Being Judgemental Is Bad.Really?

Hello!!! Everyone, Today we live in that world in which everything is right as well as wrong.”Everyone has different perception towards life”.

Maximum people today don’t know the thing they are doing is right or wrong, they just do it because they have to do it.

But some time ago there are only two things.Which is one is right and one is wrong.But now Nothing is right and nothing is wrong.Everything is right and everything is wrong.

In today’s world if you see something wrong than it is your fault.It is not the fault of that person who is doing wrong because according to that person he is doing right that’s why he is doing it.”Because everyone in this world does anything by considering that thing right”.

So, you cannot be judgemental in today’s world.And even no one wants to be judgemental.And if you are being judgemental than you have to face the hate of people.

But I say everyone one of us is the judgemental.No person in this whole world can claim that he/she is not judgemental.And being judgemental is not the thing to be ashamed of.But it is a quality and a good quality.Which you can show to the whole world with the feeling of proud.

But first let know the meaning of judgemental.

having or displaying an overly critical point of view.

Generally, people use word being “judgemental” in a negative way.But according to me forming an opinion is called being judgemental.Whether it is good opinion or bad opinion, both come in the definition of being judgemental.

First, let’s talk about the people who claim to be non-judgemental.According to me no one in this world is non-judgemental.Everyone has a brain and everyone has thought process due to which everyone forms an opinion about anything and everything.That opinion could be good or bad.And some people say their opinion, so some people kept their opinion inside.So by this, we can say that everyone is judgemental.Some accept that fact, so some keep lying about that.

According to me if your judgemental than it is good.But if you pretend to be non-judgemental, then it might gonna cost you someday.Let’s try to understand this by the following the example.

Assume that If your daughter brought a new dress and it is not looking good on her.But if you don’t want to be sound like judgemental.Then you say, that dress is looking good on her.

And if you say this, then you are gonna commit two mistakes.First one is you are telling a lie and another one is whenever your daughter is gonna wear that dress.She is not gonna look good and people are gonna make fun of her.

On the other hand, if you tell the truth and try to be judgemental and say to her that she is not looking good in that dress.So she might get little upset with you.But by telling truth to her, she will be saved from the world’s humiliation.

I don’t understand why people always think being judgemental as a negative remark.But according to me, we only become judgemental to the people we care about.

For example:-

If our kid makes a false excuse for not going to the school because of stomach ache then, we become judgemental and say, “you never had a stomach ache when you go to play with your friends”.

But what if your neighbour says to you that his kid has not gone to school because he has a stomach ache then, you don’t give a damn because you don’t care about the neighbour’s kid.

But on the other hand, you become judgemental at your kid.You scold him because you care about him and you know if he doesn’t go to school then, he might not become successful in his life.

But some readers might be thinking that we also being judgemental towards the stranger people on the road or towards the celebrities but, we did not care about them.

Yes definitely, we are judgemental towards the stranger people.But it is because we feel connected to them in some ways.We might not know him or nor have any relations with them before.But when we see them on the streets for the first time we feel connected to them in some ways.Whether it is because of there appearance, clothes, or their way of talking or walking.And by that, we start to care about them.

And if we talk about celebrities then we either hate them or love them.And if you have any of that feeling then you became judgemental.

Because caring about someone always does not mean that we love that person or we always wanted good for that person.Sometimes if you hate someone then also you started to care about them that what problems he is having in his life and if he is having any problem, then we became happy by thinking that he is in trouble.

Let’s try to understand this more by the following example:-

If you hate someone and if the business of that person you hate fails, then what you say?.You say I know the person like that cannot become successful in his whole life.And if you do so then you become judgemental.

We humans always want to achieve something unique or great in our life.And for that we work hard, we humans can work hard but we cannot bear a negative remark from someone.

If someone becomes judgemental about you.Then if you like that judgment then accept it, but if you don’t like it then forget it.But who are you to say to the people that don’t be judgemental.Everyone has views, sometimes it is good so sometimes it is bad.

People say that judgemental people always be judgemental.They never become happy or satisfied with us, whatever we do.But I don’t think so.According to me, if someone is being judgemental about us then, there is definitely mistake in us.
But we never see our mistake, we always see other people’s mistake.And in this case, we are also seeing other people’s mistake.Which is they are being judgemental.

For example:-

If a student gets 99 marks out of 100 in a subject.Than judgemental people say, that student is still not perfect in that subject.And they are right because that student did not get full marks.That student has done a brilliant job no doubt but still, he has not got full marks.So how can we say that student is perfect in that subject.So the judgemental people are true.

And if you don’t like people’s judgment, then why you listen to them.But in your heart you also know that they are true, that’s why you always try to satisfy them.

For example:-

If you bought a new watch and 100 people compliment you.But if one person makes a negative remark about your watch.Then you always remember that negative remark of that one person.But you are not gonna remember the compliment of that 100 people.

And if next time you again brought a new watch.And if this time 200 people compliment you, but you never get satisfied with your watch until listening to comment of that person who made a negative comment on your first watch.

“And in the process of satisfying judgemental people, we work hard due to which we achieve the things we cannot even expect of”.And in this case of that student who got 99 marks.If that student listened to judgemental people and work hard then, definitely that student is gonna get 100 marks next time.

On the other hand, if we only praise that student for getting 99 marks.Then he might become overconfident by that praise due to which he becomes lazy.And by this, that student study less, which result that student in getting low marks.

And if we look carefully then we also find that we only get affected by the judgement of the people we care about, we know or we love.

For example:-

If you are going on the road and a so-called mad person came to you and say you cannot gonna do anything in your life, you are always gonna remain a loser.So what you do? you just ignore him, right? but why you do so.”It is because you don’t know him, you don’t love him and definitely, you did not care about him”.

But on the other hand, if your family say this thing to you that you cannot gonna do anything in your life, you are always gonna remain a loser.Then you say you are always being judged by your family.And you also feel sad after listening to this but why you feel this?.You feel like this because you know your family, you love your family, you care about your family.And by this all things you have some good exception from your family.

So we can say that we hate judgement of people because we always expect good comments about us.And if someone criticises us then, we feel a victim of judgement.And if someone praises us then, we suddenly fall in love with that praise or judgement.

And this happens because of nature of human being to always want good.And if something bad happens then, we human beings cannot digest that bad thing.

But some people might not find my above example appropriate and say, how can I compare judgement of mad person to judgement of whole normal family.They further say that, how can the judgement of a mad person can be correct.

And if you say this then, you are also being judgemental about me.

And by saying above line I am being judgemental about you, by thinking that you might be judgemental about me.

So this proves that everyone is judgemental.

And according to me, no judgement is correct or incorrect.Judgement is judgement.Sometimes if you find a judgement correct, but maybe that same judgement is incorrect in eyes of someone else.And sometimes you find a judgement correct, so someone else finds it incorrect.”In the end, it is all the game of perception”.

If you want to be successful in life then, you must have the guts to listen to people’s judgment.Because if you listen to only good things about you then, you’re never gonna become successful in life.Because in order to become successful you have to improve your bad qualities.

And if you don’t listen to people’s negative judgement then, you are never gonna be able to know about your bad qualities because everyone thinks that he/she is perfect.

As I mentioned earlier being judgemental is a quality.Because when you become judgemental then, you look at the all perspective of the thing which you want to be judgemental.

But being judgemental is like a diamond, more you polished it.It has more value.Just like a diamond is extracted from a coal mine.So if you have to achieve anything in your life which is a coal mine, from there you have to extract yourself like a diamond and afterward, we have to polish ourself.And if you do this than everyone respects your judgement no matter of good or bad.

Being judgemental is good, but we always have to be judgemental at someone by putting ourself in that situation first.That what we do if we are in that situation.Because judgemental means putting a view on someone by looking at all perspective.Like in a court, the judge only make the judgement after listening to all trials, statements, and evidence.He does not make judgement after listening to one statement.

“The only bad quality associated with being judgemental is that you only become judgemental towards other people.You cannot become judgemental of yourself.If you became judgemental towards yourself”.

Then you achieve new heights in your life.Because when you become judgemental towards mistakes of your life and try to improve them then,your gonna become more successful than ever.

So, became judgemental towards yourself.So that, no one else can become judgemental towards you.


Time Stuck

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about time.But we are not gonna talk only about time, we are gonna talk about time stuck.After listening to this word many people are thinking about that I am gonna talk about some science fiction thing just like Hollywood movies.

No, I am just gonna talk about our brain’s thought process but on which you can definitely make a high budget Hollywood film.

Our brain is a most powerful gift that we human can receive. Due to this brain, we are today very evolved and successful.we can give today’s modern world success credit to this brain.But one of major advantage or disadvantage of this brain is it cannot stop for a second so we always have thought in our brain.Whether this may be happy thoughts or thoughts of worried or sadness.

Many people reading this article “are either worried about their future or they are thinking about their past life like what golden time was that or what dark time was that”.We always think about this thing.These thoughts always revolve around our brain.Actually today we are in “time stuck”.

What is time stuck???.

“Time stuck means we always either live in future or in past but not in present time”.

We do not care about what is going on???.We care about what is gonna happen.Or we care about what has been happened.

For example, a businessman always cares about future that how he is gonna expand his business.And if after some time if his business falls he is gonna think about how big his empire was.But he never lived in present time whether he fell scary about his future or feel sad about his past.He never really enjoyed his wealth.”He always lives life in worry or sadness.Worry about future and sadness about past”.

“The people who live like this never enjoy their life.Time stuck is like a disease but the disease can be cured by medicine or medicine can also help in feeling less pain.But in time stuck you have thoughts in your brain and these thoughts cannot just run away like pain run away when we take medicine.This always stays with you 24×7″.

There are two type of people in time stuck:-

First one is those people “who always feel scary about thinking about there future”.But people never worry about there present time.They always worry about problems that might come in future they worry about what will happen?? if this happens.They are always worried about problems which are not existing.And these people called them as ‘prudent‘.

And they have reasons for became like this.They say if we do not care about future than we will be doomed.For eg, they say if we don’t worry about water problem than our future generations are gonna fight for drops of water.

I am 100% agree with these prudent.But only worrying is not solution.No, we have to stop worrying and start saving water.But people again say if you are not gonna worry about the problem than how you solve it.

But I say worrying is not solution working on the problem is the solution.

“No worrying, only working”.

And I say why not became only 30% prudent.In these way, we also worry about future and also enjoy present time.But some people again say why to worry about future why not just live present time???.”Because if we do not care about future’s problem than after some time that future problem is goona became a present problem”.

Now let’s come to second class:-

The people who think about their past. They spend most of their time in weather appreciating their past time or criticising it but never live in present time.They never understand joy or sadness in present time.And when this time passes than they are gonna think about this time.

For eg, if we did not go to college due to the financial situation and have to do work instead of studying but our financial problems are still there.So what we say if I had gone to college my financial situation is different today.But how is that possible if you have better financial situation than you have gone to college in the first place.They always think about there past time like that and always feel sad.

“We humans never understand the value of the present time we feel sad about thinking our past life because it is our nature to think about things which are not in our hands”.

Today we are so stuck in this time stuck that if someone gave us a time machine and say do what you want to do then we either go in past time to improve our mistakes.Or go to our future to see what life we are gonna live in future but we never enjoy or work hard in present time.

We even say that I am gonna work hard from tomorrow.Not today. Not this second.Tomorrow, or we think what if we did hard work yesterday how much of my work is completed today.

So how can we break this ‘time stuck’.I say we don’t have to break time stuck. Because sometimes we take more medicine than our perception than we definitely have its side effect, but it doesn’t mean that medicines are made to kill us but medicine is made to cure us.But it is because of our mistake we have to suffer its side effects.Just like that we have use time stuck so much that we are stuck in it.

So we just have to put this time struck into our ‘time watch’ so when we need we just have to look at our watch and feel how our future is gonna be or what mistakes is not worth repeating from past time.

“I say time stuck is most beautiful gift god given to us.Because in it we have experience of our past and hopes for future”.

Powerless Superheroes

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about the powers.Who doesn’t want power?Everyone wants power. Whether it is any kind of power physical, political, mind power etc.And what is power???.

“the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way”.

But that’s not what we are gonna about, we are gonna talk about superpowers.And the person who holds superpower and works for good causes are known as a superhero.I think today’s time is the best time to talk about a superhero.And how can we become like that?Most of the readers have seen any of the superhero movies in their life.But why we like superhero movie due to its breathtaking action, sexy heroines, for a huge set.

I don’t think so any of the reasons mentioned above is the reason why “we like superhero.We like a superhero because it always gives us hope.It always makes us feel special and then, after all, we all to become like a superhero.But if I say superhero is in already yourself.Everyone of us is a superhero.I know you listened to this thing thousands time before but I am gonna prove this to you”.

So just sit down and let’s talk about one by one of the superheroes and how we are like that?.Shall we

  • Superman: Clark kent an Alien, who he is the strongest man.He lifts buildings, saves people from trouble.We also have that power in ourself, first of all, he is alien.So we have to be alien-like him, to become a superhero like a superman and we are almost like alien to animals.So we can save animals in our daily life.

What happens if Superman flys blindly than buildings get destroyed, people get killed.And if we walk on the street without walking carefully than we can also kill hundred of ants, we can also destroy the home of insects.

  • Black widow: Natalia Alianovna Romanova an intelligent female spy who always try to protect S.H.I.E.L.D so what?.A normal girlfriend always spies on her boyfriend wherever he is gone.

A mother always protects her child no matter consequence just like Natasha try to protect S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Ironman: Anthony stark a billionaire, Philanthropist, genius, playboy.

So what? we are not a billionaire but we have money, we always tried to do philanthropy.We are genius and we can also build his suit.

And I know most of the readers have 2 0r 3 girlfriends.So

  • Batwoman: an expert burglar, specialized in martial arts, hand to hand combat always robs from rich and give to poor We all have that qualities within us we became burglar if we don’t have food to eat but we always try or think to help poor people.

  • Spiderman: peter parker a teenage boy who is bitten by a radioactive spider than develop qualities like spider precognitive spider-sense, climbing on the wall.So we can also develop this quality we all have precognitive we just have to activate it.People can climb on the wall through practice.

Peter is also shown struggling with teenage problems just like every normal teenager.

These all superheroes have many qualities but there is one quality which every one of them possesses which is always doing good.And if we want to become like superheroes than we also must possess that quality.

But today we are powerless.We are a superhero without power.Because we cannot understand the meaning of power.We always take our body for granted but if we ask the blind person what superpower he wants he says the power of eyes.If we ask the deaf person what power he wants he is gonna say he wants hearing power and so on.

We always cry for things we don’t have.But there are people who want normal power as superpowers.Okay, let me ask you a question.If your any superhero than who is gonna be your biggest supervillain.Some say, Joker, some say Green Goblin, some say Magneto.

I say my biggest supervillain is ignorance.Ignorance of our power, ignorance of our quality, ignorance of not to help other people.

  • Clark Kent is also ignored about his power than his father’s memory gave him knowledge of his true power.
  • Bruce Wayne powers come to light from dark by Ra’s al Gul help ‘s and then he became Batman.

  • Oliver Queen became green arrow when the ignorance of his rich world end in the brutal jungle.

So if we look carefully than all superheroes once in their life overcome ignorance.Because ignorance kept us hide from our true power.So if you want to become like superhero than you have to overcome ignorance

And if I ask you what is gonna be your biggest superpower if you want to become any superhero.Than Some say flying, some say running fast, some say time traveling.But I want only one superhero power if you have that power than you have the power of every superhero and that power is “self-determination”.Every superhero has that.

  • Whether it is bruce banner who control himself from hulk by self determination.Or

  • Logan or Wolverine who always determined to help other despite always getting hurt by loved one.Or

  • Captain America who always self-determined to walk on the right path.

“Because by self-determination you can overcome every problem in your life.Without self-determination you are nothing”.

So if you want to become superhero then remove clouds of ignorance and let sunshine of self-determination upon you.So

“Now go and suit up”.

Fantasy World

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about something that everyone can relate to it.Whether it is rich or poor, intelligent or dumb, male or female.I said everyone.So let’s begin this.

People always live in two different world one is real world and other is there own fantasy world.

What is one’s fantasy world?

Fantasy world means living in our own thoughts.Generally, in these thoughts, people consider them as supreme or successful.

People say living in fantasy world destroy one‘s life.

Is it true?

I don’t think so “I say living in a fantasy world is better than living in real world”.

Some people have stopped reading this article after thinking that I live in fantasy world.

But how these people know what I am gonna write next? they assumed that I am living in my fantasies so I can say that you so-called real world living people also live in a fantasyland in your fantasy world I live in a fantasy world.

I say everyone lives in fantasyland.And living in fantasyland is better than living in real world.

Because for example, if you fantasies about living a luxurious life than you feel good just thinking about it.Then you work hard to achieve it but if you do not feel that luxurious than you cannot achieve it.


Fantasies = work hard

Some people might not agree with this theory.”They say if we live in fantasies we never gonna work hard”.

I say,

How do you know?

Because you also think and live in your own fantasy.

You always have to feel about success to achieve success.

If your fat person and you want motivation to do exercise than fantasy world is for you.If your fantasies about being fit and doing all thing that you cannot do because of your belly than you exercise.


Fantasy = motivation.

If the kid did not think or fantasies about getting a good grade.And how he feels? when he really gets good grades and getting appreciation from people.Then he is gonna work hard to achieve that goal.


Fantasy = good grade

Assume that you started a new business.You have everything good business plan, good product, trusted people, everything.

But business is not going good and you decide to close it.And one day you came home your in your pajamas. You think what if I just crack one good deal than I have few more time to increase my business these fantasies give you hope and next time you work harder, you think harder and if a little luck is with you then you definitely became successful.

But what if you live in real world and think it is not running for months then how it run next day and you close the business and your destiny.

So we can say that,

Fantasy = hope

Living in a fantasy world also give you instant relief and long-term benefit.Fantasy world is also like medicine which heals us and gives energy to us if we take proper doge but if we take in excessive amount than it became a drug and we get it addicted it.

I think,

The real world is bitter.


The fantasy world is sweet.

These two are sides of the coin.A coin is incomplete if it does have only one side.If your gonna toss this coin.
Sometimes you get real world.
Sometimes you get fantasy world.
But if you try to cheat and toss the coin to get a side of choice every time than you face consequences.

But living in fantasy world is not enough.Fantasy world and real world are two dots and you have to meet these dots and take fantasies from fantasy world to real world to become successful.

In end,

Work hard

Fantasies dark

The Dead Life Is Adventurous

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about life and death, no that seems boring and we humans never do anything boring so why not a make cocktail of life and death which is dead life.

So what is dead life???.

“Dead life is that when you are alive outside but you are dead inside”.

There was a time when life is antonyms of the dead but in today’s modern world dead is synonyms of life.I am saying that because we live our life like that. For example, we wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, college, office, work etc come home, eat dinner, we do it our homework, office work, sleep again and repeat that schedule again day like a machine, fix the schedule and we do it.

Many people agree with me.


But sorry I do not agree with you.

I think we all live an adventurous life like any other mission impossible or James Bond movie.

Definitely, we cannot fall from a building or catch a plane with the bike.But who wants it??? if you see the world in my byscope.

Come to my world,

Fare is 10 bucks for an hour.

Sorry, bad joke.

Okay no more kidding.

Seriously, come.

For example, If will smith son Jaden Smith star in a movie called ‘racist love’ in which he loves a pretty blonde, he first tries to impress that blonde.Once blonde is impressed. Then they decide to introduce each other to there families but family rejects there love.So they try everything they can do but families did not agree with them so they both marry without the happiness of the family.But in climax after 10 years.There is a scene where both’s family are playing on the beach with two kids of 4 and 7 years old and sunset in the background and the movie end.

How beautiful love story is it. Is’nt it???.We pay hundreds of bucks to see that movie and if we ask the audience what they saw in that film they say, pure love when black hero loves a white girl.They saw bravery when they fight for there love to there family and when family rejects them they feel sad.And in the end, they feel happy when they saw that all were together having a great time. Ohhh, lovely what a ride this movie is we say this movie has every emotion.

The audience, in the end, claps for there performance, some fill with the tear of joy, some whistles we can see lots of emotion in that movie hall.But I think what the …… is going on????.

Because these audiences have also done the same thing fell in love, fight for it, feel sad when got rejected.Feel happy when everything is good.But in the end or after some time they feel their life is dead.

Why??? because we are not seeing it the way it should be seen.But on the other hand in movies director shows everything larger than life, music in the background, fighting in blood etc.But “I don’t think so he shows that thing to us, no we saw that things” because we wanted to see that but we are so hopeless that when these exact same things happen in our life we cannot see it but we can see in the movie.

Everything in the movie is mind-blowing even when heroine farts its funny but in real life, if someone farts we say what a disgrace this person to society.That’s what I am trying to say if we live more our life like we enjoy a movie than we also feel our life more alive.I think going to the office is also adventurous.

because we don’t know what might happen next.You can meet your lady on the road to the office

Or you can meet with an accident.

When we read someone autobiography we say what a life he lived.In that autobiography we see his difficulties, happiness, sadness whole life of that person and if someone says if you want to live a life of that person you can say ‘yes, yes, yes’ even though knowing difficulties of his life you want to live his life.Because “its human nature we always consider food is more good on another person plate”.

A person cannot see his difficulties, sadness, happiness and consider his life more dead.And I think there is one more reason people consider their life is dead because they always want good to happens to them they do not want difficulties and if difficulties come they cannot fight with difficulty. They try to live with it and become sad and say that line my life is ……

“But on the other hand why we like the movie because in movie character comes across every emotion and difficulties and fight with them and win”.

Assume you’re in concert and singer tells his life story that he leaves his 9 to 5 job to pursue a career in his dream of becoming a singer.Then everyone is clapping, whitling, and encouraging that singer.

we say what brave man he is.But in our life, if someone does the same thing we say what a fool he is or why another person we cannot even leave these corporate jobs to pursues our dream and say my life sucks, my life is dead.

In the end, I am gonna say life is beautiful so live to its fullest live its every emotion do what you want to do.I know your not gonna learn like that.

You know what??? we learn everything better if we say In a style or in dialogue like in the movie.So for few seconds imagine I am a superstar in my expensive suit in my Austin Martin with my super hot girlfriend hmm that feel good.

so where are we??? yup and you’re going home and I came to you and say kiddo:-

Happiness +sadness+difficultyies+winning+losing+love+hate=life

I am sure if you have great imagination than your gonna remember that equation.