Human Body Inc.

Hello!!! Everyone, today there is a trend going on which is “everyone is starting their own company”.People are leaving their dream job to start a company of their own.

“The key to start a company and to make it successful is a strategy, hard work, and patience”.But after having all these things some people don’t get success.Because competition is very high, no matter what type of company you start.You really need some unique factor to make a company successful.

But according to me, we all have our own company before even we take birth.And this company stays with us until our death.

No, I am not talking about babies of rich people who born with a golden spoon.And whose parents start a company with their baby name even before their birth.To show the richness of there family to the world.

I am talking about normal people like us.We all have a company and this company itself work like some big multinational company and that company is our “human body”.So let’s see how a company or our human body work.

Before starting a company first, we planned that how we are gonna start a company.And what type of company we are gonna start.We plan everything from fundraising to the place where we are gonna start a company.And what type of strategies we need to make the company successful.

And if we take a closer look than we are gonna also find that all the planning we do before starting a company.Exactly same planning parents do before planning a child.Like, how much money is needed for the hospital bills, food, clothing when that baby comes to the world.And also like, we search for the land where we are gonna start the company.Parents also search that which room in the house is gonna be that baby’s room.So that baby is also gonna make fast progress like any other multinational company.

The most important thing to start the company and to run it properly is money.You can raise the money in the fundraiser event or you can even take a loan.

Exactly like that our body also needs food like the company needs money to run properly.So for “our human body company food is money“.

Now consider our company is started.And every company has some positions or titles.So if our human body is also company than our human body also has these company titles.So now Let’s take a look at some of the important company titles.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):-

“A CEO is a highest-ranking person in a company.CEO in the company is responsible for taking important decision for the company”.

Our body also has CEO which is our brain.The all-important decision of our body is taken by our brain.In short, we can say that “we do everything according to our brain”.

Chief Operating Officer (COO):-

“COO of the company is charged with taking care of day to day activities.COO directly reports to CEO of the company”.

“Whereas COO of our human body is nerves”.Nerves are cells called neurons, which make up our nervous system.Nerves are specialized cells – they carry messages from one part of the body to another, as tiny electrical signals.These messages are also known as nerve impulses. Do you want to run? Your nerves will tell your leg muscles to move.

COO take care of day to day activities of the company.And nerves take care of day to day activity of our body.Just like the COO of the company directly reports to CEO.Exactly like that nerves directly give all reports of our human body to brain to make that move in function.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):-

“The CFO of the company is responsible for all financial deals of the company”.

As we discussed earlier that food is money for our human body company.So the financial matter of our body which is food is taken care by the “pancreas”.So the CFO of our human body company is a pancreas.Which helps in the digestion of food.Pancreas converts the food we eat into the fuel for our body cells.Pancreas also takes care of how much food we need to run our body properly.

Exactly like that, CFO of the company take care of how much money company needs to run properly.Or where should a company invest to get the maximum profit.

Chief Analytics Officer (CAO):-

“The main job of a chief analytics officer is to analyze all the data of the company that how the company is making progress”.

“Whereas CAO in our body is our eyes”.Whose main function is to look and collect data that how our human body company is performing.

Chief Communication Officer (CCO):-

“The chief communication officer is the head of communications, public relations, and public affairs in the company”.

And our body has a mouth which is responsible for communication on behalf of our whole body.So, “the mouth is our chief communication officer”.

Just like chief communication officer deal with the public.But the statement they pass is predetermined by the company or CEO.

Exactly like that our mouth is the one who communicates with others.But the words which are coming out of our mouth is made in our brain.

These are the some of the important company titles.But these are not the ones who run the company alone.The main thing “which runs the company is workforce which normal people do”.And these people are known as staff or employees of the company.

Similarly, if our company that is our human body want to do something or if we want to go somewhere.Then this work is done by our hand and feet.“So we can say that our hand and feet are the staff of our human body”.

Every company has a board of directors.And these board of directors has the ultimate power to take actions for the company.”They can even have the power to fire these corporate title holder persons”.Board of directors work for the supreme welfare of the company.

The board of director of our human body company is our heart.”The heart is that organ of our body which circulates the blood throughout the whole body”.Without heart, we cannot image to live exactly like that without a board of directors we cannot imagine a company to run properly.

Generally, all decision of the company is taken by CEO.Exactly like that maximum decision of our body is taken by our CEO which is our brain.”But if our heart does not find that decision appropriate.Then our heart can null and void that decision means stop ourself to do that.And the board of directors of the company also has the same power of making the decision of the CEO invalid”.

If the coordination between the CEO and board of directors of the company is not good, then that company suffer badly.

And if the heart and brain of our body do not work together.Then we are not gonna be able to make a right discussion for our body.

If any company goes public then, that company get registered in the stock market.

And when our company which is our human body takes birth.We also have to register our company which is us to the government agencies.

Maximum companies have shareholders.A shareholder of the company is that person or institution who owns a share of that company.”The percentage of share that person or institute has, that percentage of that company they own”.

Just like that our human body also has some shareholders which are our family.Because our family also has some rights over us.They don’t own us.”But they are with us in happy and sad moments of our life.They also feel happy, when we are happy and they also feel sad, when we are sad”.

“Exactly like that if a company makes a profit then, shareholder also make a profit and if company go in loss then, shareholder also has to suffer loss”.

Every company has to face several difficulties in order to survive.And one of the main difficulty which every company has to face in every once and while is that company staff go on strike.If a company make a rule and employees are not happy with it or if they want raise.Then they show there protest by an organizing a rally or they go on a strike.And sometimes they also do violence in order to make their demands fulfilled.

And if we do something which is not liked by our body.Than organs of our body also go on strike and which causes usdiseases”.

If organs of our body go on strike then, our body gets affected.And if employees of any company go on strike then, that company is affected.

To become successful both company and the human body has to survive all these difficulties.And if they survive it than both organs of human body and staff of company becomes happy and satisfied.

Now let’s imagine if any company is going in a loss.Then that company does not have money to pay his employees.Due which employees of that company slowly-slowly started quitting.

The same thing happens to our body if, we do not provide food to our body.And if we do so, then slowly-slowly we started to lose our energy.

And now if any company is closed.Then its board of members, corporate title holder persons, staff members, employees, in short everyone who works at that company seeks a new job at another company.

And if our company which Is our human body dies.Then we can also transplant our organs into another human body or into another company.

In the end,

I am just gonna say that our human body is also as valuable as any other multi-billion dollar company and even more valuable.So don’t take our human body for granted.

So make strategy, always work hard and keep patience.And after doing all these things, who knows maybe any company of yours is gonna be on the top of Forbes list.


Time Stuck

Hello!!!, everyone today we are gonna talk about time.But we are not gonna talk only about time, we are gonna talk about time stuck.After listening to this word many people are thinking about that I am gonna talk about some science fiction thing just like Hollywood movies.

No, I am just gonna talk about our brain’s thought process but on which you can definitely make a high budget Hollywood film.

Our brain is a most powerful gift that we human can receive. Due to this brain, we are today very evolved and successful.we can give today’s modern world success credit to this brain.But one of major advantage or disadvantage of this brain is it cannot stop for a second so we always have thought in our brain.Whether this may be happy thoughts or thoughts of worried or sadness.

Many people reading this article “are either worried about their future or they are thinking about their past life like what golden time was that or what dark time was that”.We always think about this thing.These thoughts always revolve around our brain.Actually today we are in “time stuck”.

What is time stuck???.

“Time stuck means we always either live in future or in past but not in present time”.

We do not care about what is going on???.We care about what is gonna happen.Or we care about what has been happened.

For example, a businessman always cares about future that how he is gonna expand his business.And if after some time if his business falls he is gonna think about how big his empire was.But he never lived in present time whether he fell scary about his future or feel sad about his past.He never really enjoyed his wealth.”He always lives life in worry or sadness.Worry about future and sadness about past”.

“The people who live like this never enjoy their life.Time stuck is like a disease but the disease can be cured by medicine or medicine can also help in feeling less pain.But in time stuck you have thoughts in your brain and these thoughts cannot just run away like pain run away when we take medicine.This always stays with you 24×7″.

There are two type of people in time stuck:-

First one is those people “who always feel scary about thinking about there future”.But people never worry about there present time.They always worry about problems that might come in future they worry about what will happen?? if this happens.They are always worried about problems which are not existing.And these people called them as ‘prudent‘.

And they have reasons for became like this.They say if we do not care about future than we will be doomed.For eg, they say if we don’t worry about water problem than our future generations are gonna fight for drops of water.

I am 100% agree with these prudent.But only worrying is not solution.No, we have to stop worrying and start saving water.But people again say if you are not gonna worry about the problem than how you solve it.

But I say worrying is not solution working on the problem is the solution.

“No worrying, only working”.

And I say why not became only 30% prudent.In these way, we also worry about future and also enjoy present time.But some people again say why to worry about future why not just live present time???.”Because if we do not care about future’s problem than after some time that future problem is goona became a present problem”.

Now let’s come to second class:-

The people who think about their past. They spend most of their time in weather appreciating their past time or criticising it but never live in present time.They never understand joy or sadness in present time.And when this time passes than they are gonna think about this time.

For eg, if we did not go to college due to the financial situation and have to do work instead of studying but our financial problems are still there.So what we say if I had gone to college my financial situation is different today.But how is that possible if you have better financial situation than you have gone to college in the first place.They always think about there past time like that and always feel sad.

“We humans never understand the value of the present time we feel sad about thinking our past life because it is our nature to think about things which are not in our hands”.

Today we are so stuck in this time stuck that if someone gave us a time machine and say do what you want to do then we either go in past time to improve our mistakes.Or go to our future to see what life we are gonna live in future but we never enjoy or work hard in present time.

We even say that I am gonna work hard from tomorrow.Not today. Not this second.Tomorrow, or we think what if we did hard work yesterday how much of my work is completed today.

So how can we break this ‘time stuck’.I say we don’t have to break time stuck. Because sometimes we take more medicine than our perception than we definitely have its side effect, but it doesn’t mean that medicines are made to kill us but medicine is made to cure us.But it is because of our mistake we have to suffer its side effects.Just like that we have use time stuck so much that we are stuck in it.

So we just have to put this time struck into our ‘time watch’ so when we need we just have to look at our watch and feel how our future is gonna be or what mistakes is not worth repeating from past time.

“I say time stuck is most beautiful gift god given to us.Because in it we have experience of our past and hopes for future”.