Unplanned Planning

Hello!!! Everyone 🙏, today we live in a world which is very fast growing.And due which the competition is very high in this world.And by this, we also have to

Why I always start my post like this? 😕

Why I always stretch my article like a rubber? 😕

Really that’s enough 😤, today I am gonna stop stretching and directly gonna come to the point.

But first of all,


“All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”.


maybe not 😟.

So I am saying that,

Let me think what I am saying,




My brain really works slowly 😭.

But you know what? I cannot write my post without stretching it like a rubber.

So, I am gonna again start stretching 😎.

And if you look carefully then you find that, that’s what I am doing from the start of this post 😉.

So, I am saying that today competition is very high in every field.And due to which we have to work hard to achieve anything.But only working hard is not enough to achieve anything in this world.”We must have a planning that how we are gonna achieve that thing”.

Without a plan, you cannot do anything in this world.And by anything I literally mean anything.From taking birth to death, From going to a funeral to the wedding, from eating to going to the toilet.We really need a plan to perform any activity.

*I am again stretching 😴*

And by the grace of the god, and all the good work we have done, Today everyone has a plan for everything.And by everyone I mean everyone and by everything I mean everything 😁.

Students have a plan that how they are gonna study to get good marks.Office workers have a plan that how they are gonna get a promotion.Housewives have a plan that how they are gonna manage their home.

Politicians have a plan that how they are gonna win the election.Filmmakers have a plan that how they are gonna make a blockbuster movie.Players have a plan that how they are gonna win the game.

I am doing that thing again.

And what is that thing?


*Stretching 😴*

But You know what?

This list can be as long as the great wall of China.

But we are not building any wall here to save ourself from any invaders.

But I definitely need a wall to protect myself from you peoples, for stretching my article so long and for wasting your time 😱.

So, I am saying that everyone has a plan.We wake with a plan and we sleep with a plan.Even now we have a plan that how we are gonna go to the toilet 😼.We plan it like if we are going to assassinate someone 😨.

( On a very serious note )

The people who are eating something right now.Please stop eating.Otherwise, your gonna throw up after reading to what I am gonna say next.

Like before doing murder of someone, murderer plan everything that where that person lives, what are his daily activities and how he is gonna assassinate that person.

We also exactly plan like that before going to the toilet that when that thing of our come.I am not gonna say the name of that thing 😯.We all understand what thing comes in morning.And I can tell you this by the naughty smile on your face 😈.

Everyone has a smile on there face right now even female readers.But in the comment section female readers are gonna say what a disgusting person I am for writing this kind of things 😡.

And when that thing comes we go to the toilet with our phone.Exactly like that murderer also go after that person he wanted to assassinate with his weapon.

And sometimes if that person who murderer wanted to assassinate comes late.So murderer quietly hides there with his weapon.In hope that when that person comes, he is gonna kill that person.We also do the same when that thing does not come on time.We also sit there quietly with our weapon.

And when that thing comes we apply our full pressure for that thing to comes out.Whereas the murderer also tries his best to kill that person when he comes.

And after killing that person murderer clear evidence and clean himself from the blood of that person.And we also clean ourself from….

Yuck, yuck, yuck

I am not gonna say the name of that thing 😡.

So, we also clear the evidence by a flush.

What a master plan we make before going to even a toilet.We really need to feel proud of this 👏.

And on this master plan Tom Cruise can even make a movie franchises with title “Toilet Impossible”.

Today everyone has a plan for everything.And not any ordinary or normal plan.

No, No, No,

Today we have a “full proof plan” for everything 😎.Even people nowadays have a plan that how they are gonna eat their dinner.They plan that first I am gonna eat that then, I am gonna eat that and then that.

I really don’t know the meaning of a full proof plan 😔.But the people who plan before even eat.They definitely need a leakage full proofing to their mouth who is salivating constantly, while they are making a plan by seeing food on their plate.They don’t eat it directly, they first make a plan for it.

Really standing ovation for the people who do it 👏.

You know what? Tom Cruise can even make a movie franchises on this topic also with the title “Eating Impossible”.

We have talked about two major things about humans and the planning we do it to perform them.And that things are “eating food and the process in which that eaten food wants to go out”.

Now let’s talk further.

Some people even make a plan before doing a kiss 💏.They a make so-called “full proof plan” before kissing someone 😎.They first practice kiss at home with their pillow.Then they eat lots of mouth freshener.And then they make disgusting faces in front of there girlfriend/boyfriend to realize them what they want.

Let me clear this to all of you one thing that I am not talking about myself in the above lines.

And this can also be served as the plot for next Tom Cruise movie franchises with the title “Kissing Impossible”.

“Today we spent so much time on planning things.That we did not have enough time left to actually do that thing”.

For example:-

If you go late to sleep because you’re finishing a presentation.And if you have to wake up early next morning also to go to the office for that presentation.Then you plan let’s sleep for 5 hours quietly, then I am gonna wake up and gonna go to the office for that presentation.And after some time if you don’t go to sleep then, you plan again let’s sleep for 4 hours then I am gonna wakes up then, 3 hours then, 2, 1.

You know what Tom Cruise can even make a move franchises on this topic also with title “Sleeping Impossible”.

“We do planning for planning”.Like we plan that tomorrow I am gonna make planning for that thing.

And we even do planning in the planning 😤.For example:-

If we are making a plan that how we are gonna get a promotion 😎.And in that planning, we suddenly started planning that what we are gonna do if we get promoted.And we spent so much time on planning that thing that what we are gonna do if we get promoted.That we did not even left enough time to even complete our present work 😔.Due to which we might even lose our job 😭.

And by this, promotion is very far away thing.Our future also comes in jeopardy 😨.

And the franchises which is based on this topic is gonna named “Future Impossible” and starring…..


“Planning of some people even doesn’t know the meaning of the word reality”.The reality present in their plan is as much as a reality present in today’s any reality shows 😉.

For example:-

There are people who plan that one-day valuation of their startup business is gonna be in billions of dollars.But if you ask them what did currently they do? So your gonna find out that currently, they are working in the corporate job of 9 to 5.

So, they did not even start their startup business yet.And they are directly planning that their company valuation is gonna be in billions of dollars one day 😂.

Really slow clap for you guys.

*C-L-A-P* 👏

*C-L-A-P* 👏

*C-L-A-P* 👏

It is really slow 😫.


And the name of franchises is gonna be “Reality Impossible”.

Some readers might be thinking that I am very irresponsible, spoiled and indisciplined person.Who do anything on anytime without planning.And I just hate the people who do things organized or planned way because I cannot do it.

But sorry to disappoint you 😔, I did not hate planning.I just hate the thing that we do planning in everything 😤.”We even do planning in enjoying things, happiness, peace and many more things”.But these things cannot be planned.

“We are doing planning in a very unplanned way”.We put ourself in so much planning that we did not even enjoy life.Enjoy is very far away thing, we cannot even live our lives properly due to the planning of everything.

So you all are ready to hear about Tom Cruise next movie franchises which is gonna be based on this topic with the title “Living Impossible”.

We plan things for next 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and so more.But who knows, we are gonna be able to live to go to the Toilet next time or not💀.

Planning is important.But planning also should be done in a planning way.

And if you talked about whether I am planned person or not.So I also made a plan 😟 but first, answer my one question which is

If I asked you whether I like Tom Cruise or not?

So what is your answer is gonna be?

You say I don’t like Tom Cruise.

And why you say so?

It is because I have made fun of him and his movies in my article.


But what if I say it is all the part of that plan which I made that I was talking about earlier.And which is making you people believe that I don’t like Tom Cruise.

And I think I really succeeded in my plan 😎.


*I am really a genius 😉*

But the reality is that I really adore Tom Cruise and his works.I just wanted to make sure you people that I don’t like him and I think I make you believed.

But this does not happen because of my planning.It happens because I wanted to do that.So if you wanted to do anything.Then, stop planning and start working.If you start working then, planning automatically happens.Because planning only never gonna led you anywhere but working will.So, we have to establish a balance between planning and working.


“Keep planning while working and now I am gonna stop stretching”.


Become Gravity

Hello!!! Everyone, today we are gonna talk about science.Science is very tricky subject some people love it.So some hate it.The people who love science then it is good for you.

But people who don’t love science let’s try to make you fall in love with science.So for those people who don’t love science let’s convert science into philosophy in this article.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy.Let’s give this an article a read, not for understanding philosophy but for the sake of science.

So if we are talking about science.So the people who love science say “science is in each and everything”.True, but we cannot talk about each and everything in this post.So let’s talk about one of the most important scientific thing which is “gravity”.

What is gravity?

the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.

So if we are gonna go through its scientific thing.Then people who don’t like science are gonna stopping reading and otherwise, also we all have read about gravity in our student life.We all have studied its advantages and disadvantages.

But one thing which is not taught in our study is that if you want to be successful in life than you have to become gravity.

Yup, gravity, so let’s talk about keynotes about gravity.And how can becoming like gravity help us in becoming successful.

  • Constant force :-

Gravity is the “constant force” which keeps the thing in place.So if you became gravity than you are the one who keeps things in constant place in your life.Which things in your life are your “emotions”.Which is anger, joy, sadness, happiness.You cannot just release this emotions at any time.You have to take control of your emotions in your hands if you want to succeed in life.

And I am not saying that you don’t have to release this emotions for your whole life.In my opinion, “you just have to let them out at right time not any time”.

For eg, if you are getting ready for your big presentation today at the office.And you came to know that your son got failed in exams and if you get angry towards him at that time.

Then you lose your focus and it might also badly affect your presentation.And let’s assume that you get angry towards your son and scolded him badly.But after some time you are definitely gonna feel guilty after all he is your son.And your presentation also gets affected by that guilt present in your mind.

On the other hand, if you get your anger under control and try to remain calm at that time.And thinks that first go to the office, give a presentation nicely, and in the evening let’s talk to son about his studies.

If you keep that thinking in the mind and go to the office.Than your definitely gonna give a nice presentation.

And If your son sees that you go to the office without scolding him.Then he might also feel guilty that he led you down by getting failed in exams.And if that thought came in his mind than he will definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

And what if that guilty did not convince him to study hard?.Then you have a backup plan which is scolding him in the evening.And by the hangover of a cocktail of his guilt and your scolding, he is definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

  • Formation of group :-

Gravity is the main reason for stars to come together and form a galaxy.

So by becoming like gravity, you were able to form an organization of people and with the help of that organization.You can achieve things in your life which is beyond your imagination because “real power is in an organization”.

  • Gravitational potential energy :-

Gravity has “potential energy” due to which every object has “gravitational potential energy” because of where it is situated.In easy words, every object has energy because it is located in gravity.So with help of this energy when the roller coaster is started they directly came to the ground without any further requirement of energy.

So if we can provide that gravitational potential energy to our loved ones.And that gravitational potential energy for our loved ones is our “good qualities”. If we can provide them our good qualities because they are in our gravitational field.So they also became successful in life and by seeing this we have the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.”Because we always worry about our family more than ourself”.

  • Atmosphere :-

Gravity helps the earth in retains its atmosphere.Just like that if you if you have some qualities in you.Then you can become like gravity and with the help of that, you can choose people who you want to have in your life or in your atmosphere.

  • Muscle growth :-

Gravity helps our body in calcium production and muscle growth.So if we became like gravity than we were also able to develop good qualities in ourself.Just like that a force of gravity help in our body growth.So if we have a force in ourself to become successful than this force helps us in building good qualities and character.

Just like the light has darkness, sunshine has clouds, positive has negative, being gravity also has disadvantages.

  • Gravity force keeps us on earth by these we cannot be able to fly.Just like that if you have the gravity of bad habits than it stops you from flying in the sky of happiness and success.

  • Just like the earth has gravitation force moon and sun also have gravitation force.Which has an effect on earth due to which it causes tides in the ocean on a full moon.Because they have much stronger gravitational force than earth.Just like that if we do not have the strong gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might have tides of what to do? or what not do in our life? And if those tides occur in life than we were never gonna get successful in life.

And if we have the weaker gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might get attracted to bad things in our lives and started walking on the wrong path.

  • If we fall than we get hurt this happens because of gravity.So if you have the gravity of bad things in you.Then it stops you from becoming successful and causes you to fall and get hurts.

  • Gravity of earth attracts asteroids which causes harms to earth.So if you have strong gravity in yourself and become successful.Then you might attract a lot of people who wanted to harm you and your family.

  • Just like you have the gravity of qualities.Other people also have that gravity and if they have strong gravity than you.Then they might attract things from you which you love.

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages.It is up to us want we take from that thing.But in the end, we can say that gravity has more advantages than disadvantages.

So after all this, we have another definition of gravity which is:-

The ( force ) which is our good qualities that attracts a ( body ) which is success towards, the ( center of the earth ) which is us, or towards ( any other physical body having mass ) which is anything like happiness, joy etc.

After reading this article I think the people who hate science started thinking that science is not so bad after all.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy also came to know a little bit about philosophy.


Become Gravity.


Become loser.

Ordinary Masterpiece

Hello!!! Everyone, In this modern world of fast running lives.We all hate our life.We all say our life does not have anything good or special.Our life is dead, we curse our life no matter how good it is.We never get satisfied with our life.We always wanted more.

Then why we always think like that and continues to live our life like that? It is because, in the corner of our heart, we all know that one day we are gonna achieve something big in our life.The whole world is gonna know our name.But what is that thing we all wanted to do? It is different for everyone.But if in one word I have to say that thing, than I am gonna say that thing is making a “masterpiece” in our life.

So what is a masterpiece?

a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

Generally, a masterpiece is a word which is used for an artist’s outstanding art or work.And no matter what type of artist he is whether he is a painter, singer, filmmaker, actor, writer, statue maker etc.But how can normal people like us who do corporate jobs, business, a housewife, or a student how can we make our masterpiece?

No matter what definition say.According to me, a masterpiece is that when we do something which is the finest of our work in our whole life.And before doing that work we cannot even think of doing it and after doing that we can only think how the hell did I complete this work?

Nowadays everything is show off.If a filmmaker makes a mind-blowing movie.Then everyone says that this is his masterpiece.If painter paint extraordinary painting than that painting become his masterpiece, if the actor does brilliant acting in a movie than that movie is known as a masterpiece of that actor, if a writer had written a fantastic novel than it becomes his masterpiece.This all people get name, fame, money for there masterpiece.In short, they all become legends for there masterpiece.

But we never look at an ordinary masterpiece.Yes, correct ordinary masterpiece.But masterpiece is extraordinary work than you people are thinking why I am saying an ordinary masterpiece.So please continue reading to find out what is an ordinary masterpiece?

We all live our lives very hard we all fight with different problems everyday sometimes we defeat them so sometimes they defeat us but we are always in a war zone.We always try to do our best in our life.But how can we make that masterpiece that I am talking about?.So let’s try to make an ordinary masterpiece.

If you wanted to make a masterpiece than you have to aim for something unachievable.

For eg, if your student than what is your masterpiece is gonna be? your masterpiece is gonna be learning all books, alternative books, everything about your course but can you do that.No, you can achieve good marks but you cannot learn every book of your course.But in process of making that masterpiece which is learning all books.Then you definitely get the first rank in your school.Which is, in the end, becomes your masterpiece.

But you people say our masterpiece is that learning all books than how come the first rank in the school, in the end, becomes our masterpiece.It is because the first rank in the school for a student is also not less than a masterpiece.


In the process of making a masterpiece that process itself becomes a masterpiece.

Now consider if your housewife than what is gonna be your masterpiece? I say your masterpiece is gonna be good taking caring of your family.But if your son get addicted to drugs and he takes drugs on a daily basis and you do everything to get rid him of his addiction.And after some time, with the help of medicine and your hard work he only takes drugs sometime like once in a month.

so people say that you are not a good housewife because you didn’t even get rid of drugs from your son.But I say you created your masterpiece because you have converted your son’s daily addiction into sometime and might be in future your gonna completely make him clean.


If we think of achieving unusual and unique masterpiece but if we cannot achieve it.But what we have achieved it is also great as we compared it to rather achieving small and usual masterpiece.

Now consider If you’re in corporate jobs for years than your masterpiece is gonna be getting always promotion and your getting it.But you’re not satisfied with your job.Then you leave the job and stared a startup which has less earning than your job.Then people say you’re an idiot or loser for staring that stupid startup.But according to me, that startup is your masterpiece.Because you are feeling satisfied with it and that’s what matters.


A masterpiece cannot meant for people it is meant for us that how happy or satisfies we are with our masterpiece.

Masterpiece always does not have to be in the physical form.For eg, if the person who always have war in his head.If he ever achieved peace than that peace is gonna be that person masterpiece.


A masterpiece can be in any form it does not have to be seen by eyes.Masterpiece is the thing which we have to feel.

Sometime masterpiece is ordinary for other peoples but the person which masterpiece is that he always feel special for that.For eg, a person who is paralyzed his masterpiece is gonna be moving his fingers which normal people do every second without even realizing that how lucky they are.


Masterpiece may be ordinary to other peoples but the person which masterpiece is that he always special and proud about that.

You people are thinking why I am giving so much stress on making a masterpiece.That is because everything has two sides but masterpiece has only one side which is a good side. Because if you capture your masterpiece then it is good for you not only for that time but for your whole life.Because if something difficult comes in your path anytime in your life than you think if I achieved that masterpiece than how can I am not gonna solve this problem.


Masterpiece = strength

But what if we did not achieve that masterpiece.Then we try our best to make that masterpiece.


Masterpiece = inspiration

Some people might think I just changed word “aim” to a “masterpiece” and write this post.But that is not true.We set aim which we can achieve.But masterpiece is that thing we cannot even imagine of achieving or even making it our aim.But with our hard work and passion, we can achieve it or become close to achieving it.

So we talked a lot of things about masterpiece but what if I say your itself a masterpiece.I said that line it is because we all are unique in ourself, no one is like any of us.We just have to dig that masterpiece which is buried inside us.And put it in the frame and show it to the world.

So after all these, in the end, we get,

“Ordinary masterpiece is for everyone no matter who you are whether you are poor or rich, male or female, kid or adult.The process of making an ordinary masterpiece is also so great that itself process becomes a masterpiece.This ordinary masterpiece always becomes good if you think of great.This masterpiece is not to show off to others it is for our self-satisfaction and happiness.It is not always necessary to see this ordinary masterpiece sometime we only feel about it.This is not for others it is for yourself.This ordinary masterpiece gives us strength and inspiration in our life to do hard work in order to make a masterpiece of a lifetime”.

So now get up and make your own masterpiece.

Peace Is Dangerous

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about peace but with a different perception.We living being is always struggling to find peace we do anything to achieve peace.We try to find peace in everything.First, we think that peace is in good grades during our school life, so we study very hard to achieve that peace but we cannot find it there so we move on.

Then we think peace is in money during our professional life so we run after that peace but we cannot even achieve it there.

Then we think peace is in life partner so we search for them.And when we became older we try to find peace in charity, prayers or worshipping God.

In this whole process we really never achieved peace so we think after death we are gonna achieve peace.So what is that peace we searching for it everywhere? From our birth to death.

a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.

So can we ever achieve that state when there is no war?I don’t think so, because if we ever achieve that.Then we stop searching for peace everywhere and try to live with it.

There is always war is going on in our head.And it is also that war in which we think peace is in money, study, loved one or in god.

I say peace is in everything if we really wanted.But today we are not talking about how to attain that peace I am talking about peace is dangerous.

Yup, you’re thinking what I am trying to say?.

I am just trying to say that peace is dangerous because in order to achieve that peace we struggle our whole life, sometimes we do that, so sometimes we do that in hope to achieve peace.

We cannot stop running in our life in order to achieve that.But you people say we never run after peace we run after grades, money, loved ones, luxury, wealth etc.

Yup, exactly why you run after this things?.Because you feel peace when you achieve these things.You don’t even know about it.But, in the end, we all are struggling to find peace whether you believe it or not.

For example, you always try to make more bucks than your earning today.But why are you trying to make more money? it is because you feel that I am gonna in peace state when I have a lot of money.But you never achieve it even when you have a lot of money.So you move on and try to find peace somewhere else.

You people are thinking that it is an exact same like finding the happiness I just changed the word from happiness to peace.No, we can find happiness because happiness is for short span and we also achieve that but after some, it fades away whereas if you achieve that peace than it stays with you.

And let’s again assume that you have achieved that peace and if you don’t know anything about that peace first, then it might ruin your mind.

You are thinking what nonsense I am speaking? but first just let me hear out.

Your brain always struggle with the war of what is wrong? and what is right?.And suddenly that war which is going in your head stops.what you feel when suddenly a thing stops which you are so connected with it from your birth ends.And your brain feels free and light.Then it might again send you to the wrong direction even when you have that achieved that peace now you can’t deal with it.

And let again assume that we have achieved that peace, we get used to it.Then again one thought come in our mind and it completely destroys our peace and that thought is what if one day our peace is destroyed?

People say if you achieve that state of mind where the war ends.Then how can war again start over only on one thought?But the war has ended but our brain did never stop functioning.We always have thoughts in our brain.When your in that peace then you love that peace more than anything else in your life and we might also have fear of losing that peace.Due to this fear, our peace of mind ended.

I think peace is that weapon which helps us from this harsh world.If we use that weapon correctly than we can acquire the whole world. But if we don’t know how to use that weapon than we can even kill ourself.

Peace is like medicine just like medicine only effect on when we take proper doge.If we take more than doge then it has a side-effect on our body.But it doesn’t mean medicine is meant to harm us.It is made to cure us but because of our stupidity, we have to suffer from its side effects.Just like that peace is dangerous when you don’t use it properly but if you use it in the right way then you never wanted to leave that peace.

Construction & destruction is in peace take what you to want.

Be Negative

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about peoples.In my opinion, peoples are of two types one is a “positive person” and other is a “negative person”.Other categories in which you classified humans can be divided into these two types.

Generally, people say if you’re positive person then you can conquer the world.But today let’s try to see the world with different perception.

But I think if you want to be successful in today’s modern world than you have to be negative.Yup, you read that correctly.So first of all, let’s talk about what is positive people? and negative people?

Generally, people say,

The person who always keeps a good attitude towards life is known as positive people.Like if something is not happened according to them in their life then they say if it does not happen then it does not happen for good we might don’t realize it today.But someday we will.These people always find good things even in bad things.

But who is negative person?

A negative person is a person who always keeps thinking negative.He thinks that he never gonna achieve anything in his life.He always thinks that whatever he love is gonna destroy nothing good will happen in his life.These people always find bad things even in good things.

For example, if a kid who keeps a positive attitude toward life cannot solve a math problem one day and he gets really tired of that problem.”But if he keeps a positive attitude that tomorrow is gonna be a different day”.And leave study for that day.And on next day with the help fresh mind, he easily solved that problem.

On the other hand, if that kid is a negative person and he gets really tired of that maths problem and wants to have a break for that day.Then he thinks that he cannot solve that problem today.So how tomorrow can be different?.So he continues to do work hard.And by hard work he solved that problem that day.

Some people say what if that negative kid think that he is never gonna solve that problem? And skip that problem.That might also happen but if he is dedicated to his study than he is not gonna run away from his study.And try to solve that problem because he is a negative thinking kid, not a lazy kid.

But on other hand that positive kid wastes that day by thinking that tomorrow is gonna be a different day.Whereas that negative kid solves that problem that day with hard work.

Positive people always live in hope that next second, next day, next month, next year is gonna be great.Whereas negative person thinks that nothing good is gonna happen.And by these thoughts negative person do hard work and make next second, next day, next month, next year great.

Let’s take another example:-

If we are planning to go on a road trip.A positive person thinks that everything is gonna be alright.If a thought of tire puncture come to his mind than he neglects that thought by thinking that everything is gonna be alright.

But if a negative person has planned to go on a road trip than if that thought of tire puncture comes to his mind than his gonna double check tire and might carry an extra spare.

And if really tire got punctured in the middle of the road with your family than a negative person has that spare tire.

But positive person again thinks that everything is gonna be alright.

But some people say that negative person might cancel that road trip because of that thought of tire punctured.Yup he is gonna cancel that road trip if he is a coward person, not because of a negative person.

A positive person always thinks of today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.But on the other hand.Negative person thinks of past week, current week, and upcoming week.He always prepares for anything.

For eg:-

A positive person saves some money and says if any financial problem is gonna come.Then we have some money and gonna figure out that problem solution when that problem comes.

On the other hand, a negative person always prepares for worst he saves money for 10 different problems.And if more than one problem comes he easily solves that problems with that big savings.Whereas positive person does not have any options left except thinking that everything is gonna be alright.But only positive thinking cannot gonna solve that problem.

According to me if a positive person prepares for bad.So negative person prepare for worst and we can say that by above example this preparation of negative person always became fruitful.

But being a negative person also have disadvantage you never have mental stability.You always have to work hard physically and mentally both.

I am not saying that become a negative person.But in my opinion, negative person is more hardworking in nature.The whole world lay stress on becoming a positive person than who I am? to say that be a negative person.

But according to me,

A positive person walks on the flower bed to achieve their goal.

On the other hand, a negative person has to walk on the road of cactus to achieve a goal and if he walked down on that road he can achieve even bigger goals even than he set for himself.

After reading this article many people have made their mind that I am a negative person and trying to promote my type of peoples and trying to partial towards positive people.But first of all, let me clear this I am not a positive person nor negative I am just a person who is trying to see the world with the different perception.In other words, you can say that I am trying to look at the positive side of negative people.

I am not saying that negative peoples are better than positive people or positive people is better than negative people.According to me positive and negative attitude both are the way of perception the way how we see things?.

I am just trying to explore all sides of a negative person.Because we humans always look at one side of coin.we always say that being the negative person has a disadvantage.And always lay stress on being a positive person.But if we change our perception than we see,

Negative in a positive attitude.


Positive in a negative attitude.


Hello!!!, In today’s modern world word ‘password’ is most important to us.Whether it is of social media account, bank account, of our phone or any other account.

We didn’t share these passwords, to our friends, loved ones, family etc.because we care about these passwords so much that we cannot even trust our family members with it.And you create these passwords so complicated that no one can figure out.

But what if I say you know all these passwords but you don’t ‘password’ of your body.

Yup, that’s right.Our body also has password.

Let’s assume we have a ‘username’ which is our ‘human body’ just like any other username of any account all username appear same with slightly different.But to unlock secrets of that username we must know the password.And just like that, every username has a different password.So the ‘password’ of our human body is also different for everyone.

But what is that ‘treasure‘ behind that password?I can assure you that this treasure is more expensive than whole world’s money, diamonds, gold, platinum, etc.

So lets first talk about our prize because we human first want to know about our prize than we work to gain that prize.So what is that prize or that hidden treasure in our body?It is that treasure which is gonna change your life or gonna make your life successful.

That treasure is “being emotionless“.But what is “emotionless”?.To understand this first we have to know the meaning of emotions.

a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others is called emotion.We always do things according to our emotions.In other word emotion control us.

For example:-

We feel sad, when we are upset from something or someone or we feel happy in good time.When someone does something wrong then we feel angry at them.

So what’s wrong with?.It is natural you people think.Yup, it is completely natural.

But Being in ’emotionless’ state is not feeling good, not feeling bad, not feeling scared, not feeling pride, not feeling angry or not feeling low or high.

But some people now are thinking not feeling bad is okay but why we do not feel good?.I say both good and bad feeling is equal ‘dangerously ‘ .Yup that’s right dangerously because if you have a feeling of ‘good” inside you about something then one day you are gonna feel bad when that thing is gone.

So you are thinking living like that is just like nonliving being.Just like non living being cannot feel anything we also don’t have to feel anything.No, I am not saying that ‘you have to feel nothing’ I am saying you have to be in ’emotionless state’ which is always staying in the same state no matter how happy you are or how sad you are.You cannot get angry at someone despite their mistake.And you cannot feel sometimes low or sometimes high if you meet that emotionless state.

“In the emotionless state, emotions can’t control you but you can control your emotions”.

The emotionless state is like drugs the only difference is that in drugs you feel high for some time but if you achieve emotionless stage than you achieve your ‘original truth’.

So what we have, we have username,our inside treasure but again, we don’t have a password.So what is password??.

Okay first tell me how complicated you have set your password for a bank account, social media account. You have put numbers, capital letter, small latter, symbol everything so that no one can ‘crack’ it.

So now we have to crack that password which God has created.Yup that’s gonna tough but that password is different for everyone.

  • For someone, it is easy to crack.
  • For someone, it is hard to crack.

But what is that password?That password is your “soul”.Yes, that’s right you just have to find a little of yourself.So how an account work it requires a correct username and password and if we have that we can open that account.

Our soul always travels from one place to other from inside our body.So if we put our ‘body and soul together’ than we can find that unique treasure of ‘being emotionless’.

For some people, it is easy to put your soul and body together.For some it is difficult.But how can we put our soul and body together?We can do this by “self-determination, by meditation or by doing good deeds” as I mentioned earlier it is different for everyone.

So now we have










Hello!!everyone, today we are gonna talk about a piece of clothing which is there in every house. Its always there but we don’t even realise what great importance this pieces of cloth hold, we don’t even look at it and if we do we don’t even appreciate its importance. Today I am talking about ‘curtains’.

So what is a curtain??. If we go by definition than we get:-“Curtain is piece of clothing that obstacles light wind” etc

But why am I talking about curtains. It is because, in my opinion, I consider curtains as a guard which protect us from sunlight, wind, dust particle, insects etc. But although a good curtain always allows breeze, a good amount of light and so on in the room. So we can say that a curtain is that guard who protects us from harmful things and allows beneficial things to us.

Now lets come to the second point. I believe each one of you always worries about your loved ones such as your daughter, mother, son, husband, father, mother etc you always think how should you protect them from this harsh world. I would say why not become like curtains.

“So please Raise your eyes from your phone look at your curtain and try to become like him”.

Any confusion? Okay I got what you are thinking, how can we protect our loved ones by becoming curtain? Protection of your loved ones is always difficult but I think in the modern world it is more difficult than ever was. Because in medieval time you can protect them by the sword from evil society. In 1900 you can protect them with guns. So what, we have good guns in 2018. Who need guns?? we have grenades.

Today its not like some war is going on like in medieval times or in world war-time.,  currently different kind of war is going on and which is “Degradation of society”.

But how can you protect your loved ones from this war. I say again by



You’re intelligent than me. Then why are you here ???

Okay Sorry please stay.

So by becoming curtains.

According to me, curtains have some quality and if we acquire that quality than we can also become guard like curtains.


Curtains are cloth that is dark enough that it cannot allow light to the room. So you have to become like that curtain, so that this harmful society cannot touch your family but the curtain is good only when curtain allows least light in and largest light out. Just like that you have to allow good quality for your loved ones and cannot allow bad quality in them.

“Deeply connected”

There is always hook on curtain on which curtains are placed these have to be deeply connected otherwise when the huge storm come curtain will fall down. Just like that, you have to be deeply connected to your roots when the storm of this brutal society come you have to stand tall to protect them.


When the wind blows fast, curtain tries everything to protect the room from wind but if the wind is strong they move on from their place and let air pass through them. Rather than insisting on their place and destroy yourself because they know they have to protect on other days also. And if they die for one day then how can they protect room for rest of the days.

Just like that, if one person in our family is not ready to live morally than we have to try our everything but after some point, you have to let that person go because you cannot waste all your life on that person. You also have the responsibility to protect other members.


Curtain always move and work with his folds if one fold is loose and one is tight than it is not gonna work properly. Just like that Our whole family has to work together Because loved ones are meant to be “Together and forever”

“Live best and prepare for worst”

In each house spare curtains are available in case one is spoiled. Exactly we always have to prepare our loved ones to become next curtain for the family.

Actually I a gonna tell you a secret, I am writing this article not just to explain the quality of curtains. No, definitely not. I wrote this article to get us realized that we can learn from everything if we want to and we don’t have to feel ashamed about that because it is our nature to learn.

“So become like a curtain”