Special Message

Hello, guys, I don’t know where to start, I haven’t posted in about 8 months but I have to post today because today is the birthday of the man who made this whole blog possible and that is my brother. You guys know I never post anything personal here but today I don’t know how can I wish my brother on his special day that’s why I am using this platform which is one of the best and lovable platform on the whole internet. He is the man who made this blog for me, he even edited my first two posts, he motivated me to write when I am low. He is always there for me not only for this blog but for everything. I always appreciate him in my heart but I never said this to him but today I am gonna say, my brother, I love you from my heart, happy birthday.

Jealousy Is Good

Hello!!! Everyone, today we live in a world in which no one is satisfied.No matter how good is our life, we never get satisfied with it.We always want more.In brief, “we can say that we want everything”.

And if we does not have any particular thing no matter of how big or small, precious or worthless, beautiful or ugly that thing is.“If we don’t possess that thing then, we became jealous of that person who has that thing”.

So what is jealous?

feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages.

Generally, people consider jealousy as a bad quality or emotion.People say that if you have jealous in you then, it might ruin your life.”Because if you have jealousy in you then, you never have mental stability”.And this happens because in jealousy we always want things which we don’t have.

But according to me, all the progress today we have made is because of jealousy.The credit of our anything and everything is goes to jealousy.

And the people who say that if we have jealousy in us then, we never have mental stability.But according to me, “sometimes we get jealous of that mental stability also”.

Let’s assume if you see a person with great mental stability and peace.Then what you feel? You definitely feel jealous of that person.And why you feel jealous? You feel jealous because “you also want that type of mental stability”.

So, we can say that we also get jealous for that thing also, that we are not getting is because of jealousy.

But according to me jealousy and mental stability have no connection at all.”Because jealousy means we want that thing which we don’t possess and other people possess”.

And wanting something is called “wish”.So, it is a wish and wishing for something is not bad.We always wish for things whether we are jealous or not.

And by this, we can say that jealousy is also a type of wish.

So, if we don’t wish for something or we don’t get jealous of something.Then, we never gonna get progress or success in our life.So, “now jealousy becomes an important key to success”.Right?

Some people don’t agree with me.They say we become successful and progressive “because of our hard work and creativity”.

I totally agree with you.But where did you get the motivation to become progressive and successful?

“Because doing anything needs motivation” no matter what you are doing.Whether you are going shopping or you are going in space, everything needs motivation.And if you look carefully then you are gonna find that you get motivation from the jealousy.

Let’s try to understand this by the following example:-

Assume that If your colleague in office has the best salary, bigger house, and the better car then you.Then what you feel? Then you became jealous of him.And you think “I am also like him then, why he has everything better than me”.

And in that jealousy, you try to find out that how he becomes so successful.In this way you became creative and then, you work hard to apply those creative things that how he become successful to become like him.

And by doing all these things in some time we also became successful like him or even more than him.So, “we get satisfied here but now we became jealous of some other colleague of ours who is more successful than us”.

So by these, we can say that jealousy is that emotion which never ends and so our progress and success.

“It is the nature of human being to get jealous”.You cannot control it, you cannot hide it, you cannot subdue it.And if you try to do any of the above things then, your playing hide and seek with nature.But remember in the end, nature wins all and every game.

“Some people say jealousy is bad but having healthy competition is good”.But according to me, no competition in the world is healthy.And the competition itself means you are jealous of that person whom you want to compete that’s why you are competing with that person.

So let’s try to understand this.But first of all, what does a competition mean?

the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others.

So, if you are trying to win over someone or trying to establish your superiority over them then, you are definitely jealous of them otherwise why you do this.

For example:-

In students, there is always feeling of “competition”.And this is because they always want more marks than others.They are always jealous of marks of other students.

If you ask any student that what is his/her goal in school life or in college life.Then maximum students say that “their ultimate goal is getting first place in their class, school or college”.

“They did not want to get good percentage.They just want that their percentage should be better than other students”.

If a student gets 95 percentage but another ten students also get 95 percentage.Then he did not become happy or satisfied with his percentage.

But if that same student gets 90 percentage and gets first position in his class.And the student who got second position in the class gets 85 percentage than, that student who got 90 percentage becomes happy.

So, he does not get happy when he scored more marks.But when he scored more marks than other students despite his own marks are less as compared to previous ones he becomes happy.

And why this happens? it happens because he is jealous of other students.

So, competition is just a fancy word for jealousy.

And according to me this jealousy or competition is good.And I am saying this because “in this jealousy you feel happy if you’re achievement is bigger then the achievement of the person you are jealous of”.

And if your achievement is smaller then, you try to make it big because of jealousy as we talked earlier.

But you people are thinking that in that example of that student he gets low marks and he becomes happy.And if this happens every time then, he cannot accomplish things as of his potential.

But who cares about accomplishing things if you are happy.Because in this world you cannot accomplish everything.”But if you are happy then, you have accomplished everything”.

So, jealousy is the road to happiness.

Generally, people say “we became jealous when we love someone or hate someone”.But according to me love or hate feeling does not have any connection in jealousy.

For example:-

If there is husband and wife and both works.But if the wife earns more money than husband then, the husband becomes jealous of her.”He loves her but he became jealous of her that, how much money she earns”.

So, we became jealous of a particular thing, not people.

We not only become jealous of things of peoples but we also become jealous of nonliving things also.

For example:-

Workers in factory become jealous of the machines of the factory.”That this machine is making 10 products per hour and we are only able to make 4 products per hour”.

And if those workers become jealous then, they work hard.”And by this jealousy they are able to make 6 products per hour”.

So, jealous means productivity.

But that’s not it, “we also became jealous of even ourself”.By thinking that in my younger days how much energy I possess, I have the ability to do anything.But today I cannot do anything.

And we also became jealous of “time” also.Like we say that college time was the best time of our life.But today we are just living just because we have to live.

So, we became jealous of only good things.

Some readers might be thinking that I am just trying to present jealousy with sugar coated and not presenting an actual side of jealousy.But if you look carefully then, this is also the side of jealousy.But we always only look at the negative sides of things.

Jealousy is definitely negative emotion.”But if we try we can channel it in a positive way to become successful”.


Be jealous.

Backlash Is Mascara

Hello!!! Everyone, In today’s world appearance, is a very important thing.”Everyone wants to look good”.And in order to achieve that, people are doing everything.Whereas In olden days if you’re not so good looking then you ask God that, why God has made you like that? And you always remain sad because of not looking good.

Whereas if you are not so good looking in today’s modern world.Then you don’t cry.”You just directly go to the mall and buy good looking face or in easy words, you buy cosmetic products or beauty products”.

So, what is a cosmetic product?

a preparation applied to the body, especially the face, to improve its appearance.

Male readers or the people who hate cosmetic products right now are thinking to stop reading this article.But if you like philosophy then, I think you might stay.And the people who hate philosophy but love cosmetic products then, I don’t think that I need to say to you to stay.

Generally, people consider cosmetic products as a thing to shine our body not our character.

And even the people who use beauty products also hate using beauty products.Still, they use it to shine their body.

But according to me, if you look carefully then, “you are gonna find valuable life lesson from beauty products also”.

There are a lot of beauty products like lip gloss, eyeliner, foundation, nail polish, blush and many more.And today we are gonna talk about “mascara”.

So, what is a mascara?

a cosmetic for darkening and thickening the eyelashes.

This is the definition of mascara.But I disagree with this definition.According to me, mascara is like backlash.

And what is a backlash?

a strong negative reaction by a people’s.

If you look carefully then, “your gonna find that backlash is also a beauty product but it is a beauty product for our character”.Just like mascara used to improve our appearance, backlash can also improve our character if we apply it properly to ourself just like mascara.

So, let’s see how to use mascara or backlash to improve our appearance or character.

Know about your eyelashes or your bad qualities:-

“Mascara is used to make our eyelashes beautiful”.So you have to understand that what type of eyelashes you have and what type of mascara you need to make the appearance of your eyelashes beautiful.

For example:-

If you have short lashes, look for a lengthening mascara with a smaller brush with thick bristles.And if you use a small brush for short lashes then it will help you to coat each lash perfectly.

And If your lashes are uneven in length or damaged then, use mascara which contains “phyto-keratin and panthenol”.Because the mascara which contains these ingredients helps in lashes to growth.So the use of mascara depends upon on your eyelashes.

Exactly like that first, “we also have to understand that for what thing we are receiving backlash from people”.Whether it is because of our way of talking, or because of our laziness, or because of any other bad quality.So, you have to understand that for what thing you are receiving backlash.And if you understand it properly then, you can work on it to improve yourself so that you cannot receive any backlash in future.


Different eyelashes = Different mascara.

Different backlash = Different solution.

Eyelash curler or mediation:-

If you wanted that you have perfect eyelashes then you need an eyelash curler.”Eyelash curler will lift your lashes due to which your eyes will look bigger and brighter”.

Exactly like that if you want your character to be perfect then, you need mediation.Because mediation will lift your thinking.”By which you understand better about why people are backlashing about you”.And due to which you can work on them.And if you do this then, your character will become bigger and brighter.


lift eyelashes by curler and character by mediation.

Other makeup or self-evaluation first:-

Before applying mascara apply other makeup first like eyeliner, eyeshadow.So that mascara cannot be smudge while applying these makeup.

Exactly like that first look at yourself that what negative or bad qualities you have and try to improve them.Afterward, listen to people’s backlash.


Do other makeup and self-evaluation first.

Excessive mascara or backlash:-

While taking mascara from tube wipe out excessive mascara on the tip of the tube.”Too much mascara can lead to clumping”.

“Exactly like that we also have to listen to people’s backlash in balance quantity and try to work only on them”.If you listen to each and every people’s backlash then your gonna became depressed and sad.


Wipe excessive mascara and backlash.

Open mouth and brain:-

Maximum people have fear of blinking of eyes while applying mascara.”So if you open your mouth wide then it is harder for eyes to blink”.

Exactly like that generally, people lose their cool or have fear of losing their cool, when people backlash about them.So “if you open your brain wide then, you will understand them better”.And if you do this then, you listen to there backlash with calm and cool nature.


Open your mouth while applying mascara and open your brain while listening to people’s backlash.

Roots of eyelashes or soul:-

Apply mascara to eyelashes with the help of a wand.”Wiggle the wand to the base of eyelashes so that most product apply to the roots of eyelashes”.By which they look longer and this keeps them from getting weighted down due to the product.

Exactly like that, you also have to apply backlash of people’s to roots of your soul.”Because if we put something in our soul then, we are always ready to improve that thing”.And in this case, that thing is our negative qualities for which we are receiving backlash.And if we do this, then it keeps our character from weighing down from negative qualities.


Apply mascara to the roots of eyelashes and backlash to the roots of soul.

A maximum number of the coating or bad qualities:-

Do not apply more than two coatings of mascara at one time.”Because more mascara you apply, more it causes the new coat to become a clump”.

Exactly like that always try to solve one negative quality at a time.If you try to improve everything at one time then everything becomes a clump.”And because of this, you became puzzled and due to which you cannot even solve one problem”.


Always remember the maximum number of anything.

Apply fully:-

Maximum time people generally apply mascara only to the center of their eyelid which causes an uneven look.”So always make sure to apply mascara to inner, outer, and middle lashes”.

“Exactly like that we also only improve some part of our negative quality”.For example, if someone says we are lazy and we come to the office late daily.Then we improve that thing by coming office on time.But we did not improve our whole bad quality.We still are lazy at other activities of our life like household works, or doing payments of bills on time, or going to meet someone etc.


Always do things fully not partially.

Remove mistakes with cotton swab or smile:-

While applying mascara if you get mascara on your face then allow it to dry.”Once it became dries then put a bit of moisturizer on a cotton swab and gentle spin the cotton swab on that mascara spot to remove it”.

Exactly like that if you are trying to improve your negative qualities for which you are receiving backlash.But if you’re not succeeding in improving them.Then don’t rush things.Everything takes time.Just smile and try again.”Becuase try again is like that moisturizer just put it on the cotton swab of smile and gentle spin on your negative qualities for which you are receiving backlash to remove them”.

But if you rush things to improve yourself.Then you might fail in doing that.Due to which you became sad and which leaves a stain on your character.And if we rush in removing that mascara spot without making it dry then, it will leave a stain on our face.


Cotton swab and smile is the key to remove problems.


“Comb your lashes to remove the clumps and try to do it when mascara is still wet”.This gives perfection to your eyelashes.

Exactly like that comb your qualities.So that clumps of negative qualities will never be in your character.”And always try to do this on a daily basis when things are still wet like mascara”.Don’t leave things for tomorrow, do it today.And if you do this then your character becomes perfect.


Comb eyelashes and character to remove any kind of clumps and to make them perfect.


The removal of mascara is also important.Because if you don’t remove it then, “it causes your eyelashes to become dry and due to which they fall out”.So, use eye makeup remover to remove mascara.

Exactly like that if you always and everytime get affected by the backlash of people’s then, “it might cause your happiness and peace to fall out”.So, use hard work to remove backlash of people’s.


Remove mascara and backlash.

My main motive for writing this article is that today “we became easily depressed and sad by people’s backlash”.Due to which we feel lack of inspiration for doing anything.But “if we change our perception then we can find inspiration in anything”.


“Now go and apply mascara or backlash to yourself”.

Unplanned Planning

Hello!!! Everyone 🙏, today we live in a world which is very fast growing.And due which the competition is very high in this world.And by this, we also have to

Why I always start my post like this? 😕

Why I always stretch my article like a rubber? 😕

Really that’s enough 😤, today I am gonna stop stretching and directly gonna come to the point.

But first of all,


“All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”.


maybe not 😟.

So I am saying that,

Let me think what I am saying,




My brain really works slowly 😭.

But you know what? I cannot write my post without stretching it like a rubber.

So, I am gonna again start stretching 😎.

And if you look carefully then you find that, that’s what I am doing from the start of this post 😉.

So, I am saying that today competition is very high in every field.And due to which we have to work hard to achieve anything.But only working hard is not enough to achieve anything in this world.”We must have a planning that how we are gonna achieve that thing”.

Without a plan, you cannot do anything in this world.And by anything I literally mean anything.From taking birth to death, From going to a funeral to the wedding, from eating to going to the toilet.We really need a plan to perform any activity.

*I am again stretching 😴*

And by the grace of the god, and all the good work we have done, Today everyone has a plan for everything.And by everyone I mean everyone and by everything I mean everything 😁.

Students have a plan that how they are gonna study to get good marks.Office workers have a plan that how they are gonna get a promotion.Housewives have a plan that how they are gonna manage their home.

Politicians have a plan that how they are gonna win the election.Filmmakers have a plan that how they are gonna make a blockbuster movie.Players have a plan that how they are gonna win the game.

I am doing that thing again.

And what is that thing?


*Stretching 😴*

But You know what?

This list can be as long as the great wall of China.

But we are not building any wall here to save ourself from any invaders.

But I definitely need a wall to protect myself from you peoples, for stretching my article so long and for wasting your time 😱.

So, I am saying that everyone has a plan.We wake with a plan and we sleep with a plan.Even now we have a plan that how we are gonna go to the toilet 😼.We plan it like if we are going to assassinate someone 😨.

( On a very serious note )

The people who are eating something right now.Please stop eating.Otherwise, your gonna throw up after reading to what I am gonna say next.

Like before doing murder of someone, murderer plan everything that where that person lives, what are his daily activities and how he is gonna assassinate that person.

We also exactly plan like that before going to the toilet that when that thing of our come.I am not gonna say the name of that thing 😯.We all understand what thing comes in morning.And I can tell you this by the naughty smile on your face 😈.

Everyone has a smile on there face right now even female readers.But in the comment section female readers are gonna say what a disgusting person I am for writing this kind of things 😡.

And when that thing comes we go to the toilet with our phone.Exactly like that murderer also go after that person he wanted to assassinate with his weapon.

And sometimes if that person who murderer wanted to assassinate comes late.So murderer quietly hides there with his weapon.In hope that when that person comes, he is gonna kill that person.We also do the same when that thing does not come on time.We also sit there quietly with our weapon.

And when that thing comes we apply our full pressure for that thing to comes out.Whereas the murderer also tries his best to kill that person when he comes.

And after killing that person murderer clear evidence and clean himself from the blood of that person.And we also clean ourself from….

Yuck, yuck, yuck

I am not gonna say the name of that thing 😡.

So, we also clear the evidence by a flush.

What a master plan we make before going to even a toilet.We really need to feel proud of this 👏.

And on this master plan Tom Cruise can even make a movie franchises with title “Toilet Impossible”.

Today everyone has a plan for everything.And not any ordinary or normal plan.

No, No, No,

Today we have a “full proof plan” for everything 😎.Even people nowadays have a plan that how they are gonna eat their dinner.They plan that first I am gonna eat that then, I am gonna eat that and then that.

I really don’t know the meaning of a full proof plan 😔.But the people who plan before even eat.They definitely need a leakage full proofing to their mouth who is salivating constantly, while they are making a plan by seeing food on their plate.They don’t eat it directly, they first make a plan for it.

Really standing ovation for the people who do it 👏.

You know what? Tom Cruise can even make a movie franchises on this topic also with the title “Eating Impossible”.

We have talked about two major things about humans and the planning we do it to perform them.And that things are “eating food and the process in which that eaten food wants to go out”.

Now let’s talk further.

Some people even make a plan before doing a kiss 💏.They a make so-called “full proof plan” before kissing someone 😎.They first practice kiss at home with their pillow.Then they eat lots of mouth freshener.And then they make disgusting faces in front of there girlfriend/boyfriend to realize them what they want.

Let me clear this to all of you one thing that I am not talking about myself in the above lines.

And this can also be served as the plot for next Tom Cruise movie franchises with the title “Kissing Impossible”.

“Today we spent so much time on planning things.That we did not have enough time left to actually do that thing”.

For example:-

If you go late to sleep because you’re finishing a presentation.And if you have to wake up early next morning also to go to the office for that presentation.Then you plan let’s sleep for 5 hours quietly, then I am gonna wake up and gonna go to the office for that presentation.And after some time if you don’t go to sleep then, you plan again let’s sleep for 4 hours then I am gonna wakes up then, 3 hours then, 2, 1.

You know what Tom Cruise can even make a move franchises on this topic also with title “Sleeping Impossible”.

“We do planning for planning”.Like we plan that tomorrow I am gonna make planning for that thing.

And we even do planning in the planning 😤.For example:-

If we are making a plan that how we are gonna get a promotion 😎.And in that planning, we suddenly started planning that what we are gonna do if we get promoted.And we spent so much time on planning that thing that what we are gonna do if we get promoted.That we did not even left enough time to even complete our present work 😔.Due to which we might even lose our job 😭.

And by this, promotion is very far away thing.Our future also comes in jeopardy 😨.

And the franchises which is based on this topic is gonna named “Future Impossible” and starring…..


“Planning of some people even doesn’t know the meaning of the word reality”.The reality present in their plan is as much as a reality present in today’s any reality shows 😉.

For example:-

There are people who plan that one-day valuation of their startup business is gonna be in billions of dollars.But if you ask them what did currently they do? So your gonna find out that currently, they are working in the corporate job of 9 to 5.

So, they did not even start their startup business yet.And they are directly planning that their company valuation is gonna be in billions of dollars one day 😂.

Really slow clap for you guys.

*C-L-A-P* 👏

*C-L-A-P* 👏

*C-L-A-P* 👏

It is really slow 😫.


And the name of franchises is gonna be “Reality Impossible”.

Some readers might be thinking that I am very irresponsible, spoiled and indisciplined person.Who do anything on anytime without planning.And I just hate the people who do things organized or planned way because I cannot do it.

But sorry to disappoint you 😔, I did not hate planning.I just hate the thing that we do planning in everything 😤.”We even do planning in enjoying things, happiness, peace and many more things”.But these things cannot be planned.

“We are doing planning in a very unplanned way”.We put ourself in so much planning that we did not even enjoy life.Enjoy is very far away thing, we cannot even live our lives properly due to the planning of everything.

So you all are ready to hear about Tom Cruise next movie franchises which is gonna be based on this topic with the title “Living Impossible”.

We plan things for next 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and so more.But who knows, we are gonna be able to live to go to the Toilet next time or not💀.

Planning is important.But planning also should be done in a planning way.

And if you talked about whether I am planned person or not.So I also made a plan 😟 but first, answer my one question which is

If I asked you whether I like Tom Cruise or not?

So what is your answer is gonna be?

You say I don’t like Tom Cruise.

And why you say so?

It is because I have made fun of him and his movies in my article.


But what if I say it is all the part of that plan which I made that I was talking about earlier.And which is making you people believe that I don’t like Tom Cruise.

And I think I really succeeded in my plan 😎.


*I am really a genius 😉*

But the reality is that I really adore Tom Cruise and his works.I just wanted to make sure you people that I don’t like him and I think I make you believed.

But this does not happen because of my planning.It happens because I wanted to do that.So if you wanted to do anything.Then, stop planning and start working.If you start working then, planning automatically happens.Because planning only never gonna led you anywhere but working will.So, we have to establish a balance between planning and working.


“Keep planning while working and now I am gonna stop stretching”.

Being Judgemental Is Bad.Really?

Hello!!! Everyone, Today we live in that world in which everything is right as well as wrong.”Everyone has different perception towards life”.

Maximum people today don’t know the thing they are doing is right or wrong, they just do it because they have to do it.

But some time ago there are only two things.Which is one is right and one is wrong.But now Nothing is right and nothing is wrong.Everything is right and everything is wrong.

In today’s world if you see something wrong than it is your fault.It is not the fault of that person who is doing wrong because according to that person he is doing right that’s why he is doing it.”Because everyone in this world does anything by considering that thing right”.

So, you cannot be judgemental in today’s world.And even no one wants to be judgemental.And if you are being judgemental than you have to face the hate of people.

But I say everyone one of us is the judgemental.No person in this whole world can claim that he/she is not judgemental.And being judgemental is not the thing to be ashamed of.But it is a quality and a good quality.Which you can show to the whole world with the feeling of proud.

But first let know the meaning of judgemental.

having or displaying an overly critical point of view.

Generally, people use word being “judgemental” in a negative way.But according to me forming an opinion is called being judgemental.Whether it is good opinion or bad opinion, both come in the definition of being judgemental.

First, let’s talk about the people who claim to be non-judgemental.According to me no one in this world is non-judgemental.Everyone has a brain and everyone has thought process due to which everyone forms an opinion about anything and everything.That opinion could be good or bad.And some people say their opinion, so some people kept their opinion inside.So by this, we can say that everyone is judgemental.Some accept that fact, so some keep lying about that.

According to me if your judgemental than it is good.But if you pretend to be non-judgemental, then it might gonna cost you someday.Let’s try to understand this by the following the example.

Assume that If your daughter brought a new dress and it is not looking good on her.But if you don’t want to be sound like judgemental.Then you say, that dress is looking good on her.

And if you say this, then you are gonna commit two mistakes.First one is you are telling a lie and another one is whenever your daughter is gonna wear that dress.She is not gonna look good and people are gonna make fun of her.

On the other hand, if you tell the truth and try to be judgemental and say to her that she is not looking good in that dress.So she might get little upset with you.But by telling truth to her, she will be saved from the world’s humiliation.

I don’t understand why people always think being judgemental as a negative remark.But according to me, we only become judgemental to the people we care about.

For example:-

If our kid makes a false excuse for not going to the school because of stomach ache then, we become judgemental and say, “you never had a stomach ache when you go to play with your friends”.

But what if your neighbour says to you that his kid has not gone to school because he has a stomach ache then, you don’t give a damn because you don’t care about the neighbour’s kid.

But on the other hand, you become judgemental at your kid.You scold him because you care about him and you know if he doesn’t go to school then, he might not become successful in his life.

But some readers might be thinking that we also being judgemental towards the stranger people on the road or towards the celebrities but, we did not care about them.

Yes definitely, we are judgemental towards the stranger people.But it is because we feel connected to them in some ways.We might not know him or nor have any relations with them before.But when we see them on the streets for the first time we feel connected to them in some ways.Whether it is because of there appearance, clothes, or their way of talking or walking.And by that, we start to care about them.

And if we talk about celebrities then we either hate them or love them.And if you have any of that feeling then you became judgemental.

Because caring about someone always does not mean that we love that person or we always wanted good for that person.Sometimes if you hate someone then also you started to care about them that what problems he is having in his life and if he is having any problem, then we became happy by thinking that he is in trouble.

Let’s try to understand this more by the following example:-

If you hate someone and if the business of that person you hate fails, then what you say?.You say I know the person like that cannot become successful in his whole life.And if you do so then you become judgemental.

We humans always want to achieve something unique or great in our life.And for that we work hard, we humans can work hard but we cannot bear a negative remark from someone.

If someone becomes judgemental about you.Then if you like that judgment then accept it, but if you don’t like it then forget it.But who are you to say to the people that don’t be judgemental.Everyone has views, sometimes it is good so sometimes it is bad.

People say that judgemental people always be judgemental.They never become happy or satisfied with us, whatever we do.But I don’t think so.According to me, if someone is being judgemental about us then, there is definitely mistake in us.
But we never see our mistake, we always see other people’s mistake.And in this case, we are also seeing other people’s mistake.Which is they are being judgemental.

For example:-

If a student gets 99 marks out of 100 in a subject.Than judgemental people say, that student is still not perfect in that subject.And they are right because that student did not get full marks.That student has done a brilliant job no doubt but still, he has not got full marks.So how can we say that student is perfect in that subject.So the judgemental people are true.

And if you don’t like people’s judgment, then why you listen to them.But in your heart you also know that they are true, that’s why you always try to satisfy them.

For example:-

If you bought a new watch and 100 people compliment you.But if one person makes a negative remark about your watch.Then you always remember that negative remark of that one person.But you are not gonna remember the compliment of that 100 people.

And if next time you again brought a new watch.And if this time 200 people compliment you, but you never get satisfied with your watch until listening to comment of that person who made a negative comment on your first watch.

“And in the process of satisfying judgemental people, we work hard due to which we achieve the things we cannot even expect of”.And in this case of that student who got 99 marks.If that student listened to judgemental people and work hard then, definitely that student is gonna get 100 marks next time.

On the other hand, if we only praise that student for getting 99 marks.Then he might become overconfident by that praise due to which he becomes lazy.And by this, that student study less, which result that student in getting low marks.

And if we look carefully then we also find that we only get affected by the judgement of the people we care about, we know or we love.

For example:-

If you are going on the road and a so-called mad person came to you and say you cannot gonna do anything in your life, you are always gonna remain a loser.So what you do? you just ignore him, right? but why you do so.”It is because you don’t know him, you don’t love him and definitely, you did not care about him”.

But on the other hand, if your family say this thing to you that you cannot gonna do anything in your life, you are always gonna remain a loser.Then you say you are always being judged by your family.And you also feel sad after listening to this but why you feel this?.You feel like this because you know your family, you love your family, you care about your family.And by this all things you have some good exception from your family.

So we can say that we hate judgement of people because we always expect good comments about us.And if someone criticises us then, we feel a victim of judgement.And if someone praises us then, we suddenly fall in love with that praise or judgement.

And this happens because of nature of human being to always want good.And if something bad happens then, we human beings cannot digest that bad thing.

But some people might not find my above example appropriate and say, how can I compare judgement of mad person to judgement of whole normal family.They further say that, how can the judgement of a mad person can be correct.

And if you say this then, you are also being judgemental about me.

And by saying above line I am being judgemental about you, by thinking that you might be judgemental about me.

So this proves that everyone is judgemental.

And according to me, no judgement is correct or incorrect.Judgement is judgement.Sometimes if you find a judgement correct, but maybe that same judgement is incorrect in eyes of someone else.And sometimes you find a judgement correct, so someone else finds it incorrect.”In the end, it is all the game of perception”.

If you want to be successful in life then, you must have the guts to listen to people’s judgment.Because if you listen to only good things about you then, you’re never gonna become successful in life.Because in order to become successful you have to improve your bad qualities.

And if you don’t listen to people’s negative judgement then, you are never gonna be able to know about your bad qualities because everyone thinks that he/she is perfect.

As I mentioned earlier being judgemental is a quality.Because when you become judgemental then, you look at the all perspective of the thing which you want to be judgemental.

But being judgemental is like a diamond, more you polished it.It has more value.Just like a diamond is extracted from a coal mine.So if you have to achieve anything in your life which is a coal mine, from there you have to extract yourself like a diamond and afterward, we have to polish ourself.And if you do this than everyone respects your judgement no matter of good or bad.

Being judgemental is good, but we always have to be judgemental at someone by putting ourself in that situation first.That what we do if we are in that situation.Because judgemental means putting a view on someone by looking at all perspective.Like in a court, the judge only make the judgement after listening to all trials, statements, and evidence.He does not make judgement after listening to one statement.

“The only bad quality associated with being judgemental is that you only become judgemental towards other people.You cannot become judgemental of yourself.If you became judgemental towards yourself”.

Then you achieve new heights in your life.Because when you become judgemental towards mistakes of your life and try to improve them then,your gonna become more successful than ever.

So, became judgemental towards yourself.So that, no one else can become judgemental towards you.

Human Body Inc.

Hello!!! Everyone, today there is a trend going on which is “everyone is starting their own company”.People are leaving their dream job to start a company of their own.

“The key to start a company and to make it successful is a strategy, hard work, and patience”.But after having all these things some people don’t get success.Because competition is very high, no matter what type of company you start.You really need some unique factor to make a company successful.

But according to me, we all have our own company before even we take birth.And this company stays with us until our death.

No, I am not talking about babies of rich people who born with a golden spoon.And whose parents start a company with their baby name even before their birth.To show the richness of there family to the world.

I am talking about normal people like us.We all have a company and this company itself work like some big multinational company and that company is our “human body”.So let’s see how a company or our human body work.

Before starting a company first, we planned that how we are gonna start a company.And what type of company we are gonna start.We plan everything from fundraising to the place where we are gonna start a company.And what type of strategies we need to make the company successful.

And if we take a closer look than we are gonna also find that all the planning we do before starting a company.Exactly same planning parents do before planning a child.Like, how much money is needed for the hospital bills, food, clothing when that baby comes to the world.And also like, we search for the land where we are gonna start the company.Parents also search that which room in the house is gonna be that baby’s room.So that baby is also gonna make fast progress like any other multinational company.

The most important thing to start the company and to run it properly is money.You can raise the money in the fundraiser event or you can even take a loan.

Exactly like that our body also needs food like the company needs money to run properly.So for “our human body company food is money“.

Now consider our company is started.And every company has some positions or titles.So if our human body is also company than our human body also has these company titles.So now Let’s take a look at some of the important company titles.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):-

“A CEO is a highest-ranking person in a company.CEO in the company is responsible for taking important decision for the company”.

Our body also has CEO which is our brain.The all-important decision of our body is taken by our brain.In short, we can say that “we do everything according to our brain”.

Chief Operating Officer (COO):-

“COO of the company is charged with taking care of day to day activities.COO directly reports to CEO of the company”.

“Whereas COO of our human body is nerves”.Nerves are cells called neurons, which make up our nervous system.Nerves are specialized cells – they carry messages from one part of the body to another, as tiny electrical signals.These messages are also known as nerve impulses. Do you want to run? Your nerves will tell your leg muscles to move.

COO take care of day to day activities of the company.And nerves take care of day to day activity of our body.Just like the COO of the company directly reports to CEO.Exactly like that nerves directly give all reports of our human body to brain to make that move in function.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):-

“The CFO of the company is responsible for all financial deals of the company”.

As we discussed earlier that food is money for our human body company.So the financial matter of our body which is food is taken care by the “pancreas”.So the CFO of our human body company is a pancreas.Which helps in the digestion of food.Pancreas converts the food we eat into the fuel for our body cells.Pancreas also takes care of how much food we need to run our body properly.

Exactly like that, CFO of the company take care of how much money company needs to run properly.Or where should a company invest to get the maximum profit.

Chief Analytics Officer (CAO):-

“The main job of a chief analytics officer is to analyze all the data of the company that how the company is making progress”.

“Whereas CAO in our body is our eyes”.Whose main function is to look and collect data that how our human body company is performing.

Chief Communication Officer (CCO):-

“The chief communication officer is the head of communications, public relations, and public affairs in the company”.

And our body has a mouth which is responsible for communication on behalf of our whole body.So, “the mouth is our chief communication officer”.

Just like chief communication officer deal with the public.But the statement they pass is predetermined by the company or CEO.

Exactly like that our mouth is the one who communicates with others.But the words which are coming out of our mouth is made in our brain.

These are the some of the important company titles.But these are not the ones who run the company alone.The main thing “which runs the company is workforce which normal people do”.And these people are known as staff or employees of the company.

Similarly, if our company that is our human body want to do something or if we want to go somewhere.Then this work is done by our hand and feet.“So we can say that our hand and feet are the staff of our human body”.

Every company has a board of directors.And these board of directors has the ultimate power to take actions for the company.”They can even have the power to fire these corporate title holder persons”.Board of directors work for the supreme welfare of the company.

The board of director of our human body company is our heart.”The heart is that organ of our body which circulates the blood throughout the whole body”.Without heart, we cannot image to live exactly like that without a board of directors we cannot imagine a company to run properly.

Generally, all decision of the company is taken by CEO.Exactly like that maximum decision of our body is taken by our CEO which is our brain.”But if our heart does not find that decision appropriate.Then our heart can null and void that decision means stop ourself to do that.And the board of directors of the company also has the same power of making the decision of the CEO invalid”.

If the coordination between the CEO and board of directors of the company is not good, then that company suffer badly.

And if the heart and brain of our body do not work together.Then we are not gonna be able to make a right discussion for our body.

If any company goes public then, that company get registered in the stock market.

And when our company which is our human body takes birth.We also have to register our company which is us to the government agencies.

Maximum companies have shareholders.A shareholder of the company is that person or institution who owns a share of that company.”The percentage of share that person or institute has, that percentage of that company they own”.

Just like that our human body also has some shareholders which are our family.Because our family also has some rights over us.They don’t own us.”But they are with us in happy and sad moments of our life.They also feel happy, when we are happy and they also feel sad, when we are sad”.

“Exactly like that if a company makes a profit then, shareholder also make a profit and if company go in loss then, shareholder also has to suffer loss”.

Every company has to face several difficulties in order to survive.And one of the main difficulty which every company has to face in every once and while is that company staff go on strike.If a company make a rule and employees are not happy with it or if they want raise.Then they show there protest by an organizing a rally or they go on a strike.And sometimes they also do violence in order to make their demands fulfilled.

And if we do something which is not liked by our body.Than organs of our body also go on strike and which causes usdiseases”.

If organs of our body go on strike then, our body gets affected.And if employees of any company go on strike then, that company is affected.

To become successful both company and the human body has to survive all these difficulties.And if they survive it than both organs of human body and staff of company becomes happy and satisfied.

Now let’s imagine if any company is going in a loss.Then that company does not have money to pay his employees.Due which employees of that company slowly-slowly started quitting.

The same thing happens to our body if, we do not provide food to our body.And if we do so, then slowly-slowly we started to lose our energy.

And now if any company is closed.Then its board of members, corporate title holder persons, staff members, employees, in short everyone who works at that company seeks a new job at another company.

And if our company which Is our human body dies.Then we can also transplant our organs into another human body or into another company.

In the end,

I am just gonna say that our human body is also as valuable as any other multi-billion dollar company and even more valuable.So don’t take our human body for granted.

So make strategy, always work hard and keep patience.And after doing all these things, who knows maybe any company of yours is gonna be on the top of Forbes list.

Audio > Video

Hello!!! Everyone, today we are in the world which is making advanced significant changes every day.

And if we talk about technologies in the videos than we have IMAX, 3d, 4dx, 4d, 4k resolution and lot more advanced technologies.In short we can say that every day a new technology is coming out.

But what if I say audio is better than today’s modern world advanced video technologies.Leave, advanced video technologies I say the audio format is better than the video format.

So first let’s talk about audio.What is an audio?

sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced.

Let’s imagine if you are listening to a song in only audio format.Then what you feel? I am gonna say what I experienced if I am listening to any song in only audio format.

While listening to that song I imagine 10 different scenarios of that song in my mind.That how the video of that song can be.

On the other hand, if I am listening to the song and watching its video.Then I am only seeing and thinking about that images which are coming in the video of that song.The period in which I am watching that song’s video my imagination power has completely stopped.This is because “my brain is also busy in watching that video with me”.

Some people say that I am saying exact same thing people say about reading the book.But if you read the book then you have to imagine a scenario or if you have good imagination than a scenario come to your mind.But only one type of scenario came to your mind while reading a book.And if you want more scenarios or images then you have to stop reading that book and have to think about it.

On the other hand, if you listen to audio than a reel of images or scenario started in your mind.You don’t have to think about scenario while listening to audio.Scenario automatically came to your mind while listening to audio.

Whereas if you watch any video then you cannot even think of one scenario or even blurred scenario.

It is because when you listen to audio your brain imagination power remains free.And also your brain automatically creates a scenario based on what have you heard through ears.It is easy for the brain cells to create an image through listening to words.

On the other hand, if you are watching a video.Then first of all your mind engages in understanding that’s what is going on in the video.In this way, your brain imagination power becomes slow due to which your brain cells find it difficult to imagine while watching videos.

This is all for if you want to increase your imagination.But if you want entertainment than, do what you like most.

But I say I like audio more even when I want entertainment.And I know you guys are thinking that I am just saying that just to justify my article.

But if you don’t believe me than gonna try to do it by yourself.What you have to do to feel like that?.You just have to wear your headphone and try to listen to any music, speech, or radio show anything you want.When you are listening to anything.You just have to try to concentrate on each and every word.If you do it then you are gonna find a slideshow of images started in your brain.And if you have that slideshow of images in your brain then “you are gonna feel every word you listen comes to alive”.

In this way, you are gonna feel more relaxed and calm because when we feel something it has maximum impact on us as compared to things which we only see.

We talked about entertainment.Now let’s came to some serious business.

If your among the person who does not remember things after reading so many times.Whether you are a student who does not remember his books or office worker who does not remember his presentation or housewife who always forgotten to buy something when go to shopping.

Then, listening to audio is really for you.

For eg:-

If you are student who finds difficulty in learning books.Then if you record your books and listen to it.Then it might be easy for you to memorize it.

You people are thinking if we learned so easily by just listening to the recorded audio of books.Then why cannot we watch videos related to our study?It might be even more easy for us to learn our books if we watch videos related to our books.

Okay, so you think by watching videos you are gonna remember things easily.But I don’t think that this is gonna happen.Why I am saying like this?.You are gonna understand this by the following example:-

We all watch movies and sometimes we watch a particular movie 3 to 4 times or even more times.But no matter how many times you watch a movie you are never gonna remember each and every word which is said in that movie.You are definitely gonna remember scenes but not every dialogue of the movie.

On the other hand, if you listen to audio talk show you are gonna remember maximum words, not an exact copy.But you remember a maximum talk of that talk show.

This is because when we watch videos our brain concentrate on the scene and try to understand what is in the background of the scene, it’s color, it’s format, it’s decoration and many things and in this way, our brain loses its focus.And by this we cannot capable of learning things while watching videos.

Whereas if you listen to audio than your brain has only one work which is memorizing the words which are playing in the audio.So your mind did not get distracted by any other background which plays in the video.Due to this, you learn things easily while listening to audio as compared to watching a video.

Let’s not also forget the part if you’re doing the whole study then you have to listen to audio 3 to 4, hour daily.But if you listen to mild audio than you don’t get any physical problem.And you feel even fresh or little tired after studies.

But if you watch video for that long then your eyesight might become weak.And also there is a chance that you have to face the problem of a headache for several times for watching video continuously for that long time on daily basis.

But people say if you can learn from audio so much.Then how come you do not learn from your teacher in school, she also teaches us while speaking and we listen to it like an audio.

This is because your teacher teaches you in a class full of distraction.Whether it is your friends or your crush.And to learn anything you have to concentrate on things which you cannot do it in your class full of distraction.

I think the great example to prove my point that audio is better than the video is blind person.if we look carefully then “we find that blind person has more memorizing power than normal people.And if we talk about creativity then we cannot even think of the creative things they do”.

Blind person memorize anything which they hear in there life.They always remember maximum things which they heard until their death.For eg, if a person speaks one time to the blind person.And then never speaks to him for years and when he meets him again after many years.That blind person is gonna recognize him just by his voice.Which he heard many years ago.

On the other hand, we normal people who can see, cannot remember person’s face just by a single meeting, leave single meeting.If we have met him several time before.But We cannot remember him if he suddenly met us after some year has passed.

This all happens due to a blind person try to remember that person by words or voice of him.Which is easy for our brain to remember.Whereas we try to remember that person by his face.Which is difficult for our brain to remember that person’s whole face.So “we can say that the things which we hear have more impact on us than the things we see”.That means audio is little better than video.

I know some readers might be thinking that I have done an unfair comparison.Because a blind person has more developed hearing sense than us.

Yes, definitely he has the more developed hearing sense.Not because he has this gift from God.But because he worked on it.And over the course of a period of time, he practices it and makes it even more perfect.

But today we normal people do not try to make our senses more perfect.We just get satisfied with what we have.We do not work harder to get more.If we try then we can also make our sense like that blind person.

Some people might be thinking that I just hate advanced technology and changes.That’s why I am supporting audio and pointing out the disadvantages of the video.

But it is not like that.I did not hate advanced technology.I just wanted to put “advantage of audio” in the spotlight.Which we have forgotten in the glamour of video.

In the end,

I am just gonna say that each and everything in life has importance.Never ignore anything or anyone’s importance.And it is also applied to both audio and video.

I think I have proved my point that audio is better than video.But just like I say in the above line everything and everyone has importance in life.



Voices of the brain into the audio.
Views of the eyes into the video.

And combine them, to get the astonishing result in life.

Selfless Is Selfish

Hello!!! everyone, In this article, I am gonna try to ‘shaken‘ your thoughts.So if you want to be ‘shaken‘ than read this article.

Otherwise please go if you do not want a new perception of life and if you want.Come, the path is ready.So let’s go together,

“We always try to become ‘good’ whether it is inside of us or outside”.We can become good on the outside by applying makeup on our face, we can improve our body by doing gym, or eating healthy food.

But that’s not enough.We also wanted to improve inside of us like our brain.We can improve the capacity of our brain by doing mental exercises.

But only increasing our mental capabilities is not improving ourself on inside.To really improve ourself we have to feel good inside and how can we feel that?.

By doing good for others.Yup, that’s right by doing a selfless act.

But actually what is selfless act???

concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own is called selfless act.

Everyone tries to do this selfless act.Even the biggest evil person in his whole life at least one time he tries to do something selfless.Leave humans, even animals are selfless.They always love their owners without any exception of the prize.

But what if I say,

“No deed in this world is selfless”.

Yup, I know your thinking I am a very lonely writer who does not have someone to be loved or somebody to give love.And who does not care for anybody.So how I know the meaning of selfless?

But I say relax guys.First, give me a chance to explain myself that why I am saying that no deed is selfless.

I am saying like that because we are made like that.We are only made to improve ourself, not others.If we help someone there is definitely gonna be our own benefit is behind it.Whether we know it or not.

Our brain is both constructive and destructive but we are only using it’s the least capacity.Sometimes we do things without even knowing why we are doing these things.

For example:-

If we gave some bucks to charity.Then this is called selfless act.Right?

But I think we gave our money to charity because there are two reasons:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

In the first scenario, we feel good that we have given money for good cause.Then how it became a selfless act, in this case, you’re giving money to feel good about yourself.

In the second scenario if you are giving money to charity.Then you think if I do something good than something good will happen to me that’s what we have been taught.So we are doing this in hope to help ourself.

But some people not agree with my theory.As usual, these people say “they do charity not to feel good nor to expect good” than why you do I say?

As I mentioned earlier our brain is both constructive and destructive.We do all things according to our brain.We humans cannot do anything without a purpose.”Sometimes you think you know purpose sometimes you don’t”.

The people who say they do charity just to do charity either they are lying or they truly don’t know why they are doing.But in the corner of their brain, they know why there are doing.They just keep dust on that secret.

Alright, let’s take another example:-

People say parents made selfless sacrifices for their children.But first of all, if they are their own children then how sacrifices they make are selfless?.It is our quality to do good for our loved ones but that is not a selfless act.I say it is a selfish act.Because selfish act means:-

lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

And in this case, parents did sacrifice for their own kids.So that they became a good person and successful in life.And if they became a good person and successful in life.In the end, parents are the one who is celebrating more than kids.So how cannot be its one’s own personal profit.

But what if we help a stranger.Then again we do these for two things:-

To feel good.


To expect good.

People say the true statue of the selfish act is animals.But I say no, they are not.They do anything whether it is to love you or they play with yourself.Because either they want something from you or they love you.

If they want anything from you whether it is food, love, shelter.Then how it is selfless? And if they love you then it is there own personal profit because everyone always care about their loved ones.

But I think selfish acts are better than selfless.Because in the selfless act you do not care much.But in the selfish act, you go to the extreme to do something.

For example:-

The soldiers of our nation fight for ourselves.They sacrifice their comfort, their family love for ourselves, even they sacrifice their own life for us.So they are selfish for other peoples.

But what if they became selfless and think why I care about other peoples life?.Then what will happen?

So I can say that I want to become selfish like that soldier.Or I want to become selfish like that fireman who is selfish about saving people by taking danger on his own life.Or I want to become selfish like that animal who can do whatever it takes to save his master if he is in danger.

“I say being selfish is more important than being selfless”.

Because if our family become selfless for us.Then they don’t go ‘extreme’ for us.But if they are selfish then, they put their maximum effort to make ourself ‘successful’.

I say being selfless is like that ‘water particles’ on our car’s windshield in the rainy season just like that water particles cannot allow ourself to look at the world.Exactly like that being selfless cannot allow ourself to look at the true meaning of the word the ‘selfish’.

If you think your selfless than it’s for your own good.But if you want to make a world better place than you have to become selfish for the world.

If you want to make your loved ones successful, then become selfish for your loved ones.If you want to make environment pollution free, then become selfish for the environment.If you want to save animals then, become selfish for animals.

“I say being selfish is the beautiful gift.If We use it in a positive way, then we can make a great future for our childrens and for ourself”.

But we have to take care of one thing which is if you become selfish.Than became selfish like that you don’t hurt anyone.

In the end, I am gonna say one thing which is “become selfish for the loved ones and become selfless for the people who you hate”.

If you do that then you push your limits for the people who you love or for the people your selfish.And if you became selfless for the people you hate than you don’t care about them and if you don’t care about them than you don’t want to hurt them.Because if we do not care about something then we nor want good or bad for that thing.So,

Became selfish in a selfless way”

Become Gravity

Hello!!! Everyone, today we are gonna talk about science.Science is very tricky subject some people love it.So some hate it.The people who love science then it is good for you.

But people who don’t love science let’s try to make you fall in love with science.So for those people who don’t love science let’s convert science into philosophy in this article.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy.Let’s give this an article a read, not for understanding philosophy but for the sake of science.

So if we are talking about science.So the people who love science say “science is in each and everything”.True, but we cannot talk about each and everything in this post.So let’s talk about one of the most important scientific thing which is “gravity”.

What is gravity?

the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.

So if we are gonna go through its scientific thing.Then people who don’t like science are gonna stopping reading and otherwise, also we all have read about gravity in our student life.We all have studied its advantages and disadvantages.

But one thing which is not taught in our study is that if you want to be successful in life than you have to become gravity.

Yup, gravity, so let’s talk about keynotes about gravity.And how can becoming like gravity help us in becoming successful.

  • Constant force :-

Gravity is the “constant force” which keeps the thing in place.So if you became gravity than you are the one who keeps things in constant place in your life.Which things in your life are your “emotions”.Which is anger, joy, sadness, happiness.You cannot just release this emotions at any time.You have to take control of your emotions in your hands if you want to succeed in life.

And I am not saying that you don’t have to release this emotions for your whole life.In my opinion, “you just have to let them out at right time not any time”.

For eg, if you are getting ready for your big presentation today at the office.And you came to know that your son got failed in exams and if you get angry towards him at that time.

Then you lose your focus and it might also badly affect your presentation.And let’s assume that you get angry towards your son and scolded him badly.But after some time you are definitely gonna feel guilty after all he is your son.And your presentation also gets affected by that guilt present in your mind.

On the other hand, if you get your anger under control and try to remain calm at that time.And thinks that first go to the office, give a presentation nicely, and in the evening let’s talk to son about his studies.

If you keep that thinking in the mind and go to the office.Than your definitely gonna give a nice presentation.

And If your son sees that you go to the office without scolding him.Then he might also feel guilty that he led you down by getting failed in exams.And if that thought came in his mind than he will definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

And what if that guilty did not convince him to study hard?.Then you have a backup plan which is scolding him in the evening.And by the hangover of a cocktail of his guilt and your scolding, he is definitely gonna study hard to get good marks.

  • Formation of group :-

Gravity is the main reason for stars to come together and form a galaxy.

So by becoming like gravity, you were able to form an organization of people and with the help of that organization.You can achieve things in your life which is beyond your imagination because “real power is in an organization”.

  • Gravitational potential energy :-

Gravity has “potential energy” due to which every object has “gravitational potential energy” because of where it is situated.In easy words, every object has energy because it is located in gravity.So with help of this energy when the roller coaster is started they directly came to the ground without any further requirement of energy.

So if we can provide that gravitational potential energy to our loved ones.And that gravitational potential energy for our loved ones is our “good qualities”. If we can provide them our good qualities because they are in our gravitational field.So they also became successful in life and by seeing this we have the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.”Because we always worry about our family more than ourself”.

  • Atmosphere :-

Gravity helps the earth in retains its atmosphere.Just like that if you if you have some qualities in you.Then you can become like gravity and with the help of that, you can choose people who you want to have in your life or in your atmosphere.

  • Muscle growth :-

Gravity helps our body in calcium production and muscle growth.So if we became like gravity than we were also able to develop good qualities in ourself.Just like that a force of gravity help in our body growth.So if we have a force in ourself to become successful than this force helps us in building good qualities and character.

Just like the light has darkness, sunshine has clouds, positive has negative, being gravity also has disadvantages.

  • Gravity force keeps us on earth by these we cannot be able to fly.Just like that if you have the gravity of bad habits than it stops you from flying in the sky of happiness and success.

  • Just like the earth has gravitation force moon and sun also have gravitation force.Which has an effect on earth due to which it causes tides in the ocean on a full moon.Because they have much stronger gravitational force than earth.Just like that if we do not have the strong gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might have tides of what to do? or what not do in our life? And if those tides occur in life than we were never gonna get successful in life.

And if we have the weaker gravitational force of good qualities in us.Then we might get attracted to bad things in our lives and started walking on the wrong path.

  • If we fall than we get hurt this happens because of gravity.So if you have the gravity of bad things in you.Then it stops you from becoming successful and causes you to fall and get hurts.

  • Gravity of earth attracts asteroids which causes harms to earth.So if you have strong gravity in yourself and become successful.Then you might attract a lot of people who wanted to harm you and your family.

  • Just like you have the gravity of qualities.Other people also have that gravity and if they have strong gravity than you.Then they might attract things from you which you love.

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages.It is up to us want we take from that thing.But in the end, we can say that gravity has more advantages than disadvantages.

So after all this, we have another definition of gravity which is:-

The ( force ) which is our good qualities that attracts a ( body ) which is success towards, the ( center of the earth ) which is us, or towards ( any other physical body having mass ) which is anything like happiness, joy etc.

After reading this article I think the people who hate science started thinking that science is not so bad after all.And the people who love science but don’t understand philosophy also came to know a little bit about philosophy.


Become Gravity.


Become loser.

Splitting Movies

Hello!!! Everyone 🙏, today we are gonna talk about the thing which every single one of you likes whether you are male or female, teenager or adult, black or white, no matter which language you speak, no matter which religion you follow you always wanted to that things all day 😉.

No, no, no,

I am not talking about getting high 😓.

I am talking about watching a movie 👌.

Yup, every one of us like watching a movie.And if I personally tell you my experience than I say I love watching movies.After a hectic stressful day, I just go home, change my clothes just wear underwear and watch the movie sitting on my couch with fast food in my hands.

By the way, don’t image that image of me in underwear I am a little shy person 😳.

So if we talk about the movies there are many genres of the movie which are romantic, comedy, adult comedy, fantasy, historical period movie, action, romantic comedy, science fiction.In short, everything you do in your life, it has a genre in movies.

So that day is not very far away when we have a movie genre named toilet.But what type of film is gonna made under that genre?

Shit, shit, shit, 💩

Why I have scenes of that genre of movie in my mind 😫.Now I have to restart my brain.But first I have to delete that images from my brain.




Restarting brain in 3,2,1……..

So where are we 😓?


But I know some of the readers wanted to see a film like that and I can tell you by the naughty smile on your face 😼.

So if I talk about myself I watch every genre of movie and love them except that toilet genre.

Why has that word has been stuck in my mind after deleting it?😫

Why? God, why?

And after watching and wasting thousands of hours of my life in every genre of the movie no matter of cast, creed, religion.

Ohhh sorry 🙇, in this line we are not talking about peoples but we are talking about movies.But what do I do? we talk about peoples so much and whenever I write “no matter” my mind itself attaches it to cast, creed, religion, automatically.

So yup, after watching every genre of movie.I made some points.Which according to me is the main flaws or sins of the movies.

After reading above line it gives a little Impression that I am some kind of scientist and after doing scientific research in my lab for years.I discovered something new and unique 😎.

But if you are also a movie fan than you can think of me as a scientist because every movie fan has the ability to believe lies.

Please don’t get offended 🙏.

And if you get offended.

What drawdown can you cause me? 😼

*Viewers reduced thought came in mind*

Ohhh I am extremely sorry for my that offended comment 🙇.

Please don’t hit unfollow button, please 🙏.

So let’s end this drama and come to real business.

So I am saying I am like a scientist.

Hmmm, that’s feel-good being a scientist 😎.

Okay sorry, I am not gonna do any more drama in future.Believe me 😏.

But why I am talking only about idler of movies because I know in my whole life I cannot gonna make a movie.So why not let’s cleave the clothes of good movies.And it is also easy to point out someone mistake than appreciating them.Just like you peoples who always point out my mistakes in the comment section 😒.

Again please don’t get offended 🙏.

And if you get offended.

What draw….

No, I am not gonna say any further🙊.


I am not a movie critic.I am just expressing my views.So please don’t go out of your way to or hate on anyone.

What the hell I am talking about 😓?

No one is here hate someone if I tell them to do so.And if you really listen to my words than go beat the hell out of that filmmakers 😠who make this kind of shit 💩 that I am gonna talk about .

So, now let’s talk about these diseases.

I mean drawbacks of these movies.

I know what you are thinking .You are thinking I am just making it an exaggeration but I think today that’s the topic we are talking about.According to me, the movie is itself an exaggeration 😉.So today everything Is okay if I say I have a time machine then you have to believe me because today we talking about the movies and in movies anything happens 😎.And it is said that movies are inspired by real life.So we can say that I really have a time machine.


“After proving my point that I really have a time machine.I can say that I don’t know that whether I am a scientist or not as we talked about earlier but what I definitely know is that I am a lawyer” 😎.

So these diseases are:-

But first, tell me who tell you about your diseases?


And right now I am telling you about diseases.

So now I became a doctor 😎.

So these diseases are :-

  • The depth of characters as deep as a coin.

The depth of characters in the maximum movie is very deep.”As deep as a coin but you people are thinking coin does not have any depth”.

Exactly, that’s what I am talking about.Maximum movies now days do not have depth in characters 😬.
For eg no, I am not gonna mention any movie name otherwise I have to fight a sue case in court.But I can fight a case because I am a lawyer 😎.Right? As we talked earlier.But I don’t want a fight.What you’re thinking? I am coward to fight a case or I know if I fight a case I lose 😨.No, I am not coward nor I afraid of losing I am just not in the mood to go to jail. So let’s end this point here 😜.

  • Gold looking actor.

In every movie, if we see the actors who act always have a stone like a physique, they look sexy, they have chiseled jawline, in short, they look like they have been polished by gold.Sometimes there glitter is so strong that I fear that I cannot get blind if I watch them with my naked eyes 😵.

Again use of exaggeration but today is okay because we are talking about…..

Correct 😉.

Some readers after reading this point of my.They will be thinking that I am also an actor who is ugly and has been rejected in thousands of audition.That’s why I am criticising good-looking actors. No, I am criticising them because I am jealous of them 😈.

So at first, I am a scientist, then a lawyer,then doctor and now an actor.That means I am a very multi-talented man.

  • Kiss in the gutter:

No matter which type genre of movie your watching.True love always happens between hero and heroine 💓 but why heroine always loves the hero😬.In real life no one loves me .No, I am not saying I am a hero.But I can say I am also a hero because we talked earlier that I am also an actor 😎.

But the most irritating scene is that kissing scene which happens anywhere at anytime.

What am I saying? that’s scene for which I watch even boring films 😼.

*Thinking in the mind.*

*Why am I sharing this thought with you?.I have to act like a critic.Not like a movie lover.*

Okay, so where are we? Yup, I am talking about kissing scene.They added unwanted kissing scenes anywhere💏.For example, if there is nuclear explosion is gonna be happening in 5 seconds ohh 5 seconds is a lot of time.In that so much time
Hero-heroine even goes on a honeymoon 👫.

So let’s reduce the time of the nuclear explosion.Now let’s assume that the nuclear explosion is gonna happens in .1 seconds.In that .1 second, they are gonna kiss each other 💏.And if this happens in real life kiss is far away thing I cannot even a properly spit 😫 if I know the nuclear explosion in gonna happening.

  • Always partiality with villain:

When every movie begin the villain of that movie is rich powerful and has lots of girlfriends 😎.But as movie progress that super dude villain converted into beggar at speed of light, I say faster than the speed of light.

(Scientific joke)

  • Change of state of one character.

Scientific definition:-

A change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition is known as a change of state .

I know you fall asleep 😴.

But please wake up.

Exactly like that in every movie, there is one character who always change its side.”Sometimes from hero to villain so sometime villain to hero”.

And if we look carefully than matter always changes when we change it’s condition like when ice is put in a room temperature than it converts into the water and when water is heated it convert into gas.

Again wake up 😴.

Just like that this character always changes its side when that side started losing 😱.

And just like I mentioned earlier I have watched so many movies that I developed an instinct that I know from the beginning who is that mutiny 😎.

So after putting so many scientific knowledge in front of you.You people have to believe me, that I am a scientist 😎.

  • The result of movies are twins.

Just like two twins look same with slight changes every movie has the same result in which villain has to sustain partiality of the filmmaker😡.Sometimes I feel so pity for the villain that I think of becoming a hero and lose one time just for the sake of villain community so they can also feel good sometimes 😈.

If any filmmaker is reading this article please select me in the movie, please🙏.I am even ready to loose to villain.

*Thinking in the mind.*

*Calm down, Rohan calm down.*

*Behave like a critic.*

  • North pole to south pole reality.

If there is gonna be a unit for measuring reality in the movie.”Than if reality is in north pole than in movie they show reality in the south pole”😤.Some filmmakers even don’t know the word reality.The only thing they know in the name of reality is Kim Kardashian 😼.

They always show at the end of the movie that hero and heroine are living happily together with lots of money and lots of kids not, exactly equal to money amount but anyways with lots of kids.Because in the movie everything they show has as much as reality as today’s reality show.

These are the things which I dislike about every movie.I just wanted that these things should be edited out from the movies.Because we have seen so much of these things in the movie.

Don’t worry I didn’t add any humour in the above line.This time I am serious because I really wanted that these points should not come in movies more often.

Yup, I am saying like that I am president of a country 😠.And after reading these article filmmakers gonna try to make a movie according to my wishes.

But first, let’s see the progress of me in this article 😎.

First I become a scientist than lawyer than doctor than actor and now president.I really made progress 😎.Right?

I am not saying that all films which are made have these points.I am just saying that maximum movies have these points.But I am not gonna say that I do not feel entrained by watching these movies.I love 💓 this type of movies no matter of genre.

I have to say the above line otherwise I am gonna get lots abuses in the comment section 😉.

So now, sit on the couch and watch the movie as I watch them 😈.