something bad then you receive a negative comments.

Whereas if you do something bad in the ancient world than you get hard punishment but you will be trending and that’s what matters, right.

Just like today one day you are trending so next day someone else is trending.Exactly this happened in the ancient world someday one singer is a hot topic of the kingdom so another day some painter.

But in the end, the question arises why I write this post?

My main motive of writing this article is that to build a road, a new perceptive because people nowadays say that these internet has ruined people minds because every one of us wants to be famous and I say there is nothing wrong with it.Everyone should dream because if you dare to dream big than you try to achieve it.

And if we take a look at the ancient world than we see people also try to be famous in ancient world also.Every time everyone wants to be famous.Because it is nature of human to want to become famous among others.The only difference is that now we have a lot of platforms to be successful whereas in olden days people don’t have many options.

But one thing is also true in that race of being famous we have lost our peace and self-respect we are doing everything in order to achieve that tag of trending.

We just have to improve the definition of trending with little changes and that is being popular with peace and self-respect.There is nothing wrong with being famous.We have to be famous in the virtual world while living in peace and with self-respect in the real world.

So in the end,

Be trending, live trending, become trending, in any world.

The Sense Of Humor Is Common Sense

Hello!!!, everyone 🙏 there is saying in the modern world that common sense is not very common nowadays.But I don’t know anything about it because I don’t have any common sense 😑.But what I do know is that humor is common nowadays.

Some years ago there is place and time for everything and everyone.”Everyone play certain role in society.But nowadays people try to do every person job”.But you don’t have a lot of time to read about everything because you also have a lot of things to do.Right? So today we are gonna only talk about humor or comedy.

So what is humor?

the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.

Some time ago if you’re feeling sad, depressed 😦 or you wanted to have good laugh then you go to comedy clubs, watch comedy genre tv series or movies, read funny books etc.But nowadays humor is everywhere even the air bump on our face has humor.

Bad example?

I know 😫.

This article is gonna be tough for you.Why? You are gonna find out in some seconds.Continue reading.

So if humor is everywhere than it is a good thing.Right? Even doctors say laughter is the best medicine and laughter increases blood and help us in living a healthy life.And humor or comedy help us in laughing.But today comedy is making us cry 😭.What? don’t you believe me?

Haven’t you read my air bump in face example.Now you remember.You know what? Why that example is so bad because I tried to put humor in it.Despite being it does not need it.And by the end of the post, there is gonna be a river of tears from your eyes by reading my examples.So I am gonna say again “enjoy reading“😈.

Everyone nowadays is trying to be funny.Nowadays politician is presenting themselves as a comedian.They tell jokes.Today a serious presidential election looks like a comedy show in which presidential candidate is given mike and he does fantastic standup comedy.He tells a joke on people, rival party candidate.And in that show ohhh sorry election rally people laugh 😂, blow the whistle, had really good time just like comedy shows.

Nowadays in serious movies they also try a little spice of comedy, they try to add sarcasm.So these are those people who make brownies by adding red tomatoes in it and try to serve as french fries 😨.I know my example is just as ridiculous as that person who wanted to add humor in everything but I mentioned this earlier.So I am not gonna say sorry again 😒.

Nowadays humor or comedy can be found in anything.There is a new trend is going on in which people do a roast and call it funny. Doing roasting is not bad.I say everyone should do it.It increases our capacity and willingness to do more good work by criticism.But don’t call it funny because if someone set your home on fire and try to roast peanuts in that fire than you think this as funny.

I know my examples are getting worse 😤 as we are going long because I am trying to put humor in my every line.Just like you can see that if I am trying to be funny in every line than I am writing ridiculously.

Nowadays comedy also has a type.For example alternative comedy, blue comedy, dark comedy.These are not the name of chemical compounds.Believe me 😉.

Why am I trying to be sarcastic? Why? God, why? 😬

People now consider sarcasm as a comedy but sarcasm mean mocking someone.And it is not funny to mock someone.What if I mock you by saying that you’re read my ridiculous article and wasting your time.But I am not saying that.But if I say that than by doing so I am mocking you or myself? 😓

Even teachers in schools try to be funny.I don’t even know the student is studying to get a degree or presidential election candidate ticket.

I know my examples are today….yup but we earlier discussed it.So, enjoy 😎.

Even parents nowadays scold they’re a kid in a comic way that children even didn’t know whether they are encouraging them or scolding them.For example, if children were caught doing drugs than parents say wow what a wonderful act you’re doing there.You’re increasing our family respect.If by listening to this that child considers it as encouraging than if he is gonna directly ask parents for money like mom please give me money I wanted to get high today.Then what is gonna happen to that kid by his parents.By only imagining that it scares the hell out of me 😨.

People nowadays make fun of religions, people beliefs but that’s not cool.You believe that you’re the only boyfriend of your girl that’s your belief so your belief is really true, really.I don’t think so 😏.

Again I am truly sorry for that example.

Now a day comedy is everywhere so when I see a comedian act I don’t find it funny.

Humour is a special gift.Not everyone can do please don’t try to do it.

I am saying above the line for myself.So don’t take it as offensive.

After reading this article many people think I am lonely, sad, the 80-year-old person who hates even funny thing. But sorry to disappoint you I am not according to your imagination 😖.

Some readers might say in the comment section that I hate people adding comedy in everything because I can’t do it.Yup, you’re right because I cannot laugh at mocking someone or doing a roast of someone and I cannot add laugh in someone belief.

People nowadays always try to be funny.They never saw where they are? What peoples are doing there? What happens if I make a joke of someone here? They never care.The only thing which they care about is being funny.We use the sense of humor so much nowadays that it has become a common sense.

Just like every coin has two sides.Being always funny has more advantage than a disadvantage.We all know that.And I am in no need to explain that any further.

I am just trying to say that everything has time and place.And this also applies to humor and you can feel it after reading my examples today😉 .After making you cry with my examples I am also feeling sad so,

Let’s go to a presidential election rally.

Real World Meme

Hello!!! everyone, today we live in two-world one is our real world and other is a virtual world. In this article, we are gonna try to make a bridge between these worlds.

‘Memes’ after reading to this word many readers have a smile on their face but today we are not talking about memes of that virtual world.We are gonna talk about ‘memes present in our real world’.

But First of all, for few reader who does not know the meaning of meme who ‘live in a cage’ I am gonna try to explain you the meaning of meme.

By definition:- ‘A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme’.

I know what you all are thinking, even the people who know the word meme are also ‘scratching their head now’.After reading to this the philosophical definition.And thinking what this definition is trying to say??.

So I am gonna more clarify this thing.In today’s virtual world which is social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.Meme just means joke simple.So,


But have you ever consider these virtual life memes are also find in real life.No, okay no problem I am gonna try to give you a new perception.

In our childhood when ice cream vendor came they use a bell to advertise themselves.

And if time period bell rings in our school which has same sound than ‘we say ice cream vendor is here and we laughs’.

That’s right.That bell is today’s world meme.Actually, “the meme is just simple word who come to our eyes so often that we feel it as unique”.

But if we talk about memes of the real world.In olden time people use “proverbs” to increase there ‘vocabulary’ or to make an article more ‘effective’ to readers.

But today people use memes to make their statement more powerful.In olden time people have a book of “idioms” now they have “pen drive” of memes.

These virtual world memes come in form of like images, videos, gifs, audio, etc.Just like the old time when jokes come in form of books, newspaper, poster etc.

You know what?? I am gonna give you one more old-time meme example.Remember there was always an uncle who chew Tobacco and spit and when we see doing these hundreds of time it became a meme.

But we cannot realize and when we ever about to spit anything we make an exact same expression of that uncle.but please don’t make that face right now.You’re not looking good.Believe me.

In olden time people make a book of jokes and earn money by selling them.Exactly same, today social media page owner make money by making a meme.In virtual world:-


In childhood, every one of us wants a joke book, so we collect money from our pocket money and go to the bookstore to buy joke book and in this way, bookstore owner earns money and also became our favorite uncle even when we don’t know him personally.

Exactly like that today we earn money, then we spend it on our internet data pack and then we go to social media sites pages where we read memes in this way administrator of that page earn money by advertisement. And we don’t even know who the administrator of that page is but we admire him very much.

But just like the virtual world the person on which these memes are made we never consider what he felt??.How humiliated he felt.

And just like that in the real world we also make fun of the person in front of him or behind his back without even thinking about him that if he came to know what he thinks??.

Laughing on the meme is not a bad thing but we have to make sure of a thing that no one sheds tears when we are laughing in any world.

Your thinking why I am using all those examples of the real-world meme of our childhood??.

Because today we cannot see real-world meme.because today we are too busy in flaunt.

Memes are always in real world whether it is funny voice of birds, to cuteness of animals, to lightning in sky to huge mountains to unstoppable wind, traffic, modern, urban jungle etc

Whenever we open social media sites and sit down to read memes we had a great time, we enjoy, we laugh but we don’t have lot of time to read a meme

So if you want to have that great time always with you then try to find memes in real world because we cannot live all the time in virtual world but we live in real world and if we try to find that memes in real life than we always have a good time with us.

In virtual world “all pieces of memes are Together framed” but in the real world, we have to tie all pieces together to see meme.

“I say the world is full of memes if you have viral eyes”.